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Welcome to 8 Best Dark Anime Series To Watch!

If you’re bored of the regular Shounen and Shoujo anime that’s aimed at 12+, you’re in the right place! Let us introduce you to the world of psychological thrillers that will play with your mind, to the world of fantasy beyond monsters lurking under the bed. 

And while some anime try to bring a level of darkness into the picture, like in Black Clover when Asta battles with his inner demons, a real dark anime is still a few steps away from all that. Dark anime brings a morbid feeling to it, a twisted sense to the viewer that will make them cringe with a hint of sexual content. 

If you’re still hell bent on watching a dark anime, here’s the list of some of the best works out there! Fair warning though, some really mess with the mind.

8Happy Sugar Life


Episodes: 12

Year: 2018

Let’s start off with a sweet sounding title that could fool anyone. The atmosphere is depressing, the anime barely leaves time to relax and prepare for the next gut-wrenching scene. There are no silly beach scenes here, no humor, just chemically pure psycho horror. And if that wasn’t enough, it was supplemented with some pretty well-hit gore scenes with extreme brutality. 

Satou Matsuzaka does not know the concept of love. Her parents are dead and her aunt, to put it mildly, has a crazy and sick perception of love. Shio is her everything who is worth living for, so she often resorts to desperate measures, even to kill her girlfriend.

Shio Koube is a young girl that Satou found on the street. Her father was an alcoholic, her mother was mentally ill. Her mother threw her out because of a nervous breakdown. Satou is the first of the girl’s life to show her affection and love. 



Episodes: 19

Year: 2014, 2019

Among the basic desires of every human being is world peace. Fine, so not really, but you get the idea. Imagine a world without crime. Now imagine that every thought that crosses your mind is analyzed. Yep, in the futuristic Japan a Sibyl System monitors and analyzes people’s psycho. The Sibyl System is an all-seeing, hearing, feeling program. It calculates the extent to which a citizen is prone to crime. If the calculated value is higher than normal, people are either taken away for therapy, they are cut off from society, or they are publicly executed. Jobs are allocated to citizens in advance without any say whatsoever. 

There’s the inescapable crazy genius, the terrorist going against power, Shougo, whose principles lie behind some sense. He is a charismatic protagonist, whose means sanctified the purpose. Akane, the young supervising lady is also a sufficiently interesting character, whose inner struggles we also experience. 

The atmosphere is in sync with the theme, it’s greyish, oftentimes raining, the neon lights flickering. So, yes, it’s a psycho anime that will question some basic human behaviour. 


6Death Parade



Year: 2015

The story literally measures the weight of the human soul. The anime doesn’t have a linear story per say. An  otherworldly organization condemns people to heaven or hell, reincarnation and, well, seizing to exist. Quindecim is a place between life and death where one has to prove his worth to get into heaven and reincarnate. It takes place in a pleasant little Japanese pub setting, and the two dead decide in pub games who gets where. You know, darts, billiards, like that, with a little sweet twist.

Is the main character, Decim, who judges the players, trustworthy? And does the supreme judge of life and death have emotions? Can he bond with anyone when his job requires him to be cold and firm?

5Hell Girl


Episodes in total: 78

Years: 2005, 2006, 2008, 2017

A legend circulating about a mysterious website by the title Hell Correspondence. The site is available for only a minute at midnight and one can fill in the name of their nemesis in order for them to be tortured in hell. That is, if Enma Ai, Hell girl will accept the request. However, this deal comes with a heavy price – eternal torment after the death of the submitter of the name. 

The psychological torment of the viewer starts when they are introduced to new victims of torture who request a deal with the devil. We are shown the pain and suffering they went through and the choice they consciously make. We can realize how the most minor of offenses can influence a person, how it scars them for life. And then we can bear witness to a young girl who has some sort of connection with Enma, and she’s desperately trying to save the souls damned to spend the rest of their existence in hell. 



Episodes: 25

Years: 1997, 2016

A story from a war-torn pseudo-medieval kingdom. One of the often recurring main questions in the anime is whether there is free will? 

The plot is driven by the relationship between Guts and Griffith that deteriorates over time. Gut is the most common guy who hides his insecurities by being violent and indifferent to anything and everyone. Rather to think about what he wants in life, he fleas to the nearest fight and into war. Griffith, on the other hand, gives the impression of a gentleman, who will sacrifice everything (and everyone) in order to achieve his goal – to end the war between Midland and Chuder.


Episodes: 13

Year: 2001

Does this even need any explanation? Nazi vamps invading Britain. But there is an even atrocious being than the vampires – an original vampire. But there’s a kind of psychological pressure, for some vampires despite being bloodsucking creatures, want to remain human, or at least keep their humanity. 

2Deadman Wonderland

Episodes: 13

Year: 2012

Is there anything darker than being entertained by inmates fighting each other to the death after a massive anomaly destroyed most of Tokyo. The anime takes an even darker turn when you look for the hidden reasons to the whole story. What are Shiro’s reasons for wanting her friend in the prison? No, no spoilers here, go watch the anime. 



Episodes: 22

Year: 2003

So, what would you say to an anime that takes place underground, at the city of sins, and limb mutilation is almost commonplace? Right, dark. Add to that some gang wars between the Organo and the Union that settle their disagreements in bloody combats. 

The anime represents the cycle of humanity: we are born, we fight for survival at all costs, and then when we reach a certain level of development, our society begins to decline and there is nothing left but destruction.

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