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Welcome to Full Intense Duskwood Walkthrough!

The crime and investigation story game that will blow you away with this realistic crime story, images, videos, voicemails… 72 hours after Hannah’s disappearance with no trace. Her friends , out of nowhere, received a message from Hannah’s phone. This message contains a phone number… YOUR number!

You have never been in Duskwood which is a small and sleepy village that is surrounded by dense forest. Join Hannah’s friends from Duskwood and help them find her. There is he old Duskwood legend of the forest seems to come alive! Can you find Hannah?  Or its too late?

How many levels are there in Duskwood? There are 10 episodes there.

How long does it take to beat Duskwood? Many hours of play, just because there are mini-games that will drive you nuts! But you can do it!!!

Duskwood Game Information

Duskwood Studio

  1. Jan- Carl Ewald – graphic/sound desig
  2. Vanessa Riess – game design, writer
  3. Kevin Sherer – programmer

You may check this link to actually see them Duskwood Studio team.

Duskwood Characters

  1. Thomas – Hannah’s boyfriend –
  2. Dan – Hannah’s friend
  3. Lilly – Hannah’s friend
  4. Cleo – Hannah’s best friend
  5. Richy – Hannah’s friend who runs parents work shop (garage)
  6. Jessy – Hannah’s friend
  7. Jake – a hacker and Hannah’s half-brother
  8. Kidnapper – ???
  9. Hannah – missing person
  10. Alfie – has mental disability, witness Hannah’s disappearance
  11. Phil – an owner of the Aurora bar in Duskwood, Jessy’s brother

Duskwood Cast

Are the people in Duskwood game real?

It is not easy to find Duskwood actors names. So far, from different online sources, there is a list of few characters and theirs actors names:

If know names of other characters, please leave your comment below.

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 1

duskwood walkthrough episode 1

Someone contacted you and ask for help to find Hannah. Who is Hannah? How is that stranger? He called you and asked for help: “My identity is used a lot. Let’s not waste time with the useless questions. I witnessed the abduction and this is all you need to know at the moment. I am in possession of passwords, emails and have access to private accounts. I will provide you with the information that will help you to make sense of the situation. You might not always like what you want but it will help to find Hannah. Trust me!”

The episode begins with a chat request from Thomas to a stranger who got the number from the text he got from his girlfriend, Hannah. Since Hannah is missing together with her phone, Thomas suspects that the stranger knows exactly Hannah.

He wants to speak it out, however, until when others have joined the Chat board. He takes a step further and adds Dan, Cleo, Lilly, Richy and Jessy to the chat to jointly face the stranger.

The stranger who identified herself as Dong (it’s my name in the game) was asked by Thomas how she got to know Hannah Donfort, but she seemed not to care at all and claimed that she has never heard of her and has nothing to do with her.

Dan seems to be pissed off by the whole thing and suggests that the matter should be left to be handled by the police.

Thomas did not want to hear about something because he is sure that he will be the prime suspect since he is Hannah’s boyfriend. On the other side, Richy thinks that Dong, the stranger is the only lead they have, no matter how weird it seems.

Later on, as Thomas gets into deep communication with Dong, Thomas was asked who the others were, especially Dan, who was much pissed off, but Thomas prefers not to tell Dong much about them…

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 1 Walkthrough Video

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 2

Duskwood is a super fun game with great story which involves amazing twists and turns. The game is literally based on investigation. In episode 2, as the level of the game goes higher, the mini games gets too hard to complete too.

Once you get drained, you wait so that your energy can be refilled and try again. The mini games which come in between are annoying to the player but they help to stretch out the story.

One of the characters from the Duskwood legend is the man without a face. Alfie who is also among the characters claims that he is the one who took Hannah away into the woods however, some of his counterparts doubt him claiming that he has mental disability.

Cleo is part of the team which is leading the investigation so that they can get Hannah back from the woods. Jessy an investigator, suspects that one of the investigators in the team is liaising with the person who kidnapped Hannah…

Duskwood Episode 2 Walkthrough Video

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 3

The episode begins where the investigating team which involves Jessy and Cleo are planning on how they can break into Hannah’s house but later one Jessy remembers where she normally puts her emergency key.

They then find another note which they suspect it was written by Hannah, however, it looks completely different from the one they had initially found.

The note was written in a much easier way compared to the first one which was written in a mysterious way and was of kind cryptic. Hannah seemed to be writing about an experience.

After spending some quite time in investigating, a thought clicks in Jessy’s mind which makes her hundred percent sure that the Library which is situated in the Duskwood has a book about the man without a face which can help them to trace Hannah.

However she does not know the exact book she should get. She therefore seeks help from one of her colleague if he can go and find if the library has the book by searching it using the searching tool from the library…

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 3 Walkthrough Video

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 4

It all begins with a video that shows Cleo in the forest jogging. Hacker (???) and Dong are the first people to receive the video, and therefore, Hacker (???) asks Cleo for a vital favor of not sharing the video with anyone, not even Cleo herself. He knows that the favor highly unusual, and the decision would have severe consequences for her.

Hacker (???) is much convinced that the kidnapper’s main intention was to make them sacred and he was sure that if the others would get to see the video, they may abort the search for Hannah out of fear for themselves?

This is the voice message from the hacker to make it the situation as clear as possible: “You are making a big mistake with the smoke. Hannah disappears. And the only thing that you have is cell phone number she sent. The person behind this number is an important piece of the puzzle in the search. There is no way that I am going to accept the fact that you are looking to remove this important puzzle piece. Be aware that all of your digital activities are monitored and recorder by me. Therefore you should focus on finding an identity of real Hannah’s betrayer instead of wasting out time. In order to find Hannah you will need ??? (didn’t get the word), don’t forget that.”

However, Dong opts to share it out with others in the group chat. Richy was the first person to get the video, and his thoughts were that Dong was the one who filmed the video.

Thomas gets worried, and he suggests that they should call Cleo, but Richy tells him that it will not work as Cleo never walks with her phone whenever she goes jogging.

As soon as they were about to report the matter to the police, Cleo came online in the group chat, and when she was asked if she was okay, she surprisingly answered she is from her run.

When Cleo saw the video, she was shocked not to realize that a person was filming her. However, she concluded that the person was just after to scare them, and she would not feed into that…

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 4 Walkthrough Video

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 5

It all starts with an incoming video that Lilly sent to the group chat. Dan and Richy are among the first people to receive the video, and they could not understand its meaning.

Dong, who is the guy who has been the stranger all through, feels offended by Lilly. Lilly posted the video in public, and she claims that Dong is the kidnapper they have been looking for.

However, Jessy and Thomas seem disappointed by the thoughts of Lilly. This makes Lilly go crazy around and wonder how the hell her mates could not see how suspicious Dong and Jake, who is the hacker is.

Lilly finds it impossible to believe someone who has been trying so hard to hide her identity is just looking for help. She suspected the person must have some hidden agendas.

On the other side, Jessy disagrees with Lilly. She finds it wrong for Lilly to accuse someone of abduction without proof. That does not change the stand of Lilly, and nothing could make her change. She logs off, and this move makes everyone confused.

They don’t know what to do.

Later on, Dan proposes that if they want all this to come to an end, then the whole town of Duskwood should come after Dong with torches and pitchforks.

Dan came up with an idea and asked Dong if it is possible if they can pull down the video, something with which Dong agrees with…

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 5 Walkthrough Video

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 6

Phil was saying bad things about Hannah. Thomas and Cleo has decided to brake-in the Aurora’s basement, the bar that Phil runs. But they got busted.

Jessy was attacked on her way home by masked stranger. The group is trying to guess who can it be. No luck.

Dong continues investigate phone numbers owners from the list. Dong got lucky and the second number belongs to Alan. Who is he?

While solving some puzzles from hacker, Lilly reveals to Dong that there is a connection between hacker, who name is Jake, and Hannah. Jake is a half-brother of Hannah. Can it be the truth?

Jake’s message: “When you see this, I am already be gone. All I have gone into hiding or mine perceives will have managed to find me. Forgive me but I couldn’t tell you in person. But this way, I want to ensure that you find out who I really am. On the one hand, I owe you. On the other, I don’t want you to concentrate on finding me when I suddenly disappear. I have never told anyone else what I am about to tell you. I am Hannah’s half brother. Her and I have never met. And although, that was the only the reason I contacted her over time ago. I never told her. Soon I was forced to cut my contact with her. Bur shortly, before she disappeared, she turned to me asking for help. Hannah and Lily, I am only the family that I have left. And I hope you understand now why I was so invested in finding her. I ask you to keep my secret. Because I don’t want to be responsible for her family breaking apart. It is no longer in my power to find Hannah. Her fate is now entirely in your hands. I thank you for our conversations and your courage. We will see each other again, when the time comes.”

Jake is on the trouble and Lilly creates a massive online support for Jake – #IAMJAKE!

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 6 Walkthrough Video

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 7

duskwood walkthrough episode 7

The police identified found body. It was Amy Bell Lewis from Duskwood. Everybody from the group knew her. Any connection between Hannah and Amy?

The police stormed the Aurora and arrested Phil. This event raised more questions than answers.

Hannah’s car has an navigation system with the address saved there. Jessy investigates it. Why Richy was saying that there was no navigation system in Hannah’s car at all?

Someone tries hack your phone. Pretty scary moments of attacks to hack your phone, camera! Jake is back and tries to stop hackers.

Richy finished an inspection of Dan’s car after the incident. No problems with breaks?!

Group wants to be together to avoid attacks, feel safe and solve Hannah’s disappearance while away from Duskwood. Is it possible?

Richy was attacked in the forest while trying to find out who called his name. Is he injured, killed or fake it?

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 7 Walkthrough Video

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 8

Hannah’s friends requested me to invite Jake to join the group and no more secrets. Finally all are together!

It seems that Richy’s body was found by the police. But police is trying to contact me to get more information and details about all situation. Jake doesn’t want me to be involved and try to control the police.

During the conversation, group found out that Hannah’s car was not on the parking lot when she disappeared but when Jessy went to Hannah’s building, the car was on the parking. Who? How?

Jake found dark forum when Amy, who found died earlier, was looking for some information about legend of Duskwood. She was looking on behalf of the friend. Hannah?

Jake asked me to pretend that I am interested in this legend too and participate in the forum’s chat. By doing it, Amy’s contact information was shared by Darkness, the forum administrator.

Jessy was looking through old files in the Richy’s office. She found Michelle Hanson, Jennifer’s father, phone and home address. The phone number was disconnected.

Jessy and Thomas went to check the house. The house was the clue to the legend of Duskwood. Because of the house’s visit, I got a phone call from the killer who treated me by killing all Hannah’s friends. Who is he?

You got a phone call: “It was no enough for you that I killed the mechanic. It is over now. I will kill them all, Leo, Thomas, Lilly and Jessy. And then …. (didn’t get the wording) one of them and you will watch. And at the end, I will be coming for you.

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 8 Walkthrough Video

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 9


Duskwood Episode 9 was released on October 13 2021.

Threatening calls, more evidence, pictures of the house and Hannah’s smartphone. Take most of the part of episode 9.

Is Hannah died? Did she kill Jennifer? is it Jennifer’s father’s revenge? More questions then answers.

Friends decided to move together in the cabin, far away from Duskwood. Was it set up? Are they more safe there?!

They got a phone call: “I know where is your car now. You were too confident but you felt into my trap. I am coming now and then I am going to end this.”

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 9 Walkthrough Video

Duskwood Episode 10 (Final)

The Duskwood final episode was released on May 28 2022.

Who is the man without a face in Duskwood?

Here is to make long story short… and probably many of you suspect it. Who is the man without face, yes it is someone from the group! The person who was killed in the forest… Richy!!! Watch the Duskwood final episode below to know why he did it! Why did Richy kidnap Hannah in Duskwood?

Duskwood Walkthrough Episode 10 Walkthrough Video

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  1. O nome da atriz que faz LILLY em DUSKWOOD não é esse, veja no link que eu estou postando abaixo, ele foi feito por um paparazzi russo, diz que ela é uma atriz russa, ela se chama RICCI, e ele está falando a verdade, porque ele tirou varias fotos delas na vida real, vou deixar o link aqui para voce e para os outros fãs que quiserem encontrar e ver as fotos dela, eu também achei o ator que faz o thomaz, na realidade ele é o verdadeiro JAKE, ele é especialista em computação, e ajudou a criar o jogo, vou deixar aqui o link dele também, vou deixar também o nome do ator que faz o PHILL na série do jogo 🙂 espero ter ajudado ♥






    O ator de DAN se chama Christian Hauck, ele é haucky_88 no momento.

    Na internet existe uma url do ator que faz o PHIL, e lá diz que o nome dele é Charlie Davis.


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