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Tricky doors is an escape the room type of game. A the point-and-click captivating that will make your mind busy with complicated quests full of puzzles and variety of mini-games.

Behind each and every door, you will find exotic landscapes and friendly words. You goal is to leave the place, “escape the room”, through a portal. To get to the portal, you will need to find hidden objects and use them wisely.

Five-BN Studio LTD is working hard to add more amazingly puzzled levels of unique game environment. So stay tuned, don’t delete the game and just wait for the updates. You won’t be disappointed!

Let’s play together with this Tricky Doors walkthrough guide that will give you a hand when you needed. Enjoy the game!

Tricky Doors Game Information

The game is FREE with an option to purchase the hints.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 1 [Magic World]


Tricky Doors Level 1 Walkthrough Video

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 2 [Secluded Island]

Tricky Doors Level 2 Walkthrough Video

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 3 [Locked Apartment]

Tricky Doors Level 3 Walkthrough Video

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 4 [Floating Islands]

Tricky Doors Level 4 Walkthrough Video

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 5 [Amusement Park]

Tricky Doors Level 5 Walkthrough Video

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 6 [Museum]

Tricky Doors Level 6 Walkthrough Video

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 7 [Hospital]

Tricky Doors Level 7 Walkthrough Video

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 8 [Theater]

Tricky Doors Level 8 Walkthrough Video

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 9 [Antique District]

Tricky Doors Level 9 Walkthrough Video

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 10 [Train]

Tricky Doors Level 10 Walkthrough Video

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 11 [Circus]

You need to collect five clubs. The location are the following:

  1. on the top of the car that is in the middle of the circus
  2. in the dresser room, on the left from the circus ring, on the dresser table beside the hat
  3. on the chair in the cafeteria
  4. from the fridge. Use the handle from the bucket that dropped off by using electric blue box to open the fridge.
  5. inside the cart on the top of wooden box. Collect two tokens, the tiger and the bear, to open the cart lock and solve the puzzle to unlock it.

Use all found clubs on the clown machine in the cafeteria. It gives you the color patterns that has own number at the fridge clue. Combine together and you will have the code for the wooden box in the cart. See my code picture below.

You need to collect tow sets of red buttons. One set is in the room which is on the right of the circus ring. Second set is in the box with the saw. Take a handle from the suitcase and connect it to the blaze. Use the saw on the box.

You need to collect five sets of shurikens. Here is the locations:

  1. The box with the saw
  2. Beside the fryer in the cafeteria
  3. from the red table in the cafeteria
  4. on the top of the drum
  5. on the board in the dressing room. Use the pliers from the drum to remove and collect the last set.

With all sets in your hand, click on the balloons and the gift to play mini game. Use all of it to hit all balloons to get the last set of chips.

You need to collect two gears. One is on the top of box with the saw. Second one is on the single wheel bike in the dressing room. You need to fill the empty jar with the oil from the fryer in the cafeteria. Apply this oil on the rusty bike and collect the gear and the chain.

The solution for the suitcase lock is below:


The solution for the electric panel in the dressing room is below:


The solution for the electric blue box is below:


You need to collect four sets of chips to complete this level. Here is the locations of these chips:

  1. in the black hat from the dressing room. Take a carrot from the fridge and give to the rabbit, so the rabbit will go away to collect the ships and the key.
  2. under the cashier machine in the cafeteria. Use the ruler from the dressing room table on the cashier machine to get the hips from underneath.
  3. inside the drum. Use the knife from the red table from cafeteria to cut the drum to collect the set.
  4. from the balloons mini game.

When you collected all chips, go to the dressing room and install these chips on the two frames door. This is the last puzzle to solve and complete the game.

The solution for the cashier machine is below or you can watch video at 5:38 time frame.


The solution for the coin machine is below. Press the green and the red buttons according the apples order. It can be different for each player.


The solution for the cart lock is below.


The solution for the wooden box code is below. Numbers can be varied for each player. My code was 612543.


The solution for the table in the cafeteria is below. Use the relief that you collected from the wooden box to gain access to this puzzle.


The solution for the last door puzzle is below. It will be different arrangement for each player. Sort the chips out according your below pattern.


Tricky Doors Level 11 Walkthrough Video

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 12 [Mars]

Walkthrough guide is coming soon…

Tricky Doors Level 12 Walkthrough Video


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