Strange Case 2 Asylum Walkthrough [100%]

strange case 2 asylum walkthrough

Welcome to Strange Case 2 Asylum Walkthrough Guide!

Don’t miss an opportunity to play FREE Strange Case 2: Asylum escape game with help of this, free also, Strange Case 2 Asylum walkthrough guide.

If you played Strange Case: Alchemist, then you may want to challenge yourself again as a detective who needs to investigate the mysterious case about mental hospital.

Labeledman did a good job by creating absolutely FREE game with

  • creepy and unique atmosphere, graphic
  • challenging puzzles with original approach, like a clock is not a time…
  • characters that are strangely mysterious

So lets simple install, play and escape with no network connection needed and no hidden fees whatsoever!

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Strange Case 2 Asylum Game Information

Strange Case 2 Asylum Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Day 1: “I woke up in a cold sweat. I must have been having a nightmare. A sharp pain pierced my whole body. What Happened? I don’t’ remember… My head… Hell. I can’t even remember my own name. I need to figure out where I am and what happened.”

Grab an old boot from under the bed. Go to the washroom and look in a mirror. Scary! Click on the tiles beside the mirror and use the old book to brake a top left piece. There is a broken tile which needs to be moved at that left corner, so it can be picked up.

Go back to the bed and use the broken tile to cut piece of the bed sheet. Use this piece to clogged the toilet in the washroom (put the piece into the toilet and flash it few times).

Click on the door and talk to the guard. Tell him that “But the toilet is clogged…” and “Yes, it pours over the edge! Then end the conversation.

Click on the room 1 information board. Remember number 7-20. Then click on the information board of room 2 and remember number 2-31. Go to your right and enter Dr. Death office.

Read the note on the desk. Click on on the cabinets. Click on number 2 cabinet and enter 31. Then click on the files and it opens file 2-31 with more numbers beside the picture. Remember them: 1-15, 2-31, 3-80, 6-22. It is a number of the cabinet and a number of file in it. Click on these cabinets and enter the file number accordingly.

Then click on the cabinet 7 and file 20. This file has number 34, 20, 47 and 71. There are 4-34, 7-20, 8-47, 9-71. The same approach as with other numbers and files numbers. Go through 4, 8 and 9 cabinets.

If all cabinets and files numbers are correctly enter, the middle cabinet will open. Gran the trinket #702 from inside.

The doctor caught you, talk to him and say “I saw something… in the mirror..” I am not sure what will be if other answer is chosen. Let others know in the comments below if you tried it.

Tests pictures are the following:

strange case 2 asylum butterfly test

strange case 2 asylum clown mask test

strange case 2 asylum lady test

The doctor gives a key for a nightstand table. Go back to the room. The key can’t be used unless you take a rest.

The End of Chapter 1.

Strange Case 2 Asylum Walkthrough Video [Chapter 1]

Strange Case 2 Asylum Chapter 2 Walkthrough

“Weird noise woke me up in the night… The procedural room was the source of this noise…”

Day 2: “I lay staring up at the shabby ceiling of the chamber. Yesterday’s dream seemed so real. I had to get out that asylum before I went completely insane.”

Use the nightstand key to unlock top drawer. Collect the comb and the coin. Use the coin twice to unscrew the bed frame’s pipe. Use this pipe on the sink’s pipes to make it flooded. Go back to the door and talk to the guard nurse, “But there’s a flood” – “It look like.”

Click on the garbage bin and collect a candy wrap. Go to the room #2 and give the comb to the patient. Click on his mouth and collect a candy. In the inventory, combine a candy and candy wrap to get a strawberry candy. Leave the room.

Go to the right, to the Dr. Death office. Click on the door and listen the conversation, so they will close the door. Click on the patient with the flower pot. Go to the left, find this patient again and click on him again. Go back to the right and find him again. Click on him and have a conversation: “Well, yeah.” – “[Next]” – “How can I help you?” – “[Next]”. Click on him again and talk: “Well, yeah.” – “[Give candy]” – “[Next]” – “Clip?”. You got a paper clip.

Go to the left and unlock the door beside the laboratory with the clip. Go inside and collect a stethoscope, a spiral tube and a pliers from the shelf. Use the clip on the laboratory’s door to unlock it. Go inside.

Collect matches from the table’s drawer. Open the cabinet beside the desk and use the stethoscope on the safe to get the code – 3862. Each number should be turned in different direction. Collect a reagent from the safe. Collect an empty flask from the shelf. Click on the tubes rack and solve the puzzle of colors. Each tube supposed to have own color (the solution is at 3:06 time frame of the video below). Collect yellow reagent.

Click on the picture on the wall. Remember the writing – C2-B4-D3. Then click on the wall behind the picture. Solve the puzzle of the proper connection and turn the handle on (the solution is at 4:01 time frame of the video below or see the picture below.)

strange case 2 asylum connections puzzle

Leave the room and turn off the switch on the wall. Go inside the room beside the laboratory and use matches to have some light, the use the pliers to cut the lamp. In the inventory, use the pliers on the lamp to get a light bulb.

Go back to the laboratory. Click on the lab equipment and install the light bulb instead of broken flask. Fill the light bulb with purple reagent from the inventory. Put the empty flask from the inventory on the desk. Use the spiral tube to connect them. Pour the yellow reagent into the purple one. Use matches to get a flame. Then move the equipment according the writing – C2-B4-D3. Collect flask with green acid. Use this acid on the metal door’s lock.

Go inside. Click on the tree cubes and solve the puzzle to get one figure out. The solutions for the puzzle are (1) Left & Down (2) Right, Up, Down, Right, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right (3) Down, Left, Up, Left & Up or at 6:28 time frame of the video below. Collect a toy soldier.

Go to the right and look at the horse’s picture. Remember a tail position. Go to the right and look at the horse’s picture. Remember a front leg position. Go to the right and look at another horse’s picture. Remember a head position. Click on the chair and collect a sticky muck. Click on the book and collect a tweezers. Use the toy soldiers on the clock. The position of the soldiers arms is 1017. It is the code for the lock at the aquarium.

Go back to the aquarium and enter the code 1017. Collect a fish food. Go back to the horse and correct the position of a tail, head and a front leg according the pictures. Collect a dead hamster.

Click on the mosaic and use the sticky muck to catch a fly. Then use the dead hamster to collect a larva. Use the tweezers to solve the puzzle. The solution’s pictures is below.

strange case 2 asylum larva puzzle

Collect the larva. Go back to the aquarium and feed the fish with the fish food, the larva and the fly to get three fish ‘s poops.

Click on the cabinet below the aquarium and solve the puzzle with fuel containers. Each container has a mark how to fill it in (the solution is at 8:33 time frame in the video below). Collect a rhombus-shaped key, a some red key and a some purple key.

Go back to the room with a big chest. Solve the three puzzles and use three keys according to the shape ( the solution is at 11:37 time frame in the video below). Click on the boy in the chest.

The End of Chapter 2.

Strange Case 2 Asylum Walkthrough Video [Chapter 2]

Strange Case 2 Asylum Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Click on the boy few times.

Day 3: “The boy was moving so fast that I was barely able to see him, Who had locked him in the chest, and why? I didn’t know. It was time to get back to the chamber before I was spotted.”

Click on the patient with the flower and have the conversation: “[Next] few times”. Collect the key. Use this key unlock the metal door. Go inside.

Click on the night table and collect a syringe. Click on the picture with the clue for the chess board. The cake has number 150. At the back of the picture is year 1936. Minus 150 from 1936 to get a birthday year, 1786. Then apply these numbers to the letters as C1, G7, A8 and E6. These are positions for the chess board.

Go to the right and use your clue above on the chess board. The solution is on the picture below.

strange case 2 asylum chess board puzzle

Collect a key from the middle of the board. Go to the right and use the key to unlock another metal door. Go in.

Collect a screwdriver from the medical table. Read the notebook. Click on the glass cabinet and collect a poison bottle. Go to the right twice and click on the machine on the left. Solve the memory puzzle. Memorize or take a picture of the symbols when you press yellow button. Then enter the symbols in the order so the light from the red becomes green. The symbols will vary each time.

Click on the monitor on the right and use mode button and the black circle to make two lines become one to get the green light. Go to the right.

Click on the bottom box and use the screwdriver to remove the lid. Click on each boar and solve the puzzle. The solutions are below.

strange case 2 asylum board 1 puzzle

strange case 2 asylum board 2 puzzle

strange case 2 asylum board 3 puzzle

Click on the tube above and move tubes inside to make exact flow as behind seen. The middle tube can be moved only ONCE. So keep it in mind. The solution is below.

strange case 2 asylum tube puzzle

Click on the head of the patient and solve the puzzles (the solution is at 5:05 time frame in the video below).

Click in the glasses and set up the left eye at the middle point and the right eye at the top point, then go the right twice to see the code 4326. Go back to the chamber.

Go to the right until the lockers. Unlock the locker with 4326 code. Collect the cloth and the key. Go back to the bed room and use key to unlock the nighttable. Collect the hat. Go back to the locker.

Put the cloth and the hat on the man’s picture. Use the 702 on him too. Have a conversation with demon: “It seems I’m hallucinating again.” – “Bullshit! I shot you!”. New ability is unlocked – the ghost vision.

Go back to the bed room and click on the clock. Collect gears. Go back to the lockers room. Click twice on the door, so the number on the wall can be seen – 27-19-50. It is a phone number.

Go back to the patient. There is a ghost, talk to him. Click on the breathing machine, install the gears. Talk to the ghost again. In the inventory, combine a syringe and a poison. Then give it to the ghost. Collect a reel from the patient. Go back to the room with the phone.

Switch to the normal vision. Install the reel and repeat the order that appears three times to make it work “Urgently… To operation room…” Call the phone number 27-19-50. Choose “[put the handset next to the recorder]. I didn’t choose “Hang up”, so not sure about the result. Let us know if you did in the comments below.

Go to the room with the guard and exit the door.


Strange Case 2 Asylum Walkthrough Video [Chapter 3]


Strange Case 2 Asylum Walkthrough [2nd end]

Watch the another end of the game at 32:40 time frame in the video below.

There is no escape at this end.

Strange Case 2 Asylum Walkthrough Video [FULL & 2ND ENDING]

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