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Welcome to Rain City Walkthrough Guide!

Rain City is another great click-to-point indie game from CottonGame. You are a cat who went to Rain City to find his sister. During your investigation, you are meeting various characters, gathering information, clearing minigames and of course solving puzzles. 

Rain City Walkthrough Guide will hep you to enjoy Rain City without a stress! This game features warm, picture book-like graphics and a story with lifelike animals.

Rain City Game Information

Rain City Walkthrough Guide [Apartment]

You are in the taxi going to your sister’s apartment. Your sister, Leah, did not contact you for few days. Two trophies can be unlocked here – Curious, Drum Expert and Drum Master (see Trophy Guide below).

  1. Talk to receptionist. Your sister didn’t pay rent for more than a week. Paid to him her rent. He will give you a key to her apartment. Take a key and go to your sister apartment.
  2. While on the second floor, talk to the cleaning lady. You will know about the attic.
  3. Use the key to unlock the door with shoe shelves on the side. Go in. Look around, check her suitcase and a camera. Move the table chair close to the broken bed ladder. Climb up and take an earmuffs. Go on the balcony and back to the room. Exit.
  4. Go on the third floor and talk to the rabbit. Check the caged door that is locked and a key needed. Go back to the receptionist.
  5. Talk to him about a key to the attic’s staircase. He will give it to you if you collect rent your sister’s neighbour. Go back to the second floor.
  6. Read a note beside your sister’s neighbour’s door. Knock the door. You need to look for another way to enter.
  7. Enter your sister apartment. Go on the balcony. Climb over the balcony and try to reach neighbour’s balcony. There is hot steam on your way. Move table chair to the book shelf, climb up and take a red valve from the top. Move chair back. Go on the balcony and install valve on the pipe on your left. It will stop the steam. Go to your sister’s neighbour’s balcony.
  8. Enter the green door and talk to the sheep. Give her your sister’s earmuffs and take her rabbit wig. Exit her apartment. Put her wig on. Go on the third floor.
  9. Talk to the rabbit again. Enter the door. Click on the game machine and play Rabbit Fighter. After winning this minigame, you will receive a coin. Talk to all rabbits at the tables. One of them will need a tobacco. Knock the door beside the band and the rabbit will tell you that there is no toilet paper. Click on drum’s symbol to play minigame. Upon wining, you will receive a water bucket. Use this bucket by the vending machine to reach a toilet paper roll on top of it. Then pick up a bucket, you still need it.  Give a toilet paper roll to the rabbit in the washroom. Go inside the washroom and click on the smoke detector. Then take a toilet paper back. Put the water bucket on the floor and toilet paper in it. Go out and to the vending machine, use your coin and buy tobacco. Give this to the rabbit who wants to smoke. Take his lighter. Go back to the washroom and use the lighter on the bucket with toilet paper. Exit the apartment.
  10. Go to the sheep (second floor), talk to her and collect her rent money and give it to the receptionist. He will give the key to the attic. Take it and go to the third floor to unlock the gate. Go up.
Rain City Walkthrough Video [Apartment]

Rain City Walkthrough Guide [Helicopter]

You are on the roof. You need to repair the helicopter to fly to the factory. You can unlock Crane Expert & Crane Beginner trophy here (see Trophy Guide below).

  1. Go to the roof and enter the room with the green door. Take a ladder by the door and a lever from the table. Exit.
  2. Enter the helicopter. Talk to the dog and get a core part from him (1 of 7). Use ladder at the left side of the dog to reach a core part (2 of 7). Take a ladder after use. Open drawer by monkey toy and take a core part (3 of 7). Exit helicopter.
  3. Use stairs to go down and enter the blue door. Solve crane puzzle (see picture below) and use ladder to take a core part (4 of 7). Exit.rain city walkthrough helicopter crane
  4. Go back to inside the building and install lever on the fuse box, turn the power off. Go back to the roof.
  5. Go to the structure between the green door and helicopter. Click on it, open the box and take a core part (5 of 7).
  6. Enter the green door and click on the brown console and solve the puzzle (see picture below). Take a core part (6 of 7). Exit.rain city walkthrough box puzzle helicopter
  7. Go to the left, under the door to the building, pick up a core part (7 of 7). Go back to the helicopter.
  8. Click on the trapdoor in the middle and solve the core parts puzzle (see picture below). Talk the dog. After the broken propeller, go back to the building.rain city walkthrough core parts puzzle helicopter
  9. Use ladder and take fan’s propeller on the top of the boxes. Go back to the helicopter and talk to the dog, then use found propeller on the broken one to repair it. Go back inside and talk to the dog. Fly to the factory.
Rain City Walkthrough Video [Helicopter]

Rain City Walkthrough Guide [Factory]

In this chapter you unlock Trophies like Jumpy, Lost Kitten, Guide to Life, Winner at Losing, Lucky Cat and Safety first (see Trophy guide below).

Rain City Walkthrough Guide [Plaza]

  1. Go downstairs to the plaza and talk to the rat.
  2. Enter the building and go up stairs. Walk into the mouse.  Move small table to the far left, climb up and pick up a rope with a hook. Move table back to the window. Go down stairs and use rope with a hook on the floor grating to get a key. Use this key on the red console and take a magnet.
  3. Go up stairs. Wait by the window when a mouse go out and take an antenna from the mouse hole. Go down stairs.
  4. Give the antenna to mole. After antenna’s installation by mole, pick up a fishing pole from the TV stand. in the inventory, combine this pole with a rope with hook/magnet. Go up stairs.
  5. Climb on the table by the window and use fishing pole to get switch lever. Go down stairs.
  6. Install the lever and switch it. Water will be drained from the plaza. Go outside.

Rain City Walkthrough Guide [Sewer]

  1. Go down. Pick up five loose tiles from the floor.
  2. Use fishing pole with magnet on the get valve wheel from the open drain at the top left corner of the tiled floor. Go up.
  3. Push the box from the ladder to the tiled floor. Go up ladder to outside.
  4. Use five tiles on the water to cross to the statue. Take connection pipes at the statue and go back down into the sewer.
  5. Install valve wheel on the pipe at the top right corner of the tiled floor. Push the box to the valve, climb and open it. After water is up, install first pipe connection (above the valve). Go left and open valve by the first ladder to lower water level. Jump on the box and go right to the big pipe and install second connection. Go left and install third connection. Go back to the valve to lower water again. Jump on the box and go right to the valve and install fourth connection. Go back to the valve to drain the water, use the ladder to go down, move the box to the valve and remove it. Install fifth connection at the top left corner of the tiled floor. Use the ladder to go up, install the valve on the pipe on your right and open it. The plaza is cleared from the water. Go outside.
  6. Cross the plaza.

Rain City Walkthrough Guide [Apartment Building]

  1. Enter the blue door and talk to the goat. Exit.
  2. Enter the brown door and talk to the rat. Take a glass jar from him. Exit.
  3. Go to the second floor and enter the first door. After headache, walk straight through to the door, enter.
  4. Follow the steps to go through the maze: Down/Left/Up/Left/Down/Left/Up/Right/Up/Right. Use glass jar on the green mushroom. Exit the room.
  5. Go back to the first floor, into rat’s room. Give him the jar. Take green compound from him. Go the table with mice cage. Choose yellow-red (top middle)-blue (bottom right). Inject it in the first mouse in the cage. Take this needle with compound and give to the rat. After the rat’s disappearance, exit the room.
  6. Enter the blue room and talk to the goat. Take a key from the well. Exit.
  7. Use the key to unlock the well. Go down.

Rain City Walkthrough Guide [Mines]

  1. Go down the ladder. Talk to the rat, try to exit left and right, then talk to rat again.
  2. Go all the way left and use the elevator to go up.
  3. In the room, take a can of drink from the table and push the mine cart to the elevator. Go down and move the mine cart from the elevator. Go back to the elevator and up. Exit the room, outside got to the building and use the well to go down to mines.
  4. Go to the mine cart and move it far left. Talk to the rat and give him a can of drink. In meantime, take his shovel and use it to fill the cart with the rocks. Rush the cart to the elevator area. Exit the mines and go to the room and bring the elevator down.
  5. Push the cart into the elevator and go up. Push the cart out and to the wall to reach a piece of wood. Take it. Push the cart back to the elevator and go down.
  6. Go right and use piece of wood on broken track, continue walking. Go down and talk to the rat. Use the machine, turn on the projector, go forward, get off the machine and pick up a piece of chain. Go back to the mine cart.
  7. Move the cart under the console and use the piece of chain to connect them. Climb up to the console and move the lever to upper position so the cart will move. Go down and right to the machine.
  8. Use machine to line the crane up with the hanging mine cart, point the light at the cart and grab the mine cart. Take the machine left. Help the miner to get out. Get off the machine and go left, pick up a piece of wood. Exit the mines.
  9. Enter the building, on the second floor enter the second brown door from the stairwell. Talk to the rat and get a key from him. Go back to the mines through the well in the building.
  10. In the mines, go right, use a piece of wood over the broken track and pick it up. Go further and unlock the door with a key. Use a piece of wood to reach a ladder. Go up and right to new area.

Rain City Walkthrough Guide [Factory Building]

  1. Go down and check the toilet. Check third locker from the left. Unlock by using the following combination to unlock it (see picture below). Take a car with the controller from the locker. Go to the sink and open water. Turn the know until it off. Take it. Check the toilet and use the know to pick up a guard card. Watch this card in the sink.rain city walkthrough locker lock puzzle
  2. Climb up and go straight to the right. Use the car to hook the box and use the controller to move the car back to the washroom room through the hole in the wall. Go back to the locker room, go down and pick up the car. Take a chain and pull it further. Go back to that room. Go down and pick a piece of wood. Go back to the locker room.
  3. Use a piece of wood on the top of the lockers. Climb there and pick up a screwdriver from the box. Climb back to another room.
  4. Move the dolly with boxes further right, under the grill and use screwdriver to remove it. Climb up and left, pick up a crowbar. Move the dolly back and go left, in the locker room turn left. Inside the room, use the car to get a switch on the floor and move the car through the door by the guard. Go back to the locker room. Pick up the car and the switch. Go back to the machine room.
  5. Install the switch and push it down. Use the crowbar on the bucket of tar coming out of the left of the machine when it is above the guard. Go back to the locker room, open first locker and take guard’s uniform and wash it in the sink. Exit the locker room via bottom right and  then exit the machine room via bottom left. Go to the elevator, press red button, go inside and choose B2.
  6. Exit the elevator and use the car to go first cell and pick up a snack bag. Go back to the elevator and choose 1. Exit.
  7. Use snack bag to leave some food on the floor beside the stairs. Use stairs to go up. Pick up an apple from the table. Go down and left. Use guard card to unlock it. Go outside and talk to the rat. Use guard’s card to unlock the door and leave apple outside. Talk to the rat and use snack bag to leave some food in the floor close to the building’s door. Go upstairs and click on the console to open the cells doors. Use the elevator to go B2.
  8. Go to the third cell and look at the bed. After conversation with the dog, stand up and go inside the drill machine. Meet your sister. Give her some food from the snack bag. Take a flashlight. Use flashlight on the number pad. Enter 168B. Take a helmet. Exit and go right to the water.
  9. Use the helmet and dive to the another side. Go through the digging field to another side on the right, enter the room with a dog. Talk to him. Go back.
  10. Go inside middle machine, use flashlight and pick a tool box from the table. Exit. Leave the tool box behind the digging machine on the right and when it drives back, will smash the box. Pick up a wrench. After conversation with dog, go to inside on the left and use wrench on the pipe, pick up a lever. Exit and go to the right passing the dog’s room. Use lever to open the water. Dive in and grab the key. Use this key to drive the car inside the dog’s room. Drive out. Follow the dog. Talk to the dog and wait. Then go to the control room and take out the core. Go out and back to the sister in the drill machine.
  11. Install the core. After in the incident go out and fight the BOSS.


Rain City Walkthrough Video [Factory]
Rain City Walkthrough Video [The End – BOSS Fight]


Trophy Guide

  1. Curious – talk to the apartment’s manager 10 times to get it unlocked.
  2. Drum Expert & Drum Master –  keep playing this mini game until hit 100 points. 
  3. Crane Expert & Crane Beginner – press X to start the crane to unlock it.
  4. Jumpy – you will need to go upstairs and walk into a mouse. Go downstairs and wait for the mouse to go out. Repeat it 10 times.
  5. Lost Kitten – maze at the giant mushrooms. Make manual safe before you start. You will need to repeat 10 times to go back and forth between the maze and the green room. After unlocking the trophy, reload your safe.
  6. Guide to Life – when you are in the first room of the maze, follow the next steps to enter the doors: D/L/U/L/D/L/U/R/U/R to unlock it.
  7. Winner at Losing – Make a manual safe before unlocking this trophy. When you are in the shower/washroom/locker room, look at the right locker and move each lock piece right once, then keeping pressing X to unlock it. Load your manual safe to unlock the next trophy.
  8. Lucky Cat – Look at the right locker and move the lock pieces as (from top to bottom) – traffic light (Rx4), bird (Rx1), circle with face (Rx6) and then press X.
  9. Safety first – you will need to stand behind of both digging machines (machine move forward as far as its get). As soon as machine starts to move backwards, you will automatically move away, do it for both to unlock this trophy.
  10. Are you doing something wrong? – Let the final boss to kill you 10 times.

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