Scary Horror Escape Room Walkthrough (100%)

scary horror escape room walkthrough

Welcome to Scary Horror Escape The Room Walkthrough!

Scary Horror Escape Room is fully free game. Except, if you wish to use a hint, you require to watch ads. If you like to tickle your nerves then this game is for you, goosebumps guaranteed!

If you like to play detective games, solve puzzles and if you are fan of scary stories and room games free, then this is perfect horror game for you!

To help you to move through this haunted house, solve mystery puzzles, and escape the room, we have complete Scary Horror Escape Room Walkthrough guide to offer. Let’s begin!

To download Scary Horror Escape Room, use links below:

Scary Horror Escape Room Walkthrough Guide

Scary Horror Escape Room 1 – Entrance

Pick up a wonder bar and use it on the metal bars on the right, take a knife. Use knife on the green backpack. Go back to electrical panel and calculate missing code as (IX * VI) + (VI * II) or (9 * 6) + (6 * 2) = 66. The code is 164066. Use this code on the lockbox. Go further.

Check the wall with s spider and take a sign (cup with a snake). Click on red box and use found sign on it. Take a bottle with green liquid. Use this liquid on the garbage pile. Click on the garbage until a food container with chopsticks. Take it. Go back to the entrance.

Use chopsticks to take a lighter from the backpack. Go back the spider’s wall. Use lighter on the spider’s web to get rid of it. Click again on burnt web. Click on tiles to create “HELP” to find a key. Go back to the entrance.

Use found key on the electrical panel to unlock it. Push down switch on the right to cut off power and take door key. Go back and use this key to unlock the door. Escape!

Scary Horror Escape Room 2 – Washroom

Go to the right. Lift up grill on the floor and take a locker key. Go back and use it to unlock the right locker. Take nail cutter and remember red bottles position. Click on the middle toilet to collect a pipe piece. Use it on the wall beside the locker with white X mark on it. Use nail cutter  on the wires. Click on the middle toilet bowl and move it on the fan. Click on the ceiling fan and take round handle. Go back to the right.

Click on valves in the wall and use red bottles positions on the valves (watch video below if needed).

scary horror escape room

Use round handle on the sink faucet and open it to find a key. Use this key on the stall door with red X on it. Escape through the hole in the wall!

Scary Horror Escape Room 3 – House

Look at the vase and remember sign on it. Look at the floor and remember the sign. Look at the first window and remember the sign on it. Go to the right.

Click on big wooden board on the floor and use signs accordingly. Honestly I could not see second sign anywhere in the room, so I guessed.

scary horror escape the room


Look down and turn on switch on the right. I used both hands for using a pump and taking wonder bar under the water. Go back and use the bar to take off sticking out nail from the floor. While you are here, look at and remember combination of dots on the wall. Go back.

Click on the drawing on the wall and use nail to it. To unlock it, use dots combination on the lock (watch video below if needed). Take a medallion. Click on the nails on the wall and put medallion on it. Click on medallion once to see three different colors and shapes signs on the floor. Remember them. Go back to the right.

Click on the door and enter the following: blue cube, green parallelogram and yellow circle to unlock the door. Escape!

Scary Horror Escape Room 4 – Laboratory

Go to the right. Take scissors from the hand of the body. Click on paper pile beside the body until two piece of paper with instructions how turn on the generator and channel to tune a radio. Remember it. Go back.

Use scissors to cut paper line between two curtains and click on it to open them. Go in. Turn on the generator (turn handle first, put gear down and switch to on position) and tune radio to 99.2. Remember how many bars for each color. Go back.

Go to the right. Turn the switch for surgeon lamp. Remember combination of lights which are on. Go back.

Click on the box with blue dots on it. Use lights combination on it. Take color bottles from inside. Click on the metal panel beside door handle. Use radio colors combination for how much liquid you should use for each color (need to click on each time on bottle to add it).

scary horror escape room games

Red button will change color to green, click on it. Escape!

Scary Horror Escape Room 5 – Hallway

Click on the right door to get “goosebumps”. Take two medical tools (puller and lubrication cup) from the cart on the right and round gear on the metal door. Go inside the broken curtains. Click on the space beside pedal and arrange gears in proper order to run (watch video below if needed).

scary horror escape hints

Use pedal to bring table up. Click on needle to insert into the vain. Take gear back. Go back.

Click on two air balloons and use lubrication cup on both sides. Then use puller on both sides. Left side shows 4 and right side shows 6. Go back to the body.

Click on the right hand of the body and click on tattoo. Remember it. Click on dropper stand and enter 4 & 6 by turning blue wheels. Take a key from the left hand. Go back.

Use this key on the metal door. Put gear back on the door. Click on on the big circle and arrange symbols according tattoo ( watch video below as needed) to unlock the door.

scary horror escape cheats


Scary Horror Escape Room 6 – Hall

Take gas mask from the head, a stick st the second window and solve the puzzle at the front window (move stick out, watch video as needed). Click on the door to open it, proceed and use tool from the puzzle to unlock left door. Enter the room.

Take a stand from the chair. Click on top of container and create a skull by turning circles. Take disassembled piece of handle. Pick up a hammer head from the table and combine it with a tick to get a hammer. Click twice on a poster with ghost to get it. Go back to the hall.

Use hammer to knock down wood timber. Put scrambled poster at the first window. Use tool from the puzzle to unlock attic’s door. Go up. Take magnifier glass from the left box. Use it on the paper to lit it up. Take burning paper and combine it with handle in your inventory. Go back up.

Use created fire on the monster. Take metal stick and brush from the chair. Combine metal stick with a stand in your inventory. Pick up bellows from the floor. Click on the metal safe. Use brush to remove green paint. You need to solve equation. Rotate sign of action to get 109 (39:13*32-11+24=109).

scary horror escape

Take a microphone from the safe. Combine with the stand in your inventory. Go back to the hall.

Put assembled microphone on the hall. Click on it to get combination of signs (two cubes together, cube inside circle, star, parallelogram). Remember it. Go back to the left room.

Attach bellows to the fireplace and click on it to see Latin numerals (II V XI III). Exit the room. Use Latin numerals and signs combination on the right door. Escape!

Scary Horror Escape Room 6 – Cannon room

Take out knife from the wall. Remove stopper at the bottom of cannon. Move cannon and pick up cannonball. Go right.

Take a big brush. Take a laces from the shoes. Use knife on the right shoe and take out matches and single match. Combine matches with knife to get green powder. Go back to cannon.

Put green powder inside. Use cannon brush on the cannon, put cannon ball inside and turn cannon to face to the brick wall. Attach lace to the back of the cannon and use single match to fire up. Escape!

Scary Horror Escape Room 7 – Warehouse

Avoid metal rails (if you play on the phone, turn it left and right, catch the movement). Go inside opened door.

Pick piece of broken glass and weird shape board. Go to the right of the big tank. Pick a yellow flashlight and another weird shape board. Take a rope and a board by the railing. You can combine two weird pieces with the board. Click on the red button and use broken glass piece on cables.  Go back.

Use flashlight on broken window glass to get sunlight to recharge the battery. Go back.

Use flashlight on the dark room. Go inside and pick another weird shape board, combine with it again with the board. Look at piece of paper with number and code for each beside. Go back.

Pay attention to the red button and how it is flashing (….., ….-, —.., —-. or 5489). Go back to the room and enter this code on the locker door. Take last weird shape peace and combine it with other to get a chair. Take pressure key and glass cutter. Look at the coat and remember sewing pattern. Go back to the windows.

Put chair beside window with a hole. Use rope to strengthen the chair by applying sewing pattern.

Use glass cutter on the window glass. Go on the roof.

Click on the metal cable lock, Blue=10, Green=25 and look at the wall where Yellow=5 and Red=15. Use pressure tool on each bolt and adjust bolt’s pressure according the color number. Find the number for first column as 3+6(9)6+9(15)9+15(24)15+24(39). Find the number for second column as 8*7(56)7*6(42)6*5(30). Enter these two numbers in above equation – 39*30*(2+2*2)=7020. Use this number to unlock the padlock. Use the cable to escape!

Congratulations! You are free!

Scary Horror Escape Room Walkthrough Video

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