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With the growing amount of people admittedly losing their mind over Japanese culture, primarily due to anime. Are you the one of them?!

There are a number of different honorific names found in Anime, produced from Japanese culture. Let’s found out about Japanese anime characters names more.

In order to better to understand and be aware of the Anime world, below we are listed 437 the most widely used anime names meanings in addition to their functions.

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Name Meaning Japanese Gender
AI love 愛藍 girl
AIKA love song 愛佳 girl
AIKO child of love 愛子 girl
AIMI love beautiful 愛美 girl
AINA love vegetables 愛菜 girl
AIRI love jasmine 愛莉 girl
AKANE brilliant red girl
AKEMI bright beautiful 明美 girl
AKI bright / autumn 明 / 秋 unisex
AKIHIRO great brightness 明宏 boy
AKIKO bright child 明子 girl
AKIO bright man 昭夫 boy
AKIRA bright / clear 明 / 亮 unisex
AMATERASU shining heaven 天照 girl
AMI asia beautiful 亜美 girl
AOI blue unisex
ARATA new, fresh boy
ASAMI morning beauty 麻美 girl
ASUKA tomorrow perfume, fragrance 明日香 girl
ATSUKO kind child 篤子 girl
ATSUSHI industrious director 敦司 boy
AYA color girl
AYAKA colorful flower 彩花 girl
AYAKO colorful child 彩子 girl
AYAME iris 菖蒲 girl
AYANE colorful sound 彩音 girl
AYANO my color 彩乃 girl
AYUMU walk dream, vision 歩夢 boy

Hundreds of anime studios in Japan create many methods from TV series and movies to interstitials for online games.


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
CHIE wisdom, intellect girl
CHIEKO child of intelligence, wisdom 恵子 girl
CHIHARU one thousand springs (as in season) 千春 girl
CHIKA scatter flowers 散花 girl
CHIKAKO child of a thousand perfumes 千香子 girl
CHINATSU one thousand summers 千夏 girl
CHIYO one thousand generations 千代 girl
CHIYOKO child of a thousand generations 千代 girl
CHO butterfly girl
CHOUKO butterfly child 蝶子 girl

These Japanese anime character names are being used following a title as a way to not just show respect, but to differentiate their bond from the speaker towards the person addressed.


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
DAI great, large boy
DAICHI great land 恵子 boy
DAIKI great glory / great nobility 大輝 / 大貴 boy
DAISUKE great help 大輔 boy

Many anime stories start as manga. Manga is the Japanese comic books whose roots return to Japan’s historic woodblock prints.


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
EIJI eternity order 永次 boy
EIKO child of splendor 栄子 girl
EMI beautiful blessing 恵美 girl
EMIKO beautiful blessing child 恵美子 girl
ERI blessed prize 絵理 girl
ETSUKO child of joy 悦子 girl

Today manga is the reason for an excellent 40% of the publication sales in Japan, and it’s really more popular worldwide.


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
FUMIKO child of abundant beauty 富美子 girl
FUMIO literature, scholarly hero 文雄 boy
FUU wind ふう girl

There is no dearth of people all over the world who are die hard anime fans. They love to follow their favorite anime characters. Sometimes even go extra miles to look, live and act like them.


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
GAJEEL to gnaw 噛る boy
GORO fifth son 五郎 boy

Anime movies are viewed as an extremely popular genre, taken to life through cartoon drawings and toon.


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
HACHIRO eighth son 八郎 boy
HAJIME beginning boy
HANA flower girl
HANAKO flower child 花子 girl
HARU spring (as in season) unisex
HARUKA spring flower 春花 girl
HARUKI shining sun 陽輝 boy
HARUKO spring child 春子 girl
HARUMI beautiful spring 春美 girl
HARUNA spring vegetables 春菜 girl
HARUO man of spring 春男 boy
HARUTO sun flying 陽斗 boy
HAYATE smooth boy
HAYATO falcon person 隼人 boy
HIBIKI sound, echo boy
HIDEAKI excellent bright, shining 英明 boy
HIDEKI excellent timber trees 英樹 boy
HIDEKO child of excellence 秀子 girl
HIDEO excellent husband, man 英夫 boy
HIDEYOSHI excellence good 秀良 boy
HIKARI light, radiance girl
HIKARU light, radiance unisex
HINA sun vegetables 陽菜 girl
HINATA sunflower / facing towards the sun 向日葵 / 陽向 unisex
HIRAKU open, expand boy
HIRO generous unisex
HIROAKI wide, spacious light 広明 boy
HIROKI vast timber trees 弘樹 boy
HIROKO generous child 寛子 girl
HIROMI generous beauty 寛美 girl
HIRONORI chronical of command, esteem 博紀 boy
HIROSHI generous boy
HIROTO great,large flying 大斗 boy
HIROYUKI great journey 宏行 boy
HISAKO child of long life 久子 girl
HISAO long living man, husband 寿夫 boy
HISASHI long time director, ruler 久司 boy
HISOKA cautious, reserved unisex
HITOMI pupil of the eye girl
HITOSHI motivated person 人志 boy
HONOKA harmony flower 和花 girl
HOSHI star girl
HOSHIKO star child 星子 girl
HOTAKA tall grain 穂高 boy
HOTARU firefly girl

The style originated from Japan that goes as far as to 1917, in the event the earliest anime connotations developed.


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
ICHIRO first son 一郎 boy
ISAMU brave, courageous boy
ISAO merit boy
ITSUKI timber trees boy
IZUMI spring, fountain girl

Through the 60s, the anime sounding film and became a lot more like the anime in the present day.


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
JIRO second son 二郎 boy
JUN obedient unisex
JUNICHI obedient first (son) 順一 boy
JUNKO pure, genuine child 純子 girl
JURO tenth son 十郎 boy


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
KAEDE maple unisex
KAITO ocean flying 海斗 boy
KAMIKO superior child 上子 girl
KANAKO fragrant Nara(city in japan) child 香奈子 girl
KANON flower sound 花音 girl
KAORI perfume, fragrance girl
KAORU fragrance unisex
KASUMI mist girl
KATASHI firm boy
KATSU victory boy
KATSUMI victorious beauty 勝美 girl
KATSUO victorious, heroic man 勝雄 boy
KATSURO victorious son 勝郎 boy
KAZUE first blessing 一恵 girl
KAZUHIKO harmonious boy 和彦 boy
KAZUHIRO great harmony 和宏 boy
KAZUKI harmony hope 和希 boy
KAZUKO child of harmony 和子 girl
KAZUMI harmonious beauty 和美 girl
KAZUO man of harmony 和夫 boy
KEI respectful girl
KEIKO blessed child / respectful child 恵子 / 敬子 girl
KEN strong, healthy boy
KENICHI strong, healthy first (son) 健一 boy
KENTA large strong, healthy 健太 boy
KICHIRO lucky son 吉郎 boy
KIKO chronical child 紀子 girl
KIKU chrysanthemum girl
KIMI noble girl
KIMIKO empress child 后子 girl
KIN gold unisex
KIYOKO pure child 清子 girl
KIYOMI pure beauty 清美 girl
KIYOSHI purity boy
KOHAKU amber 琥珀 unisex
KOKORO soul, heart girl
KOTONE sound of the koto (Japanese harp) 琴音 girl
KOUKI light hope 光希 boy
KOUTA great peace 康太 boy
KUMIKO long-time beautiful child 久美子 girl
KUNIO country man 國男 boy
KURO ninth son 九郎 boy
KYO cooperation unisex
KYOKO respectful child 恭子 girl


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
MADOKA circle, round unisex
MAI dance girl
MAIKO child of dance 舞子 girl
MAKI true hope 真希 girl
MAKOTO sincere unisex
MAMI true beauty 真美 girl
MAMORU protector, guard boy
MANA love girl
MANABU study, learn boy
MANAMI loving beautiful 愛美 girl
MAO dance cherry blossom 舞桜 girl
MARIKO true village child 真里子 girl
MASA just / true 正 / 真 unisex
MASAAKI pleasing brightness 良昭 boy
MASAHIKO righteous boy 正彦 boy
MASAHIRO great prosperity 昌宏 boy
MASAKI great timber tree 昌樹 boy
MASAMI become beautiful 成美 girl
MASANORI model of righteousness, justice 正則 boy
MASAO righteous man 正男 boy
MASARU victory boy
MASASHI righteous aspiration 正志 boy
MASATO righteous person 正人 boy
MASAYOSHI righteous, honorable 正義 boy
MASAYUKI righteous blessing 正幸 boy
MASUMI true clarity 真澄 unisex
MASUYO benefits the world 益世 girl
MAYU true gentle 真優 girl
MAYUMI true gentle beauty 真優美 girl
MEGUMI blessing girl
MEI sprouting life 芽生 girl
MI beautiful girl
MICHI pathway unisex
MICHIKO beautiful wise child 美智子 girl
MICHIO man on a journey 道夫 boy
MIDORI green girl
MIEKO beautiful blessing child 美枝子 girl
MIHO protected, guaranteed beauty 美保 girl
MIKA beautiful fragrance 美香 girl
MIKI beautiful princess 美姫 girl
MIKIO tree trunk man 幹夫 boy
MIKU beautiful sky 美空 girl
MINAKO beautiful child 美奈子 girl
MINORI truth unisex
MINORU truth boy
MIO beautiful cherry blossom 美桜 girl
MISAKI beautiful blossom 美咲 girl
MITSUKO child of light 光子 girl
MITSUO shining hero 光雄 boy
MITSURU satisfy, full unisex
MIU beautiful feather 美羽 girl
MIWA beautiful hamony, peace 美和 girl
MIYAKO beautiful night child 美夜子 girl
MIYOKO beautiful child of the generations 美代子 girl
MIYU beautiful gentle 美優 girl
MIYUKI beautiful blessing 美幸 girl
MIZUKI beautiful moon 美月 girl
MOE sprouting girl
MOMOE one hundred blessings 百恵 girl
MOMOKA peach tree flower 桃花 girl
MOMOKO peach tree child 桃子 girl
MORIKO child of the forest 森子 girl


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
NANA seven girl
NANAMI seven seas 七海 girl
NAO honest unisex
NAOKI honest timber tree 直樹 boy
NAOKO honest child 直子 girl
NAOMI honest beautiful 直美 girl
NATSU summer unisex
NATSUKI summer hope 夏希 girl
NATSUKO summer child 夏子 girl
NATSUMI beautiful summer 夏美 girl
NOA my love 乃愛 girl
NOBORU ascend, rise boy
NOBU prolong boy
NOBUKO faithful, trustworthy child 信子 girl
NOBUO faithful, trustworthy man 信夫 boy
NOBURU expand boy
NOBUYUKI truth joy 信幸 boy
NORI to rule boy
NORIKO lawful child 典子 girl
NORIO lawful man 法男 boy


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
OSAMU disciplined, studious boy
OCHACO tea/child お茶子 girl


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
RAN orchid girl
REI lovely girl
REIKO lovely child 麗子 girl
REN lotus / love 蓮 / 恋 unisex
RIE true blessing 理恵 girl
RIKA true fragrance 理香 girl
RIKO child of truth 理子 girl
RIKU land boy
RIKUTO person of land 陸人 boy
RIN dignified girl
RINA jasmine 莉奈 girl
RIO village cherry blossom 里桜 girl
ROKURO sixth son 六郎 boy
RYO refreshing, cool boy
RYOICHI good first (son) 良一 boy
RYOKO refreshing child 涼子 girl
RYOTA great refreshment 涼太 boy
RYUU dragon, imperial boy
RYUUNOSUKE nobleman’s predecessor 隆之介 boy


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
SABURO third son 三郎 boy
SACHIKO joyful, happy child 幸子 girl
SADAO righteous hero 貞雄 boy
SAKI blossom of hope 咲希 girl
SAKURA cherry blossom 桜 / さくら girl
SAKURAKO cherry blossom child 桜子 girl
SATOKO wise child 聡子 girl
SATOMI beautiful and wise 聡美 girl
SATORU wise, fast learner boy
SATOSHI wise, fast learner boy
SAYURI small lily 小百合 girl
SEIICHI refined, pure first (son) 精一 boy
SEIJI refined, pure second (son) 精二 boy
SETSUKO melody child 節子 girl
SHICHIRO seventh son 七郎 boy
SHIGEKO growing child 成子 girl
SHIGEO heavy man 重夫 boy
SHIGERU luxuriant, well grown boy
SHIKA deer 鹿 girl
SHIN truth boy
SHINICHI true first (son) 真一 boy
SHINJI true second (son) 真二 boy
SHINJU pearl 真珠 girl
SHINOBU endurance unisex
SHIORI poem 詩織 girl
SHIRO fourth son 四郎 boy
SHIZUKA quiet summer 静夏 girl
SHIZUKO quiet child 静子 girl
SHO to fly boy
SHOICHI flying son (first) 翔一 boy
SHOJI flying son (second) 翔二 boy
SHOUTA big flying 翔太 boy
SHUICHI disciplined, studious first (son) 修一 boy
SHUJI disciplined, studious second (son) 修二 boy
SHUN speed, quick 駿 girl
SORA sky 昊 / 空 unisex
SOUTA large sudden 颯太 boy
SUMIKO child of clarity 澄子 girl
SUSUMU to advance, proceed boy
SUZU bell girl
SUZUME sparrow girl
SASUKE assistant, help さすけ boy


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
TADAO loyal, faithful man 忠夫 boy
TADASHI loyal, faithful boy
TAICHI large first (son) 太一 boy
TAIKI great radiance, shine 大輝 boy
TAKAHIRO of great value, nobility 貴大 boy
TAKAKO noble child 貴子 girl
TAKAO nobleman 貴夫 boy
TAKARA treasure girl
TAKASHI prosperous, noble boy
TAKAYUKI noble journey 隆行 boy
TAKEHIKO bamboo prince 竹彦 boy
TAKEO warrior hero 武雄 boy
TAKESHI fierce warrior boy
TAKUMA opening truth 拓真 boy
TAKUMI artisan boy
TAMIKO child of many beauties 多美子 girl
TAMOTSU protector, keeper boy
TARO large son 太郎 boy
TATSUO dragon, imperial hero 竜雄 boy
TATSUYA to be imperial, dragon 竜也 boy
TETSUYA philosophy, clear 哲也 boy
TOMIKO child of wealth, fortune 富子 girl
TOMIO wealth, fortune boy
TOMOHIRO west village 西村 boy
TOMOKO child of wisdom, intellect 智子 girl
TOMOMI beautiful friend 朋美 girl
TOMORI 友 meaning friend. / 里 meaning ri, village, parent’s home, league 友里 girl
TORU penetrate, make clear boy
TOSHI wise boy
TOSHIAKI advantageous light 利明 boy
TOSHIKO clever child 敏子 girl
TOSHIO genious leader, hero 俊雄 boy
TOSHIYUKI of wisdom 智之 boy
TSUBAKI camellia flower 椿 girl
TSUBAME swallow (bird) girl
TSUKIKO moon child 月子 girl
TSUNEO consistant hero 恒雄 boy
TSUTOMU diligence boy
TSUYOSHI strong boy


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
UME plum girl
UMEKO plum child 梅子 girl
USAGI rabbit girl


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
WAKANA harmonious music 和奏 girl
WENDY Wednesday, water day 水曜日 girl


Name Meaning Japanese Gender
YAMATO great harmony 大和 boy
YASU peace unisex
YASUKO child of peace 康子 girl
YASUO man of peace 康夫 boy
YASUSHI peaceful boy
YOICHI sunshine, positive first (son) 陽一 boy
YOKO child of sunlight 陽子 girl
YORI trust boy
YOSHI lucky / righteous 吉 / 義 unisex
YOSHIAKI righteousness shining 義昭 boy
YOSHIE beautiful stream 佳江 girl
YOSHIKAZU good peace, Japan 良和 boy
YOSHIKO child of goodness 良子 girl
YOSHINORI excellent model 佳範 boy
YOSHIO joyful life 吉生 boy
YOSHIRO righteous son 義郎 boy
YOSHITO ceremonial, correct person 儀人 boy
YOSHIYUKI righteous journey 義行 boy
YOUTA great sunlight 陽太 boy
YUA binding love 結愛 girl
YUI bind clothing 結衣 girl
YUICHI heroic first (son) 雄一 boy
YUINA bind together 結奈 girl
YUJI heroic second (son) 雄二 boy
YUKA gentle flower 優花 girl
YUKARI beautiful pear tree 佳梨 girl
YUKI happiness / snow 幸 / 雪 unisex
YUKIKO child of snow / child of happiness 幸子 / 雪子 girl
YUKIO blessed hero 幸雄 boy
YUKO gentle child 優子 girl
YUMI reason beautiful 由美 girl
YUMIKO reason beautiful child 由美子 girl
YURI lily 百合 girl
YURIKO lily child 百合子 girl
YUTAKA bountiful, rich boy
YUU gentle unisex
YUUDAI great hero 雄大 boy
YUUKI gentle, superior hope 優希 unisex
YUUMA gentle, superior truth 優真 boy
YUUNA gentle 優奈 girl
YUUTA great bravery 勇太 boy
YUUTO gentle person 悠人 boy
YUZUKI gentle moon 優月 girl

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