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Welcome to Another Shadow Walkthrough Guide!

Another Shadow Walkthrough Guide will get you through all secrets, puzzles and let you catch cute cats ghosts of game from Dark Dome. The developer company who already got their gaming reputation with games like Haunted Laia, Ghost Case, Nowhere House, etc…

The game story is all about Carissa and Bastian who happily moved into a new home and… started experiencing paranormal events. Especially after Bastian’s 33 birthday.

The shadow of a curse has returned to take Bastian and to enslave him in darkness. Why him? Can Carissa find him and bring him back? Maybe not at this time but here she has a chance to bring him back – Escape from the Shadows.

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Another Shadow Dark Dome Game Information

The game is FREE with an option to purchase of game without adds option.

Another Shadow Walkthrough Guide

Bastian has fallen into a bleak place. He seems to be in a dark dimension. Like an evil version of his own house.

[Normal world] Bedroom, go to the window and open it. Remember the symbols on the right side of the window. It is a clue. Switch to the dark world.

[Dark world] Bedroom, click on the rug and pick up a fishing hook. Click on the pillows and find a black cat (1/9). Go to the washroom, open the window and remember the symbols on it. It is a clue. Exit washroom. Open the door to the office. You can’t go in yet. Switch to the normal world.

[Normal world] Go to the washroom and open cabinet under the sink. At the right bottom, behind the paper rolls is a black cat (2/9). Exit washroom and go down to the phone by the backyard door. Call number on the table, 461-0358. From the receiver, you get a clue for the cabinet’s door under the phone. The combination can be different for each player, I got the combination below.


Enter the combination and collect a Moments book. Read it, the pages have glasses (1) – balloons (2) – pizza (3) -seashells (4). This is a clue that shows you an order. Go to living room and look at the pictures on the wall. Switch to dark world.

[Dark world] Look at the same pictures and remember the symbols on them. The symbols can be different for each player. I got the following:


Click on the lock under the stairs and enter your combination. Below is mine:


Pick up a rag doll.

[Normal world] From the same space, pick up a oil can and a book. Open the book and the first page shows that a clue for Dark world. Bastian needs to give a rag doll to the hands. Second page shows a clue how to feed a monster, the order is the following – fish, chicken and octopus part. Third page shows a clue for two diamonds, from Normal and Dark worlds.

[Dark world] Give a rag doll to the hands to have an access to the kitchen. Go to the kitchen and open a fridge. Collect a rotten chicken. Open a middle drawer by the sink and collect a matches. Open a drawer by the stove and click on the pot to find a black cat there (3/9). In the oven is a tray with cookies. By clicking on all of them, you will find an order and what cookies shape for the lock of the box on the kitchen table in Normal world. Mine was the following: leave (1), heart (2), figure (3) and duck (4) (see below).


[Normal world] In the kitchen, enter your cookies shape order. Mine is below


Take a car key. Go to the backyard and pick up a trowel by the tree. Go to the garage and use it to open right paint can with a key inside. Collect the key.

Use car key to unlock the car lock. Look inside the car and find a black cat on the front passenger seat (4/9). Click on the button to open the trunk. Look at the tools board on the wall, it s a clue for the box’s lock in the car trunk. Below was my combination


Collect red key.

[Dark world] From the open trunk, collect fishing strings and firewood. Go back to the hallway and put firewood in open space in the wall and use a box of matches to fire it up. A hole has been opened in the floor full of water.

Go to the kitchen and open a cabinet above the stove. On the left side collect rotten shrimp. Go back to the hole. Combine a shrimp and fishing hook. Use it for fishing and collect a fish.

Go back to the living room and light up a candle on the table.

[Normal world] In the living room collect the candle that was light up from Dark world.

Go on the second floor and use red key to unlock third door and go inside. Click on the wall paper and it is a clue for order of symbols for the box’s code on the book shelf in the dark world.

Go to the window, use oil can to lubricate it and open it to get window symbol.

Click on the bookshelf and collect blank paper from the tray. Click on the yellow box and take out a cube with a key inside. Click on the top shelf and open the book there, go through the book.

Click on the pictures on the wall that give a clue about Bastian’s brother who is playing with a toy plane on the picture.

Click on the printer and put blank paper into it. Open drawer below printer and look at the picture of three color squares. It is a clue for the order of colors – red (1), green (2) and yellow (3). Look at the three color pieces of paper on the wall with lines on them. You need to combine them in the order to get the computer password. Mine was the following:


Press Print. Remember your printed symbols combinations. Below was my combination


Click on the top table’s drawer and enter your printed combination. Collect a kitchen tong from opened drawer.

[Dark world] Go to the office room, click on the piece of paper on the wall with a clue for window symbols. It gives you an order of window symbols and locations. Below were my combinations from normal and dark worlds


Click on the box on the top of the bookshelf and enter your window symbols in your order. My combination is below


Collect a wooden airplane.

Click on the table drawer and look at the picture of hands with dots. It is a clue for shadow fingers, order to click on the fingers. Mine was below


Click on the shadow figure and click on the fingers in order from your picture. After shadow’s disappearance, open the drawer and collect the piece of paper with a power switches clue.

Go to the backyard’s door and give a wooden airplane to spirit of Bartian’s brother. Go out on the backyard and click on the metal panel with power switches. Use your clue to put switches in the right positions. Below was my clue


[Normal world] Go to the kitchen, use a purple candle for lighting up a stove. Collect a pot from the cabinet beside the stove. Put the pot on the stove and put a cube with the key inside the pot. The cube has melted and use a pair of tongs to get the purple key from the hot pot.

Go to the bedroom and use purple key to unlock the table drawer. Collect a switch from there.

Go to the backyard and use small key to unlock the metal panel. Install the switch and use the paper clue from dark world to put all switches in the right position. Below was my order


Go back to the living room and click on the piano.

[Dark world] In the living room, click on the piano so Bastian starts to play their song.

[Normal world] Collect the notebook from Lian and open it. Go to the phone and dial the phone number from the notebook – 463-9670. At the end of the conversation you will have a clue for the cabinet door lock code. Enter this code to unlock the cabinet under the phone. My combination was below


Collect a bird-shaped whistle.

Go to the bedroom, fully open window and use the whistle. Remember positions of the birds because it a clue to open the box in the bedroom on the night table. Click on the red box on the night table and use your birds positions to unlock it. Below is my birds positions


Collect a recording tape from the box and play it in the recorder at another night table. It’s Bastian’s whistle calling Laika, the dog on the backyard. Collect a yellow key from Laika.

Don’t forget to check dog house for a black cat (5/9).

Go to the washroom and use this key to unlock the panel on the wall. Turn the valve on. Click on the sink and open hot water. Due to the steam, the mirror will show symbols.

[Dark world] In the washroom, on the broken mirror, remember your symbols. Go to the backyard and check the dog house. Use your symbols to unlock the padlock. Below was my symbols


Collect a trap. Go back to the washroom and install the trap beside the sink, close to the hole on the floor.

[Normal world] In the washroom, flush the toilet.

[Dark world] In the washroom, collect the octopus part. Go back on the second floor hallway and go right. There is a monster in the cage. You need to feed the monster in the order from the book (normal world, under the staircase) which is fish – chicken – octopus. Feed the monster. The attic door will be opened.

[Normal world] Lou will come to visit Carissa. Carissa will tell her Bastian’s story.

Another Shadow Walkthrough Guide [Cabin In The Forest]

Pick up a cup from the table. Go inside the room on your left.

Look at the picture. It is an order clue for the padlock code. Then go through the pages of the book beside and remember what shape associate to the faces. Click on the red padlock and enter your code. Mine was the following:


Go to the basement. Pick up an empty container from the table beside the pot. Click on the picture on the wall. There will be four picture through the house. Remember how many figures and environment (castle, forest, house, etc). This picture is a castle with 8 figures. Go back to the room.

Click on the picture on the wall. It is a house with 2 figures. Go up on the second floor.

Click on the table and collect a book. Open the book and go through the pages. One page represents clues for numbers of figures on the pictures and associated symbol to the number. Another page is a clue for the skulls.

Click on the panel at the and of hallway. Flip the switch and remember locations of the the same pictures. Flip the right cards and collect a blue key.  Go back to the basement.

Use blue key to unlock the dresser. Move all clothes and click on the black hole. Collect a pair of shoelaces and a piece of paper. Piece of paper is a recipe for divine wings. You need to find a harpy’s claw, a blue feather and a eye of a possessed doll. Go up to the room.

Click on the pair of shoes and use a pair of shoelaces on them. Follow the shoes. Click on the them to continue. Click on the shoes by the door. Follow the man inside the room. Click on the doll on the floor and collect an eye. Click on the map on the table with an order clue for figures. My map was as below (house – forest – lake – castle):


Click on the man and count how many times he knocks the head. It is a clue for red box’s lock numbers. Click on the red box by the mirror and enter your numbers. Below what I had:


It will opened music box. You need to find a ballerina. After you opened the box, the man disappeared. Open the window and look outside. Click on the red bushes to find a black cat (6/9). Click on the opened window beside to get in. Click on the three drawers table and collect a blue feather from the middle drawer. Unlock the door to the hallway. Click on the figure on the wall and remember red and blue hands positions. It is a clue for the watch. Go out of the room.

Use red and blue hands positions on the wall clock to set a time. Below was my time.


Collect a light bulb. Use this light bulb on the shelves with butterflies beside. Remember position of each moving butterfly. It is clue to the wall puzzle. Click on the wall picture with 3 figures at the lake. Go to the room on the first floor.

Click on the frame above the box. Choose your moving butterflies locations on each row and collect an eraser. Go up to the second floor and the second room.

Use eraser on the drawing beside the window. Erase the clouds. The sun will shine some hands on the wall. It is a clue for the wall puzzle in the other room. Go to the first room.

Click on the left curtain and find a black cat (7/9). Click on the board on the wall and use clue of shining hands to solve it. Collect tea leaves and piece of paper with color symbols. Go back to the second room.

Put tea leaves in the pot and a tea cup on the table. Take a green skeleton’s skull and look at the symbols on the table. It is clue for the lock on the big box on hallway. Go to the big box and enter your symbols. Mine were as follows


Collect the disk from inside. Go to the room on the ground floor.

Click on the box on the table. The code are the symbols from the book according how many the figures on the pictures along with the symbols’ according the map. Mine code was the following


Collect a ballerina from the box. Go back to the first room on the second floor.

Click  on the red box on the table and install the ballerina inside. Click on the box’s handle to turn her. Pick up the necklace from the floor. Go back to the room on the ground floor.

Put the necklace on the mannequin and collect red skeleton’s skull. Click on the mannequin’s cloth at the bottom and find a black cat (8/9). Go to the basement.

Click on the wall with color disks and install the disk you found. Use the paper clue to have right position for each disk. Mine solution is below


Collect a harpy’s talon from the opening. Click on the table with the pot. Put inside a large red button, a blue feather and a harpy’s talon. Use an empty flask to fill with a magic potion. Go to the entrance.

Use the magic potion on the frog in the fireplace. Collect the blue skeleton’s skull. Go back to the basement.

Click on the skeletons and put skulls according the page in the book (below)


Skeletons finger’s positions are the clue to unlock the opening underneath them. Finger represents a black color and triangle or square. Below was my solution


Go inside the room.

This the end of the Bastian’s story.

[Normal world] Go to the attic. Open the top drawer of the dresser. Moved all books and look at a clue. The clue is about the order for the next puzzle. Then open the bottom drawer of the dresser and loot at a clue with the order. Both clues are for the piece of papers on the ropes with symbols. According the order in the clue, pick the symbols and used them to open purple box. Mine symbols are below


Collect a white key and a crank from the box.

Use a white key to unlock the red safe. Click on the box with old pictures inside the safe. The picture gives you a clue about wallpapers.

Use metal spatula to remove the wallpapers on the wall. The tree with eyes gives you a clue of a birds direction.

[Dark world] Go to the attic and open the window. Opposite house’s windows have a clue. Remember the positions of wooden planks. Leave the attic and go to the backyard.

Use the clue of the tree of eyes from Normal world on the birds on the tree to have them to face in the right direction. Collect a black diamond from the tree’s trunk.

[Normal world] Go to the backyard’s entrance. Click on the padlock in the opening and enter the your wooden planks configurations to unlock it. Mine combinations are below


Go down. Use a crank on the wheel on the wall. Click on it to move the metal plate up.

[Dark world] Go to the bedroom and pick up a half of the strange mask from under the bed (it can be done from the beginning of the game). Go back to the attic.

Open the box and collect another half of the strange mask. Click on the dark figure and place both halfs inside the hoodie. The figure gives you a yellow key, collect it. Use this yellow key to unlock the top drawer of the dresser. Collect a pair of gardening shears. Leave attic and go to the backyard.

Use a pair of gardening shears on the bush that covers a bench. Collect a watering can. Leave the backyard and go on the second floor.

[Normal world] Go on the second floor and check how tall flower in the pot in the bedroom, on the hallway, in the washroom and in the office.

[Dark world] Use watering can on the flower pots and make each flower tall same as in the normal world. If you did everything right, the flowers will bloom. Use the pair of gardening shears and cut each flower. Leave the second floor and go to the opening at the backyard entrance.

Go down and look at the sewer grill to find a black cat (9/9). Give the flowers to the woman. After woman’s disappearance, place a black diamond into the wall, on the right.

[Normal world] Go down in the opening and collect a white diamond from the hand. Place this diamond into the wall, on the left.

You will be given the key in both worlds.

Go to the house entrance and use this key to unlock the door.


Another Shadow Secret Ending – Bastian met Laia! Will they help each other to go back to Normal world?!

Another Shadow Walkthrough Guide [Black cats locations]

There are 9 black cats in the game in both worlds together. Cats ghosts/shadow locations are the following:

  1. Behind the pillow in the bedroom (dark world)
  2. In the kitchen, in the cabinet beside the stove, under the pot (dark world)
  3. In the washroom, in the cabinet under the sink, behind the toilet paper rolls (normal world)
  4. In the car, on the passenger’s seat (normal world)
  5. In the dog’s house, after the dog leaves (normal world)
  6. Under the mannequin’s dress (Bastian’s flashback)
  7. Behind the left curtain (Bastian’s flashback)
  8. Outside, behind the orange bush when Bastian’s looks on the window ledge (Bastian’s flashback)
  9. Inside the sewer’s drain (dark world)

Another Shadow Walkthrough Video

Another Shadow Walkthrough Video [Premium Content]


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  1. when bastuan in the attic, look outaide the window. he qill see a building with windowa cover with planks in certain form. thats the code to open the padlock in the fireplace

    • Hi. Are you looking for this key? “Take a car key. Go to the backyard and pick up a trowel by the tree. Go to the garage and use it to open right paint can with a key inside. Collect the key.” If not, please let me know. Thank you.

  2. Me faltaron 2 gatos x ver en el flashback y no me apareció la gema negra cuando le di las flores a la mujer de sótano. Ahora que hago 😭


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