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Welcome to Nobodies After Death Walkthrough Guide!

If you played the game “Nobodies: Murder Cleaner” and liked it than this new game from Blyts LLc “Nobodies: After Death” is for you.

New Nobodies: After Death is a puzzle adventure game, hide bodies and leave no trace.

After death, it is time to clean up!

You are a “cleaner” for a top secret intelligence agency. Your mission is to hide all evidence of carefully planned murders, leaving no sign that you or the target were ever there.

Use your wits and resourcefulness to make sure your agency’s actions remain hidden.

You aid them in taking out rogue members of your own ranks, who have defected with information on a bio weapon that threatens global security.

Nobodies After Death Game Information

Nobodies After Death Walkthrough

Nobodies After Death Drill Bit Walkthrough [Mission 1]

This mission is self explanatory operation. It will guide you how play the game.

Nobodies After Death Drill Bit Video Walkthrough

Nobodies After Death Quagmire Walkthrough [Mission 2]


Your mission is do some housekeeping in the hunting cabin in the Louisiana bayou.

In the cabin pick up the mop with a bucket and a fishing rod by the coach. Go outside and grab a wheelbarrow.

Go back and use wheelbarrow to pick up a body. Use mop to clean the blood on the floor.

Go out and dispose the body into the river with crocodiles. After a while, use fishing rod to pick up clothes from the river. Then clean bloody mop in the river.

Go back to the cabin, put back mop and fishing rod. Then burn clothes in the fireplace.

Go out and put back wheelbarrow.

Mission is completed!

Nobodies After Death Quagmire Video Walkthrough

Nobodies After Death Roadkill Walkthrough [Mission 3]

You need to clean up after Maxime Renaud was neutralized in the crowded shipping depot beside Pittsburgh. He was cryptography expert. His body was stowed in the back of the truck trailer. You do housekeeping while the driver will stop to rest somewhere outside St. Louis.

Go inside the Beer Point and ask the lady to have a beer. Drop this beer on the floor and while the lady is cleaning, take cash from the jar and use some on the music machine.

Go out and take truck’s keys from the cabin.

Go back and order pizza. Take pizza and go out further to the left. Give the pizza to the worker. Leave, come back if the workers left. Go back to the track, use the key to unlock the back doors. Take the body and go back to the road. 

Pick up a shovel and dig the hole. Put the body into it and use the shovel again. Return the shovel. Go back to the shop and put the cash back in the jar. Go back to the truck.

Close and lock the truck’s back doors. Return the keys (leave them in the truck’s cabin).

Mission is completed!

Nobodies After Death Roadkill Video Walkthrough

Nobodies After Death Undertaker Walkthrough [Mission 4]

Richard Torres, the man with that name was reportedly buried in a Guadalajara cemetery the day before Torres’s betrayal. You need to give Richard a proper burial.

Pick up a cemetery map from the table with the flowers. Take the big green container. Look at the map and go building #3. Pick up the body and the rug. In the inventory, combine body with the green container. 

Look at the map and go to the building #1. Place the rug on the gardener’s legs. Take the keys from the cart. Use the keys to unlock the door. Go inside. Take the pliers from the shelf on your right. Take adjustable wrench from the shelf on your left. Click on the metal box (sprinklers box) and use the pliers to cut the left and middle wires. Connect the left one with the middle one. It will redirect the water from the sprinklers. 

Look at the map and go to the point C. Use the adjustable wrench to get a metal piece of the fence. 

Look at the map and go to the point B. Use the piece of broken fence and open the coffin. In the inventory, remove the body from the green container. Take the body and put inside the coffin, close it. 

Look at the map and go to the point C. Return the piece of broken fence.

Look at the map and go to the building #1. Go inside. Return the adjustable wrench. Click on the metal box and use pliers to reconnect the wires in the original positions. Return the pliers. Go out and lock the door behind you. Return the keys on the cart and pick up the rug.

Look at the map and go to the building #3. Return the rug.

Look at the map and go to the building #2. Return the green garbage bin and the map on the table.

Mission is completed!

Nobodies After Death Undertaker Video Walkthrough

Nobodies After Death Stowaway Walkthrough [Mission 5]

Your objective is not to hide the body. Instead you must determine the identity of Frederickson’s contact and frame the, for the murder.

Take the luggage buggy. Go inside and to the left. Click on the big red luggage’s tag. You will get “Flight 6249. Ken Keyton”. Go back and then straight to the check-in counter. Return the luggage cart and get the coin. Click on the counter and the person will tell that “Wow, they really don’t want you to have drinks.” Go back.

Use the coin and buy the coffee from the machine. Go back to the check-in counter and use the coffee on the person to split it over. When the person is disappeared, click on the computer and enter the flight #6249. Ken Keyton is #5 to print the boarding pass. Take the name badge from the window and the bottle of rubbing alcohol from the first aid box. Go back and to the left, luggage section.

Give the boarding pass to the security and claim the luggage. Go back and exit.

In the inventory use the rubbing alcohol and clean the luggage. Take the body from the bench. In the inventory, place the body in the luggage. Go inside the airport.

Switch the luggage from the inventory with red luggage by the man reading newspaper. Go to the left, to lugagge section and leave the red luggage with the security. Go back and to the check-in section.

Return the rubbing alcohol, close the door of the first aid box. Return the name badge. Go back.

Exit the airport. Open the green garbage container and dump the boarding pass into it. Close the lid. 

Mission is completed!

Nobodies After Death Stowaway Video Walkthrough

Nobodies After Death Canary Walkthrough [Mission 6]

Terra Nova Group operates a small coastal mine near Makassar, Indonesia. The assassin has just taken care of Rimba Bulan, the mine’s chief geologist. make sure that the actions stay underground.

Take a worker robe from the car. Go on the beach.

Pick up a fish bone and put it beside the couple’s umbrella. Five minutes later… Take a camera from the bag. Go back to the car.

Go to the left. Pick up the pliers and go back to the car.

Go to the beach and use the pliers on the roof’s cabin to take metal bird spikes. Go back to the car.

Go to the left. Use the bird spikes for the tractor. 10 minutes later… Take out the bird spikes from the flat wheel and pick up a jack beside the tractor. Use the jack under the office few times to activate the alarm. 15 minutes later… Enter the office and use the camera to take the picture of the mining map on the wall. Exit the office and go to the mine.

Go to the point #1 on the map – Left, Left and Right. Take the mallet from the tool box. Look at the map and click on the office.

Go to the point #2 on the map – Right, Straight, Straight, Right, Left and Right. Pick up the rope. Look at the map and click on the office.

Go to the point with the cracks – Right, Straight, Left, Right, Left, Right and Straight. Use the rope on the stone and go down. Use the mallet on the lock on the cabin. Take the oxygen tank and go back to the car.

Open the trunk and get the body. Go back to the beach and to the rope location. Connect body with the rope.Go up and then bring the body up. Look at the map and click on the office.

Go to the point with the triangle sign – Left, Straight, Right and Right. Look at the map and go to the cracks where is the body. Take the body. Look at the map and go to the triangle point. Put the body inside the hole in the wooden barricade. Then place the oxygen tank and use the mallet to smush it. Boom!

Go to the point #1 on map, put back the mallet in the tool box.

Go to the point #2 on the map, return the rope.

Go back to the office on the map, take the jack under the office and put it back under the tractor. At the same time, put the pliers back on the ground.

Go back to the beach. Install the bird pikes on the roof. Close the cabin. Put the camera back inside the bag. 

Go back to the car and return the uniform and close the trunk. Dispose the map into the garbage bin.

Mission is completed!

Nobodies After Death Canary Video Walkthrough

Nobodies After Death Caldera Walkthrough [Mission 7]

Sofia Petrova was tracked down at Graywood National Park in Montana. She was the head microbiologist in Terra Nova. You need to keep our parks clean.

Go forward and pick up a licence plate. Proceed further, take a machete, a map of the park from the box, an empty bottle from the green recycle container and a pitchfork from the shed.

Open the map and go to the bridge. Take some rocks, bean pods and use the machete to cut a rope. Combine the empty bottle in the inventory with the bean pods. Open the map and go to the campsite.

Use the bottle with the bean pods and the campers will gone thinking that there are snakes. Pick up a multi-tool knife and a backpack. Open the map and go the washrooms.

Use the multi-tool knife on the lawn mover and take off the wheel. Combine the pitchfork and the licence plate in your inventory to create a paddle. Go back to the river where you are started.

Use the machete to get some bamboos. Combine the bamboo with the rope to create a raft. Place the raft on the river and pick up the body. Place the body on the raft and flipped the raft over by clicking on it. Use the paddle to move the raft. Open the map and go to the campsite.

Pick up a cart and a kayak. Use the paddle to bring the raft to you. Combine the wheel with the cart then with the kayak to get a kayak on cart. Combine the backpack and the stones to get a backpack with rocks. Place the body on the kayak on cart. Open the map and go to the geyser C.

Disassemble dead body from the kayak. Place the backpack with rocks on the dead body. Then put the body into the geyser. Open the map and go to the campsite.

Disassemble the cart with the multi-tool knife. Return the cart with one wheel, the multi-tool knife and the kayak. Open the map and go back to the washrooms.

Use the machete to separate the rope and the bamboo. Then put the machete back, return the wheel and the pitchfork with the licence plate. Drop the bottle with the beans inside the green recycle container close the lead. Open the map and go to the bridge.

Place the rope back. Open the map and go back to the washrooms. Put the map back into the box. Go back to the entrance.

Leave the licence plate on the ground. Go back where you are started.

Put the bamboo back.

Mission is completed!

Nobodies After Death Caldera Video Walkthrough

Nobodies After Death Midnight Walkthrough [Mission 8]

Italian chemist Lorenzo Russo, who will be hosting an exclusive New Years party at his Milan estate. Don’t disturb the party!

Collect the mistletoe above the door on your right and pick up the invitation on the table beside the lamp. Go to you left and collect the matches from the table. Go back and enter the kitchen, the door in front of you. Collect the can opener from the table, left corner. Go to the backyard through the kitchen door. Collect the log and pick up the shovel. Go back to the kitchen and leave the kitchen.

Enter the door to your right which leads to the basement. Collect the gas mask, the ball of yarn and the knitting needle. Go back to the hallway. Take stairs to go up.

Collect the framed diploma and use the can opener in your inventory on this diploma to get a diploma and a empty frame. Use the diploma under the door and push the key out with the knitting needle. Pick the diploma with the key. Use the key to unlock the door and go inside. Collect the key from the vase on the desk. Exit the room. Combine the ball of yarn with the mistletoe in your inventory. Place it on the handrail. Go to the backyard.

Use the key to unlock the shed. Collect the chloroform and go to the party room. Use the chloroform on the fog machine. In the party room if the DJ is with the lady, exit the room and go back again. Then talk to the DJ about fog machine. The go to the basement.

Place the log into the furnace. Use the matches to light it up. Then click on the pressure valves and turn them to get the following pressure on each device:


Exit the basement and go to the kitchen. Go to the backyard and after 5 minutes later… The chef left the kitchen. Collect the cake server and exit the kitchen.

On the hallway, click on the clock and use the cake server to open the door. Set the clock to the midnight. Use the gas mask and go check on the party to see if everybody passed out due to the chloroform from the fog machine. Then go to the room upstairs.

Take the body and go to the kitchen. Put the body into the freezer machine beside the sink. You will get frozen dead body. Combine the shovel and the frozen dead body to get the dead body chunks. Take the dead body chunks and place them into the sink to destroy them completely. Place the cake server and the can opener back on the table. Go to the backyard.

Place the chloroform back into the shed and lock the shed with the key. Place the shovel back on the ground. Go back to the party room.

Place the matches back on the table. Go back to the basement.

Place the ball of yarn, the gas mask and the knitting needle back on their places. Go back to the hallway and close the clock door.

Go to the second floor and remove the mistletoe from the handrail. Go inside the room and put back the shed’s key into the vase. Exit the room and use the key to lock it. Then use the key again to slide it under the door. Combine the diploma and the empty frame in the inventory and put it back on the wall. Go downstairs.

Put back the invitation and place the mistletoe above the door.

Mission is completed!

Nobodies After Death Midnight Video Walkthrough

Nobodies After Death Dead Drop Walkthrough [Mission 9]

Leland Price is responsible for Oceania supply chain out of Melbourne. This time we need the world to know about him!

Open the drawer by the entrance door and take the wrench and also collect the hanger and the string. Collect the laxative on the table by between the windows, laxative bottle and also tickets on the coffee table. Go outside.

Use the hanger to unlock the car’s door. Open the car’s trunk and take the wheelchair. Go further on your left and use the string on the balloons, then connect the wrench to it and click on the balloons to let them go up. Enter the Skytower and show tickets to the security. Take the water bottle and collect the sunglasses from opened locker. Go back to the house.

Take the dead body from the floor. Combine laxative bottle with the water bottle to get doctored water. Combine the dead body with the wheelchair and then the sunglasses to get disguised body. Go back to the Skytower.

Click on the phone and collect the gum. Talked to security and enter the elevator. Press the observation button. Give the doctored water to the worker while talking to him. Go back to the elevator. Read the note in the elevator with the technician name and remember the phone number for the elevator company. Then go back to the observation deck and use the gum on the binoculars. Leave the binoculars and check them again to find the coin. Go back outside to the phone.

Use the coin and pres 395-2438 and then answer the question from Daisy to confirm your name – Keyton Douglas. She will give you the code which is 9364. Go back to the elevator.

Press the maintenance button and enter the code 9364. Collect the uniform. Click on the washroom door to make sure that someone is there. Use the stairs to go out. Collect the wrench key from the balloons and use it on the machine. Attache the wrench key back to the balloons. Go back to the elevator and to the observation deck.

Place the disguised body on the rope and click on it. Go back to the maintenance room. Return the uniform. Then go back to the lobby. Place the sunglasses back into the opened locker box. Go out.

Click on the balloons and get the string and the wrench back. Go back to the house.

Put the wheelchair back in the trunk and close it. Enter the house and return the wrench, the hanger, laxative and the string.

Mission is completed!

Nobodies After Death Dead Drop Video Walkthrough

Nobodies After Death Wonderland Walkthrough [Mission 10]

Tobias Klein, the head of Terra Nova, fled to a busy amusement park, assuming he couldn’t be taken out among such a large crowd. He underestimated the resourcefulness…

Twice, go to the right. Go inside the big mouth behind the Mickey Mouse. Pick up the tube of caulk and the wool gloves. Combine them in your inventory to get the non-slip gloves. Go out and talk to Mickey Mouse about nice pins and ask for free souvenir pin. 

Go back to the cannon place. Pick up all weights. Click on the green recycle container. Pick up the pliers and the body. Use the pliers on the souvenir pin to get the safety pin. Click on the house and use the following order to unlock it: 7-1-4-6-5-2-3. Pick up the bucket, the bag of lye and the empty oil can from the shelf. Put the body on the wooden seesaw and use weights to balanced them as follows: 50+10+10+5=75kg. Take the body and all weights. Exit.

Put the body in the canon. Remove the cover from the controller on the right of the cannon, place the switch on 75kg and press the red button. After the body is gone. Put the controller switch in the original position (90kg) and the cover back too. 

Go twice to the right. Enter the mouth on the left of Mikey. Use the pliers on the oil barrel and fill empty oil can with oil. Then seal it with the pliers. Exit.

Use the oil can on the small fence. Then with non-slip gloves remove one of the fence balls. Go back to the warehouse.

In the warehouse, put the metal ball into the paint can to get painted metal ball. Exit.

Fill the empty bucket with the water on the side of the warehouse. Exit.

Use the painted ball and through it in the kettles. Take the fake vomit as the prize. Go to the right.

Use the fake vomit on the person with glasses. He will throw up and 15 minutes later… Go inside the mouth, pick up the body and put back the tube of caulk and the gloves. Exit.

Go inside the haunted house. Take the skulls from witches’ brew. Put the body inside, then bucket of water and the bag of lye. Put the witches’ brew back on the top. Exit.

Go back to the cannon place. Put the weights back. Go to the green container and put back the pliers and wash the painted metal ball. Then enter the warehouse and return the bag of lye, the bucket and the oil can. Go back to the hauted house.

Put the metal ball back on the fence. 

Mission is completed!

Nobodies After Death Wonderland Video Walkthrough

Nobodies After Death Countdown Walkthrough [Mission 11]

Coming soon…

Nobodies After Death Countdown Video Walkthrough

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