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pokemon seriesTo all Pokemon fans and not only – Free Pokémon Generations Series is here for you from The Pokémon Company!

What is about the Pokemon Generations anime?

Each the Pokemon video game series’ generations will be revisited in the new animated series Pokémon. It will bring new and fresh look on some interesting and  timeless moments since 1996.

You will be brought behind the scenes. You will be witnessed whole Pokemon history from the earliest days in the Kanto region to the Kalos region’s splendor. It’s so exacting!

Official Pokemon Generations trailer

How long is the each Pokemon Generations anime?

Your guess… You are right it’s less than an hour. It’s just about three (3) to five (5) minutes long video. It’s sweet bite-sized adventures!

When will it be released?

It has already been released as of September 16 2016. You will be exacted every through 23rd of December 2016. Don’t miss it!

Watch Pokemon Generations Episode 1 – the Adventure

The Pokemon world, from Viridian Forest to Terminus Cave, as never before!

Watch Pokemon generations Episode 2 – The Chase

It’s a hunt for Team Rocket Boss – Giovanni. The International Police is after him. Detective Looker uncovers critical information in the hunt!

 Watch Pokemon generations Episode 3 – The Challenger

A new challenger is coming. The Kanto region’s Elite is in a trouble. He uses his abilities against them. Can he do it? Can he prove himself?

Watch Pokémon Generations Episode 4 – The Lake of Rage

The Elite Four’s Lance decides to check on the rumors about a Red Gyarados that was seen rampaging in the Lake of Rage.

Watch Pokémon Generations Episode 5 – The Legacy

The International Police officer Looker meet up with Silver, an enigmatic young Trainer, who was your rival in Pokémon Gold and Silver games. There was a debate, since the games were released. Is the red haired Poké-thief actually the estranged son of Giovanni, the team Rocket boss? If you remember that he is disappeared after you beat his criminal team and also you may defeat him as a Gym leader (in the first games).

The English games version never actually states the pair are son and father. The Episode 5  give us a stone cold proof of their relationship. There are also the reasons why Giovanni disappeared. He left to be returned with a much stronger Team Rocket.

Do you think Giovanni will come back in upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon? The game will be released on November 23rd 2016. It’s very very soon…

Watch Pokémon Generations Episode 6 – The Reawakening

Have a tissue box ready because the sixth episode, below, is more quieter and elegiac story. “The Reawakening” touch your nostalgic heartstrings if you played the second generation of Pokemon games. However, we are moving forward to the region Alola and … the 7th Pokemon games’ generation.

Watch Pokémon Generations Episode 7 – The Vision

Team Magma must win! Their headquarters have been compromised by an uninvited guest. Now it’s time for the Team Magma to make their ambitions a reality.

Watch Pokémon Generations Episode 8 – The Cavern

This episode shows off the Team Aqua. The villainous Team is trying to create a perfect world. But nothing is perfect. The team leader Archie is about to awaken the powerful beast, when Admin Shelly shouts for Archie to stop him.

If you remember, in the third generation of Pokemon games, Shelly or Tabitha tried to stop Archie. But Archie absolutely ignored her. He used the Blue Orb to awake the beast, Kyogre, from its clumber.

Watch Pokémon Generations Episode 9 – The Scoop

After the Hoenn region avoided meteoric destruction, Gabby, the reporter, and Ty, her cameraman, is uncovering the story of a lifetime!

Watch Pokémon Generations Episode 10 – The Old Chateau

It’s late night in Eterna Forest. A young traveler and young traveler’s Chansey got lost. No wonder. But look – there is a house. Hmm… What waits inside?

 Watch Pokémon Generations Episode 11 – The New World

The beginning of new universe  is never easy. Team Galactic’s Cyrus deals with extreme opposition. Help needed. Who new that it will be in very unusual form. Watch to find you!

 Watch Pokémon Generations Episode 12 – The Magma Stone

The beginning of new universe is never easy. Heatran deep within Stark Mountain has been awakened by the Team Galactic. Now the questions is how to prevent a catastrophe? Who has an ability to stop their burning ambitions?

 Watch Free Pokemon Generations Episode 13 – The Uprising

With the fall of the Pokémon League and the ascension of their king, the control is taking by Team Plasma. But only until the Gym Leaders have been arrived!

 Watch Free Pokemon Generations Episode 14 – The Frozen World

The true nature of Team Plasma’s plans will chill gym Leader Drayden, who prepares defend Opelucid City against Team Plasma, to his very core.

Watch Free Pokemon Generations Episode 15 – The King Returns

Ghetsis makes one last attempt! His plans left in ruins. He wants to bring Unova under his icy grasp but a hero arrives, fan favorite character N, intending to stop Ghetsis.

Watch Free Pokemon Generations Episode 16 – The Beauty Eternal

Lysandre – Visionary. Entrepreneur. Scientist.  Let’s take a closer look at this man. Lysandre’s acts have redefined the Kalos region.

Watch Free Pokemon Generations Episode 17 – The Investigation

There is a crime wave in Lumiose City. The battle with the super-powered thief is tearing apart detective Looker’s assistants Emma and Mimi.  Emma and Mimi have been helping detective Looker out in the City to stop the powerful and mysterious Essentia.

Watch Free Pokemon Generations Episode 18 – The Redemption

A new champion rises. AZ turned the machine into a weapon capable of ending the war. This the act is central to the plot of the sixth generation of games. But it caused AZ’s treasured Floette to leave him. Until the events of ‘The Redemption’, the ancient king returns and a sorrow that has lasted 3,000 years is brought to an end!

This the end of  Pokemon Generations journey filled new view of the Pokemon world and of course with nostalgia during the last few months.  We are hoping that Nintendo takes in their consideration of Pokemon Generations‘ success.

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