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Welcome to Reich Lair Escape Room Walkthrough Guide!

Reich’s Lair Escape Room is a new escape challenging game for your brain! The click-to-point adventure game with numerous logic puzzles and a mystery quest. Use this Reich Lair Escape Room Walkthrough Guide for this new escape puzzle game and let your adventures begin!

You will become a part of a mysterious story about a secret military base in Arctic. You will need to solve puzzles and escape room by room, and uncover the conspiracy of the Fourth Reich.

Reich Lair Escape Room Game Information

Reich Lair Escape Walkthrough Guide

  1. Go through into, until the door to the bunker.
  2. Take a sing, pick up a jacket and shake few times then pick up a lighter and take a jacket too.
  3. Click on frozen body on your left, place a jacket and use lighter to put a jacket on fire. Take a key and a trophy (cross).
  4. Use a sign as a shovel to clean the snow by the door. Use found key to unlock it. Enter the bunker.
  5. Click on the medical box. The code is an addition of two numbers, use red cross as “+”, 178 + 547 = 725. Take an alcohol bottle.reich lair escape room walkthrough medical kit code
  6. Click on the locker. Use the code below to open it (first row – 2143, second row 1324). Take a brush and second trophy (cross).reich lair escape walkthrough locker code
  7. Use the alcohol liquid on the floor stain then the brush to clean them. Click on each floor eagle and turn them according to the door eagle, it will be visible on your screen (watch walkthrough video at 1:21min).
  8. Go inside and quickly click on the door on your left, to hide from the soldier.
  9. Click on the hat by the colorful lights. Turn off the lights and take two bulbs – first from the left which E44-4=E40 and second from the right E40-13=E27. The clue is from the locker on the hallway. Take a screwdriver from the wall by removing wiring on it. Go left.
  10. Click on the metal box on the floor. The code is formula from physics which I=U/R. Take a soldering iron (middle). reich lair escape room walkthrough metal box code
  11. Click on the desk. Use screwdriver to open metal box 166. Then plugin soldering iron and use on blue capacitors to remove it. Take it and plugin into red box, turn a handle 5 times to charge it (green light will be on on the red box). Take loaded capacitors. Go back to the first room.
  12. Click on the door to open it and use loaded capacitors on the guard. Take third trophy (cross) from the guard chest and a cloth from the hat on the floor. Go out.
  13. Click on the door’s window in front of you and clean with the cloth. Remember the word on the dogs jackets – red is funfziy and blue is elf. Go back to the room and read newspaper in the second room. Find words fundfziy (50)  and elf (11) and numbers associating with these words. Go out.reich lair escape walkthrough newspaper code
  14. Click on the metal door and insert two bulbs. Use numbers for red = 50 (red jacket word) and for blue = 11 (blue jacket word). Enter.reich lair escape walkthrough bulbs code
  15. Click on the two lockers with the bar between handles. Take this bar and use it open the locker. Take buckle from first locker and fourth trophy (cross) from the second locker. Look at the time on the wall to exit – 12:00 (clue) and also handles positions on the small lockers (clue). Click on the metal box beside the door and use buckle to put screws in the handles positions to open the box. Then use buckle again and touch red wires opening to make 12hrs on the clock. The bell will ring and the door will be opened. Enter.reich lair escape room walkthrough locker clues
  16. Click on the laboratory’s board. Wachtum in English is growth which is 176 (number on the rule in the first locker), Gewicht in English is weight which is 82 (number on the kettlebell), Alter in English is Age which is 34 (number on a human body). Befehl Starten is the word in the second locker on the bucket – Rein. Enter 176 082 034 REIN and press red button to unlock disinfection tube. Go inside. After the tube, enter the door on your right (behind the dog).reich lair escape walkthrough labratory codesreich lair escape room walkthrough labratory code
  17. Click on the wall with writing on it. You will need to calculate how many certain letters in these words to find a code. Click on wooden box on your left and enter code according how many each letter repeats in the wall writing. Take a knife and a trophy from the box.reich lair escape walkthrough letters code
  18. Click on covered platform in the middle of the room. Use knife to cut off the cover.
  19. Click on the metal door to find the clue for uncovered nuclear warhead.reich lair escape room walkthrough bomb code
  20. Go back and click on the bomb and use found clue from the metal door to open it. Click on the tail of the bomb to remove detonator. Click on metal stick in the middle of bomb and take it. Remember how many yellow plates different sickness there (6 – 4 – 5). It is a clue for the next puzzle.reich lair escape walkthrough bomb disc
  21. Click on the metal door and use stick on it. Enter number of yellow plates which 645 to open the door. Click on the handle to switch position of it. Go back.
  22. Click on the bomb so it will smash the wall and go into secret tunnel.
  23. Continue going, take a stick that hold a cover and use this stick on the guards heads. Take a trophy (cross) from the wall. Go forward.
  24. Take a mop stick, use it to get pliers. Use this pliers on the gate to cut off the plate. You will a clue for the next puzzle. Click on the information board and find submarine IIB, the number for this submarine is 279. Click on the space beside the door and find another clue which 2B and the number is 617.reich lair escape walkthrough submarine codereich lair walkthrough submarinereich lair game sumarine
  25. Click on the red box on the left and enter the code which the total of 279 + 617 = 896. Take a key. Use this key to unlock the gate. Go in.reich lair escape submarine code
  26. Use the numbers reflection to open the white box on the wall – 6696. Take a tool from opened box. Install this tool on the railing. While you are there, right down colored numbers – 639427 as a next clue. Go back.reich lair escape room lifering codereich lair escape room walkthrough color numbers
  27. Click on the metal locker and enter colored numbers that you found – 639427. Take a binocular. Go back.
  28. Install found binocular on the tool (on the railing). Then pay attention how many steam clouds go from the pipes and enter these numbers on the tool. Click on the binocular and right down the number – 48593, the code for the gate here. Click on the gate and enter it to open it. Go forward.reich lair game binocular code
  29. Click on the info-board with the quotations on the metal board. Find the start number which is 891.
  30. Click on the red START button and use found code then press the green button and find the next clue. Use this clue for the board below. Take a game remote control from the opening. The metal door will be opened. Go ahead.reich lair escape room walkthrough control room code
  31. Play the game by tilting your device. After winning, click on the UFO to destroy it. Click on the stairwell in the middle of the floor.

Reich Lair Escape Walkthrough Video

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