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Welcome to Ugly Button Adventure Walkthrough Guide!

Ugly Button Adventure is a an amazing hand-drawn point-and-click adventure game developed by Magikelle Studio.

Once upon a time, there was a rag doll named Ugly Button. Ugly Button found himself in a strange and unknown place. He wants to find a way to escape. Ugly Button has no memory about himself, so he has to find out who he was and to find all his lost parts to gain a soul and perhaps become a human again.

Will you help Ugly Button to collect all his lost parts, gained a soul, and transformed into a person? To do this, you will have to collect lost puzzle pieces and solve many quests.

Let’s help Ugly Button together with this Ugly Button Adventure Walkthrough Guide! Enjoy the game.

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Ugly Button Adventure Game Information

The game is FREE with an option of in-Game Purchases which includes random items.

Ugly Button Adventure Walkthrough

Room: Closet

  • Click on a pot beside the bed and pick up a screwdriver. Pick up the lamp beside the doll.
  • Go to right and click on an old pilot helmet. You found an electrical fuse. Click on the drawers and read the letter.
  • Go to your right again and pick up a hammer on your left. Go to your left use a hammer on a glass cabinet and break the glass. Take an oiler that will be used later as an item for musical box.
  • Go to the right and click an old suitcase and take a plan from it. Then go to the right again and pick up a key from the hook by the door. Open the door.

Room: Landing

  • Go to left click on the picture with the airplane and it will give you a clue for electric switches positions. Main combination was OIIII. Go to your right again and click on a mask with a dart on it, collect it.
  • Go back to the right twice, click on the the board with the switches by the door.  Install the electrical fuse and use the clue to get right positions for electric switches. I means to turn, O means leave as it is. If you do it right you will have a colour on a picture and green light in the electrical fuse. Then move up the switch by the door.

Room: Study

  • Click on the stamp on the table and pick up a piece of paper with the drawing for music box items. If you click on this piece of paper from your bag, you will see what items you need to complete this episode and create a music box.
  • Click on a big map and you will see the island which is marked by circle. Click on the globe, find the island on the globe and put the dart there which will open the globe. Collect a key. Click on a picture on the table with Amelia to get a memory back about her.
  • Click at the bottom of the the wooden shield on your right with a mask on it. Collect a golf club from the back of the shield. You need it to built a ladder.
  • Click on a cage on your left which is covered with the blanket and collect another piece for a music box, a lever.
  • Use the key that you found on the hook and open the top drawer. Collect a journal.
  • Go to the right. On the middle shelf and a second from the right, there’s the picture of sun click on it and solve the puzzle. Collect a piece of paper with a clue.
  • Go to your right and collect a book from a coach. Then click on a coat and collect a matches  from its pocket. Use this matches in your bag to lighting up the lamp in your inventory. Use the lamp on the right bottom corner of the coach and find another item, a cog,  for music box.
  • Go to your right, you reach bookshelves and clicked on the pictures to recall the memory of Ugly Button. At the right bookshelf on the first row there’s a missing book. Use the book which you found on the coach and put it in. It will open a draw at the middle bookshelf with a safe. Open the diary and find the page with a poem which has a clue:

All the leaves are gone.

A cold wind‘s come from

the mountains and brought

dark clouds.

There’s a lot of snow.

The code is leaves – wind – mountains – clouds – snow. Take an empty music box from the safe.

  • Go to the right an exit the study room.
  • Then exit the Landing area and go to the closet room.


Room: Closet

  • Go to your left, in the room with doll, beside the chair, there is a blanket on the floor. Click on it, remove it and collect a rope from the rat.
  • Go to your left, there is a night table under the old suitcase. Use the key from your inventory to unlock the bottom drawer and collect a bird. While you are doing it, you will hear a sound of broken mirror.
  • Go to your left and collect broken pieces of mirror’s stand to make a ladder. Combine the stand with a rope and then with a golf club. You got a ladder.
  • Use a screwdriver from your inventory on the bird to get a spring.
  • Go to your right and exit the closet and go to the study room.

Room: Study

  • Go yo your right and use the ladder to reach a suitcase on the top on the shelf. Open the journal from your bag and flip the pages until the rip off one. Use the piece of paper what you found put it there and it will reveal the code that you need to solve the next puzzle. The big dots means the order of the symbols (see below the solution). Collect a cylinder for a music box.

ugly button adventure walkthrough

  • Click on a piece of paper with the music box pieces to built it. Then click on the music box itself and click on each time item that you need to complete it. If you did it right you will see that each item on a piece of paper is crossed out.
  • Watch a beautiful hand-drawn clip how Ugly Button opens the box and collect a key.
  • Go to the landing area, there’s a room with a single door and use the key to unlock it.

The End of Ugly Button Adventure.

Ugly Button Adventure Walkthrough Video

Ugly Button To Be Continued….

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