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Word Cookies is a word puzzle game created by BitMago. As soon as the game was released, it became world’s best word puzzle game and a most downloadable game in Google play store (between 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 installs).  Not bad!

Why is it so popular?

The hidden words can be diagonal, horizontal, vertical, and even backwards! The play is very simple, just swipe your finger over a word to select it. The way of playing is very easy to learn and fun to master your gameplay.

What is the goal?

The purpose of the game as any other word puzzle is to find all hidden words and collect your earned points.

With Word Cookies you can easily improve your spelling, concentration and vocabulary skills.

Is the game free?

Word Cookies are free to play game. Although, the game contain ads like video, banner, interstitial  and house ads. If you want to free yourself from annoying adds, you may purchase in-app items like AD FREE and packages.

You can download Word Cookies from

Word Cookies is a very existing and fun word puzzle game to become The KING of BRAIN TEASERS! But sometimes even the King needs a help. Word Cookies answers will bring you more joy to finish tough levels.

Word Cookies Answers

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Home Baker

Word Cookies Butter Answers

1. My, GYM

2. Up, Cup

3. At, Bat, Tab

4. Go, Of, Fog

5. No, On, So, Son

Word Cookies Oatmeal Answers

1. Do, Go, Dog, God

2. As, Ash, Has

3. No, On, Now, Own, Won

4. Am, My, May, Yam

5. To, Pot, Top

Novice Chef

Word Cookies Ginger Answers

1. Do, Of, Food

2. Red, Deer, Reed

3. Ace, Cafe, Face

4. No, On, Eon, One, Oven

5. Do, Or, Rod, Row, Word

Special Level  Do, Or, So, Rod, Row, Sow, Rods, Rows, Word, Sword, Words

6. Is, We, Sew, Wise

7. Pit, Rip, Tip, Trip, It

8. At, Act, Cat, Fat, Fact

9. As, Sea, Save, Vase

10. By, Us, Bus, Buy, Sub, Busy, Buys

Word Cookies Milk Answers

1. If, It, Fig, Fit, Gift

2. Me, Elm, Lie, Lime, Mile

3. In, Gin, Rig, Grin, Ring

4. So, How, Sow, Who, Show

5. We, Dew, Die, Wide, Wed

6. If, Few, Wife, We

7. In, Nip, Pen, Pie, Pin, Pine

8. Bow, Low, Owl, Blow, Bowl

9. So, Up, Us, Pus, Soup

10. So, To, Hot, Host, Shot

Special Level – Go, So, To, Got, Hot, Hog, Gosh, Hogs, Host, Shot, Ghost

11. Bid, Rib, Rid, Bird

12. In, New, We, Win, Wine

13. Pa, Ace, Ape, Cap, Pea, Cape, Pace

14. Of, Or, For, Fur, Our, Four

15. Hi, In, It, Hit, Nit, Tin, Hint, Thin

Word Cookies Vanilla Answers

1.Cue, Ice, Juice

2. Her, Here, Cheer

3. Soy, Rosy, Sorry

4. All, Call, Coal, Local

5. Aft, Fat, Sat, Fast, Fats, Staff

6. Hot, Hut, Out, Thy, Toy, You, Youth

7. Ski, Wish, Whisk, His

8. Aid, And, Din, India

9. Day, Dot, Oat, Tad, Toy, Toad, Today

10. Ban, Bin, Cab, Can, Cabin

Special Level – Ban, Bin, Cab, Can, Hic, Chin, Inch, Cabin, Chain, China

11. Cab, Lab, Back, Lack, Black

12. Eon, Joy, One, Enjoy

13. Rib, Crib, Rich, Birch

14. Mob, Boom, Loom, Bloom

15. Lip, Lit, Pit, Put, Tip, Tulip

16. Hot, Not, Ton, Moth, Month

17. Awl, Law, Saw, Was, Awls, Claw, Laws, Claws

18. Oar, Raw, Row, War, Roar, Arrow

19. Fig, Fit, Hit, Gift, Fight

20. Met, Pet, Yet, Type, Empty

Word Cookies Cinnamon Answers

1.Arm, Dam, Mad, Mar, Rad, Ram, Drama

2. Elf, She, Self, Flesh, Shelf

3. Sue, Use, Sues, Uses, Guess

4. Dim, Hid, Him, Hum, Mud, Humid

5. Eve, Fee, Rev, Ever, Free, Reef, Veer, Fever

6. Bye, Lye, Bell, Yell, Belly

7. Bum, But, Hub, Hum, Hut, Tub, Thumb

8. Dog, Dug, Duo, God, Hog, Hug, Dough

9. Arm, Mar, May, Ram, Ray, Yam, Army, Marry

10. Red, Deer, Edge, Reed, Greed

Special Level – Bed, Bee, Beg, Red, Beer, Bred, Deer, Edge, Reed, Breed, Greed

11. Ant, Hat, Tan, Tank, Than, Thank

12. Sty, Dust, Duty, Stud, Dusty, Study

13. Babe, Bake, Beak, Kebab  or  Pry, Pus, Spy, Spur, Syrup

14. Cop, Cup, Hop, Chop, Coup, Pouch

15. Low, Old, Owl, Rod, Row, Lord, Word, World

16. Hid, Hit, Rid, Dirt, Third

17. Eve, Net, Tee, Ten, Vet, Even, Teen, Vent, Event

18. Gin, Hit, Nit, Tin, Hint, Thin, Night, Thing

19. Ion, Nap, Nip, Pan, Pin, Pain, Piano

20. Ash, Ask, Has, Sea, She, Sake, Shake

Word Cookies Banana Answers

1.Ego, Gel, Leg, Log, Love, Ogle, Glove

2. For, Hot, Rot, Fort, Forth, Froth

3. Lap, Nap, Pal, Pan, Lank, Plan, Plank

4. And, Any, Can, Cay, Day, Nay, Candy

5. Gas, Rag, Rug, Sag, Rags, Rugs, Sugar

6. Age, Aim, Gem, Game, Mage, Mega, Image

7. Nip, Nit, Pin, Pit, Rip, Tin, Tip, Pint, Trip, Print

8. Don, Nod, Old, Bold, Bond, Blond

9. Eon, Hen, Hey, One, Yen, Hone, Honey

10. See, Set, She, Tee, The, Tees, Sheet, These

Special Level – Pet, See, Set, She, Tee, The, Pest, Pets, Seep, Step, Tees, Sheep, Sheet, Steep, These

11. Lap, Lay, Pal, Pay, Ply, Play, Apply

12. Foe, For, Ore, Roe, Fore, Zero, Froze

13. Hit, Rig, Girt, Grit, Trig, Girth, Right

14. Don, Dun, Duo, Fun, Nod, Fond, Fund, Undo, Found

15. All, Sat, Last, Salt, Slat, Tall, Stall

16. Nor, Now, Own, Row, Won, Gown, Grow, Worn, Grown, Wrong

17. Big, Bin, Gin, Rib, Rig, Brig, Grin, Ring, Bring

18. Dry, Rid, Try, Dirt, Tidy, Dirty

19. Hot, Let, Lot, The, Toe, Hole, Hotel

20. Ate, Awe, Eat, Tea, Wet, Take, Teak, Wake, Weak, Tweak

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