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foreign land of us walkthrough

Welcome to A Foreign Land Of Us Walkthrough Guide!

A Foreign Land of Us is another great narrative point-and-click game from CottonGame Network Technology CO., Ltd. A mysterious and wonderful life journey is awaiting you to explore.

You are going to discover the uncommon stories of the protagonist’s common life which is immersed in very unique art style, soothing narrative, engaging puzzles and mini games. This Foreign Land Of Us Walkthrough is here for you to enjoy game experience without stressing out from tough puzzles. Enjoy the game!

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A Foreign Land Of Us Game Information

A Foreign Land Of Us Walkthrough Guide

  1. Pick up the bottle, remove cork and open the note.
  2. Tear a ticket from the left side of the note.
  3. Clear the window
  4. Unzip the suitcase. Click on the drawing to put in the envelope (it contain clue to solve a puzzle) and put the belongings in the following order:foreign land of us walkthrough suitcase puzzle
  5. Press the buttons of the camera lens in the following order:foreign land of us walkthrough camera puzzle
  6. On the picture, move the sun down that will bring the moon up. Remember timing at the bottom on the right side – 18:20 (it is an answer for the rocket time puzzle).
  7. Help the airplane to get rid of clouds by removing them to the right.
  8. Let the ball to go out through the hole at the middle by moving the circle (watch the walkthrough video below at 3:37min).
  9. Follow the steps (numbers on the pictures) to go through this scene: 1. click on the earphones, 2. click on the light and 3. click on the chair.
  10. Use the white string and follow the bug path to complete this scene (watch walkthrough video at 5:06min).
  11. Use the picture in your envelope from the suitcase to solve this puzzle (watch walkthrough video at 5:43min).
  12. Click on each screw to remove it.
  13. Click on the coin and then click on the picture on the top right corner with four white trees in the ball, collect it.
  14. Solve this puzzle by clicking on the flower’s petals in the order to make all of them yellow (watch walkthrough video at 6:54min).
  15. Continue clicking on the butterfly’s wings to open them.
  16. By moving binocular find the lighthouse on the scene.
  17. Click on the word “future” to collect a picture (remember word “future” to solve a puzzle). Then open the glass doors and pull the rope up.
  18. Type “FUTURE” and press enter.
  19. Create a house and a flower from the pieces at the bottom of the postcard.
  20. Use flushing black dot to move all stars inside the post stamp.
  21. Press on three stars to reveal the glove. The solution is below:foreign land of us walkthrough globe puzzle
  22. Enter time from the step 6 – 18:20 then click on the rocket’s window.
  23. Create path for the ball to go down. The solution is below:foreign land of us walkthrough rocket puzzle
  24. Click on the yellow switch to find right picture according step 13 – four white trees. Click on it.
  25. Click on the bottom of the trees to create snow effect, as you are shaking crystal snow ball. It will be less and less snow, to reveal a house.
  26. Click on the house’s windows in the following order to complete this scene:foreign land of us walkthrough house puzzle
  27. Inside the house, use the ladders to lead a man to the door on the third floor (watch walkthrough video at 14:06min). Click on the door.
  28. Solve Tetris puzzle (watch walkthrough video at 14:48min).
  29. Turn a handle of gramophone until three lights is ON on the left side (three little dots) and the car will appear. The turning direction is on the piece of paper by the gramophone: right – left – right.
  30. Click on the car to jump and get over the stones.
  31. Turn figure on the picture, so the figure will fully seen on the picture and move a picture of the ship closer to his hand.
  32. Click on the picture of the ship, so he can put inside the bottle. Move the bottle to the bottom right side, so it will disappear.
  33. Rotate two sticks, so the fluid will clear the bottle and reveal a paper ship inside (watch walkthrough video at 17:34min).


A Foreign Land Of Us Walkthrough Video

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