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Word Cookies Hazelnut Answers

1.Act, Air, Arc, Art, Car, Cat, Far, Fat, Fir, Fit, Rat, Tar, Tic, Cart, Fact, Fair, Fiat, Raft, Rift, Craft, Tariff, Traffic

2. Con, Eon, Ice, Ion, One, Vie, Cine, Coin, Cone, Cove, Icon, Nice, Once, Oven, Vein, Vice, Vine, Ionic, Voice, Novice, Invoice

3. Air, Arc, Cap, Car, Cay, Cry, Icy, Ivy, Par, Pay, Pry, Rap, Ray, Rip, Via, Airy, Carp, Pair, Pray, Racy, Vary, Privy, Vicar, Piracy, Privacy

4. Age, Ail, Aim, Ale, Eel, Elm, Gel, Gem, Lag, Leg, Lie, Gale, Game, Glee, Lame, Lime, Mail, Male, Meal, Mile, Agile, Eagle, Email, Gleam, Image, Mileage

5. Act, Aid, Ail, Awl, Cat, Lad, Law, Lid, Lit, Tad, Tic, Wad, Wit, Acid, Clad, Claw, Dial, Laid, Tail, Wail, Wait, Wild, Wilt, Tidal, Wildcat

6. Eel, Elf, Fee, Let, Tee, Clef, Feel, Feet, Felt, Fete, Flee, Free, Fret, Leer, Left, Reef, Reel, Tree, Cleft, Elect, Erect, Fleet, Reflect

7. Ale, All, Are, Ear, Era, Lay, Lye, Ray, Rue, Rye, Ally, Earl, Lure, Real, Rely, Rule, Year, Yell, Alley, Early, Layer, Rally, Relay, Allure, Laurel, Really

8. Dig, Din, Dog, Don, Gin, God, Hid, Hog, Ion, Lid, Log, Nil, Nod, Oil, Old, Gold, Hind, Hold, Idol, Lion, Loin, Long, Doing, Holding

9. Bio, Elk, Ilk, Lie, Oil, Ski, Sob, Bike, Bile, Boil, Elks, Isle, Lies, Like, Lobe, Lose, Oils, Silk, Silo, Slob, Soil, Sole, Boils, Kilos, Likes, Lobes, Obelisk

10. Aid, Awe, Dew, Die, Via, Vie, Wad, Wed, Aide, Avid, Awed, Diva, Dive, Idea, Vied, View, Wade, Wave, Wide, Waive, Waved, Waived

Special Level: Ace, Ice, Aced, Acid, Cave, Dice, Iced, Vice, Caved, Advice

11. Elm, Hem, Him, His, Lie, She, Bile, Elms, Helm, Hems, Isle, Lies, Limb, Lime, Mesh, Mile, Slim, Helms, Limbs, Limes, Miles, Slime, Smile, Blemish

12. Hen, Her, Hue, Hut, Net, Nut, Rue, Run, Rut, Ten, The, Urn, Hunt, Hurt, Rent, Tern, Then, True, Tune, Turn, Tuner, Hunter

13. Err, Orb, Ore, Per, Pro, Rev, Rob, Roe, Bore, Over, Pore, Robe, Rope, Rove, Verb, Borer, Probe, Prove, Rover, Proverb

14. Den, Die, Din, Eel, End, Ice, Led, Lid, Lie, Nil, Cede, Cine, Dice, Dine, Iced, Idle, Lend, Lice, Lied, Lien, Line, Need, Nice, Lined, Niece, Decline

15. Add, Ape, Dad, Day, Dye, Key, Pad, Pay, Pea, Yak, Dead, Dyad, Dyed, Peak, Paddy, Payed, Keypad

16. Den, Due, Dun, End, Fed, Fen, Fun, Fur, Red, Rue, Run, Urn, Dune, Fend, Fern, Feud, Fund, Nerd, Nude, Rend, Rude, Under, Refund

17. Fee, Fen, Men, Met, Net, Tee, Ten, Feet, Fern, Fete, Free, Fret, Meet, Mere, Reef, Rent, Teem, Teen, Term, Tern, Tree, Enter, Meter, Ferment

18. Awe, Dew, Sad, Saw, Sea, See, Sew, Wad, Was, Wed, Awed, Dews, Ease, Seed, Wade, Wads, Weds, Weed, Eased, Wades, Weeds, Seaweed

19. Age, Ant, Ate, Eat, Get, Nag, Net, Tag, Tan, Tea, Tee, Ten, Gate, Gene, Gnat, Neat, Teen, Agent, Eaten, Negate, Teenage

20. Hip, His, Ink, Kin, Nip, Pin, Sin, Sip, Ski, Hips, Inks, Nips, Pink, Pins, Shin, Ship, Sink, Skin, Skip, Snip, Spin, Pinks, Kinship, Pinkish

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Word Cookies Nutella Answers

1.Doe, Eel, Eve, Led, Lop, Ode, Old, Pod, Deep, Dove, Lode, Lope, Love, Peel, Plod, Pole, Delve, Elope, Loved, Poled, Eloped, Develop

2. Ego, Fig, Fir, Foe, Fog, For, Ire, Ore, Rev, Rig, Roe, Vie, Fire, Five, Fore, Frog, Give, Goer, Gore, Ogre, Over, Rife, Rove, Forge, Giver, Grief, Grove, Vigor, Forgive

3. Ale, Awe, Awl, Elf, Elk, Few, Flu, Law, Fake, Flak, Flaw, Flea, Flew, Flue, Fuel, Kale, Lake, Leaf, Leak, Wake, Walk, Weak, Weal, Awful, Flake, Fluke, Wakeful

4. Bio, Ice, Ire, Mob, Orb, Ore, Rib, Rim, Rob, Roe, Bier, Bore, Brim, Comb, Come, Core, Crib, Mice, Mire, More, Rice, Robe, Comer, Crime, Micro, Microbe

5. Bog, Bow, Log, Low, Now, Owl, Own, Won, Woo, Blow, Boon, Bowl, Glob, Glow, Gown, Logo, Long, Loon, Wool, Blown, Oblong, Longbow

6. Dig, Dim, Din, Dip, Dug, Dun, Gin, Gum, Gun, Mid, Mud, Mug, Nip, Pig, Pin, Pug, Pun, Dump, Mind, Dumping

7. Bus, Hip, His, Hub, Lip, Pub, Pus, Sip, Sub, Blip, Bush, Hips, Hubs, Lips, Lisp, Lush, Plus, Push, Ship, Slip, Blips, Blush, Plush, Bluish, Publish

8. And, Arm, Dam, Don, Mad, Man, Mar, Nod, Nor, Oar, Rad, Ram, Ran, Rod, Darn, Moan, Norm, Road, Roam, Roan, Adorn, Manor, Nomad, Roman, Random

9. Ion, Lit, Lot, Nil, Nit, Not, Oil, Tin, Ton, Too, Into, Lint, Lion, Loin, Loom, Loon, Loot, Mint, Molt, Mono, Moon, Moot, Omit, Onto, Toil, Tool, Lotion, Motion, Moonlit

10. Ace, Arc, Are, Car, Ear, Era, Err, Her, Ache, Acre, Arch, Care, Char, Each, Hare, Hear, Race, Rare, Rear, Carer, Racer, Reach, Archer

Special Level: Cay, Cry, Hay, Hey, Ray, Rye, Racy, Year, Carry, Harry, Cherry, Archery

11. Bid, Bin, Bio, Bud, Bun, Din, Don, Dub, Dun, Duo, Inn, Ion, Nod, Nub, Nun, Bind, Bond, Noun, Undo, Bound, Union, Inbound

12. Ape, Are, Awe, Ear, Era, Err, Par, Paw, Pea, Per, Pew, Rap, Raw, War, Pare, Pear, Rare, Reap, Rear, Ware, Warp, Wear, Wrap, Paper, Wrapper

13. Art, Dug, Gut, Had, Hat, Hug, Hut, Rad, Rag, Rat, Rug, Rut, Tad, Tag, Tar, Tug, Dart, Drag, Drug, Hard, Hurt, Thug, Guard, Draught

14. Gem, Get, Gin, Men, Met, Net, Nit, Tee, Ten, Tie, Tin, Emit, Gene, Item, Meet, Mine, Mint, Mite, Teem, Teen, Time, Tine, Genie, Tinge, Teeming, Meeting

15. Hip, Hit, Hop, Hot, Ill, Lip, Lit, Lop, Lot, Oil, Pit, Pot, Tip, Top, Hill, Lilt, Pill, Pith, Plot, Poll, Till, Toil, Toll, Pilot, Hilltop

16. Eel, Elf, Fee, Flu, Fun, Let, Net, Nut, Tee, Ten, Feel, Feet, Felt, Fete, Flee, Flue, Fuel, Left, Lent, Lune, Teen, Tune, Fleet, Flute, Unfelt, Fluent

17. Act, Ago, Ant, Can, Cat, Cog, Con, Cot, Got, Nag, Not, Oat, Tag, Tan, Tog, Ton, Too, Coat, Gnat, Goat, Onto, Tango, Octagon

18. Con, Cop, Cot, Eon, Net, Not, One, Pen, Pet, Pot, Ten, Toe, Ton, Top, Cent, Cone, Cope, Note, Once, Open, Poet, Tone, Concept

19. Aid, Air, Dip, Pad, Par, Paw, Rad, Rap, Raw, Rid, Rip, Wad, War, Arid, Draw, Drip, Paid, Pair, Raid, Ward, Warp, Wrap, Rapid, Upward

20. Ago, And, Dog, Don, God, Nag, Nod, Nor, Oar, Rad, Rag, Ran, Rod, Darn, Door, Drag, Goad, Good, Odor, Rang, Road, Roan, Adorn, Donor, Grand, Groan, Organ, Dragon, Dragoon

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Word Cookies Ganache Answers

1.Sea, Sue, Sum, Use, Mass, Mess, Muse, Same, Save, Seam, Seas, Sues, Sums, Uses, Vase, Amuse, Mauve, Muses, Saves, Seams, Vases, Amuses, Assume

2. Ail, All, Can, Gin, Ill, Lag, Nag, Nil, Call, Clan, Gain, Gall, Gill, Lain, Nail, Align, Cling, Lilac, Lacing, Calling

3. Lie, Lip, Nil, Nip, Pen, Pie, Pin, Pun, Vie, Evil, Lien, Lieu, Line, Live, Lune, Pile, Pine, Veil, Vein, Vile, Vine, Liven, Unveil, Vulpine

4. Ire, Met, Mix, Rim, Rue, Rum, Rut, Tie, Emit, Exit, Item, Mire, Mite, Mute, Rite, Term, Tier, Time, Tire, Trim, True, Merit, Mixer, Remit, Remix, Timer, Mixture

5. Bin, Bio, Con, Eon, Ice, Ion, Men, Mob, One, Bone, Cine, Coin, Comb, Come, Cone, Icon, Mice, Mine, Nice, Omen, Once, Mince, Income, Combine

6. Ale, Ape, Bay, Bye, Lab, Lap, Lay, Lye, Pal, Pay, Pea, Ply, Able, Ably, Bale, Leap, Pale, Peal, Play, Plea, Yelp, Payable

7. Bed, Bee, Bet, Bid, Bit, Die, Dim, Met, Mid, Tee, Tie, Beet, Bide, Bite, Debt, Deem, Diet, Edit, Emit, Item, Meet, Mete, Mite, Teem, Tide, Tied, Time, Debit, Embed, Timed, Bedtime

8. Eve, Her, Hew, How, Ore, Owe, Rev, Roe, Row, Vow, Who, Woe, Ever, Here, Hero, Hove, Over, Rove, Veer, Were, Wore, Wove, Hover, Where, Whoever, However

9. Ago, Arm, Gum, Lag, Log, Lug, Mar, Mug, Oar, Our, Rag, Ram, Rug, Rum, Alum, Glum, Goal, Gram, Loam, Maul, Oral, Roam, Molar, Moral, Mural, Glamour

10. And, Ant, Art, Dun, Nut, Rad, Ran, Rat, Run, Rut, Tad, Tan, Tar, Urn, Aunt, Darn, Dart, Rant, Tarn, Tuna, Turn, Daunt, Tundra

Special Level: Ark, Dank, Dark, Dunk, Kart, Rank, Tank, Drank, Drunk, Trunk

11. Fin, Fir, For, Fun, Fur, Ion, Nor, Our, Rim, Rum, Run, Urn, Firm, Form, Four, From, Iron, Norm, Ruin, Forum, Minor, Mourn, Inform, Uniform

12. Ale, Elm, Lab, Mob, Able, Bale, Balm, Beam, Lamb, Lame, Loam, Lobe, Love, Male, Meal, Mole, Move, Oval, Vale, Veal, Vole, Above, Amble, Blame, Movable

13. Aid, Ail, Day, Had, Hay, Hid, Lad, Lay, Lid, Oil, Old, Dial, Hail, Halo, Hold, Holy, Idly, Idol, Lady, Laid, Load, Oily, Daily, Holiday

14. And, Are, Den, Ear, End, Era, Rad, Ran, Red, Rev, Van, Area, Aver, Dare, Darn, Dear, Earn, Nave, Near, Nerd, Rave, Read, Rend, Vane, Vend, Arena, Raved, Raven, Veranda

15. Emu, Ire, Mum, Per, Pie, Rim, Rip, Rue, Rum, Mime, Mire, Perm, Pier, Prim, Pure, Ripe, Rump, Prime, Impure, Umpire, Premium

16. All, Fat, Flu, Lot, Oat, Out, Alto, Auto, Fall, Flat, Foal, Foul, Full, Loaf, Loft, Tall, Toll, Allot, Aloft, Atoll, Fault, Float, Flout, Outfall, Fallout

17. Din, Dip, Don, Hid, Hip, Hop, Ion, Lid, Lip, Lop, Nil, Nip, Nod, Oil, Old, Pin, Pod, Hind, Hold, Idol, Lion, Loin, Plod, Pond, Dolphin

18. Age, And, Bad, Bag, Ban, Bed, Beg, Dab, Den, End, Nag, Aged, Bade, Band, Bane, Bang, Bead, Bean, Bend, Adage, Badge, Began, Agenda, Banged, Bandage

19. Per, Red, See, Deep, Deer, Peer, Reds, Reed, Seed, Seep, Seer, Sees, Sped, Dress, Peers, Press, Reeds, Seeds, Seeps, Seers, Speed, Spree, Speeds, Pressed, Depress

20. Bet, Err, Her, Hob, Hot, Orb, Ore, Rob, Roe, Rot, The, Toe, Bore, Both, Herb, Hero, Robe, Rote, Tore, Berth, Borer, Broth, Other, Retro, Throb, Bother, Brother

Word Cookies Ganache Answers – Walkthrough Videos

Word Cookies Cognac Answers

1.Ace, Ape, Can, Cap, Nap, Pan, Pea, Pen, Acne, Cake, Cane, Cape, Nape, Neck, Pace, Pack, Pane, Peak, Peck, Apace, Pecan, Pancake

2. Awe, Day, Dew, Dye, Eye, Key, Wad, Way, Wed, Yak, Yew, Awed, Dewy, Eyed, Wade, Wake, Weak, Weed, Week, Keyed, Weedy, Weekday

3. Air, Arc, Bar, Bio, Bra, Bur, Cab, Car, Cub, Cur, Oar, Orb, Our, Rib, Rob, Rub, Boar, Crab, Crib, Curb, Cobra, Curio, Caribou

4. Ego, Eon, Gun, Guy, Nor, One, Ore, Our, Roe, Rue, Rug, Run, Rye, Urn, You, Gone, Gore, Gory, Grey, Ogre, Rung, Urge, Your, Rogue, Young, Younger

5. Ace, Age, Ago, Ale, All, Cog, Ego, Gel, Lag, Leg, Log, Cage, Call, Cell, Clog, Coal, Gale, Gall, Goal, Lace, Ogle, Cello, Legal, Local, Locale, Collage

6. Elm, Lop, Mob, Mop, Orb, Ore, Per, Pro, Rob, Roe, Bore, Lobe, Lope, Lore, Mole, Mope, More, Perm, Poem, Pole, Pore, Robe, Role, Romp, Rope, Probe, Problem

7. Bee, Bet, Bin, Bit, Fee, Fen, Fin, Fit, Net, Nit, Tee, Ten, Tie, Tin, Beef, Been, Beet, Bent, Bite, Feet, Fete, Fine, Teen, Tine, Befit, Feint, Benefit

8. Age, Gas, Gem, Sag, Sea, See, Ages, Ease, Game, Gems, Mass, Mess, Sage, Sags, Same, Seam, Seas, Seem, Sees, Eases, Games, Gases, Sages, Seams, Seems, Sesame, Message

9. Hem, Her, Hew, Him, Hip, Ire, Per, Pew, Pie, Rim, Rip, Heir, Hire, Mire, Perm, Pier, Prim, Ripe, Weir, Whim, Whip, Wipe, Wire, Prime, Wiper, Whimper

10. Add, Ale, Awe, Awl, Dad, Dew, Lad, Law, Led, Wad, Wed, Awed, Dead, Deal, Lead, Wade, Weal, Weld, Addle, Waded, Dawdle, Waddle

Special Level: Had, Hew, Hade, Hale, Head, Heal, Held, Whale

11. Aid, Aim, And, Any, Can, Cay, Dam, Day, Dim, Din, Icy, Mad, Man, May, Mid, Nay, Yam, Acid, Amid, Maid, Main, Many, Mind, Candy, Manic, Dynamic

12. And, Don, Nap, Nod, Nor, Oar, Pad, Pan, Par, Pod, Pro, Rad, Ran, Rap, Rod, Darn, Drop, Pond, Prod, Road, Roan, Adorn, Apron, Panda, Pardon, Pandora

13. Act, Amp, Cap, Cat, Cop, Cot, Map, Mat, Mop, Oat, Pat, Pot, Tap, Top, Atom, Atop, Camp, Coat, Coma, Pact, Tamp, Compact

14. Ore, Per, Pop, Pro, Roe, Oops, Ores, Poor, Pope, Pops, Pore, Pose, Prop, Pros, Rope, Rose, Sore, Popes, Pores, Poser, Props, Prose, Ropes, Spoor, Spore, Oppose, Propose

15. Hen, Her, Hit, Ire, Net, Nit, Ten, The, Tie, Tin, Heir, Hint, Hire, Rein, Rent, Rite, Tern, Then, Thin, Tier, Tine, Tire, Inert, Inter, Their, Thine, Tinier, Inherit

16. Gin, Ion, Nor, Rig, Sin, Sir, Son, Gins, Grin, Ions, Iris, Iron, Rigs, Ring, Sign, Sing, Song, Grins, Groin, Irons, Rings, Rosin, Groins, Origin, Rising, Origins

17. Bed, Bud, Bun, Den, Dub, Due, Dun, End, Led, Nub, Bell, Bend, Bled, Blue, Bull, Duel, Dull, Dune, Lend, Lune, Nude, Null, Blend, Bundle

18. Ire, Nip, Pen, Per, Pie, Pin, Pun, Rip, Rue, Run, Urn, June, Pier, Pine, Pure, Rein, Ripe, Ruin, Prune, Ripen, Injure, Unripe, Juniper

19. Bio, Box, Fir, Fix, Foe, For, Fox, Ire, Orb, Ore, Rib, Rob, Roe, Bier, Bore, Fire, Fore, Rife, Robe, Boxer, Brief, Fiber, Fixer, Firebox

20. Bin, Bio, Bum, Bun, Bus, Ion, Mob, Nub, Sin, Sob, Son, Sub, Sum, Sun, Bins, Buns, Ions, Mobs, Numb, Onus, Snob, Snub, Sumo, Bison, Bonus, Minus, Numbs, Nimbus, Omnibus

Word Cookies Cognac Answers – Walkthrough Videos

Word Cookies Cassis Answers

1.Rue, Rut, See, Set, Sue, Tee, Use, Rest, Rues, Ruse, Rust, Ruts, Sure, Tees, Tree, True, User, Quest, Reset, Reuse, Steer, Terse, Trees, Request

2. Act, Ant, Arc, Art, Can, Car, Cat, Cur, Cut, Nut, Ran, Rat, Run, Rut, Tan, Tar, Urn, Aunt, Cart, Curt, Rant, Tarn, Tuna, Turn, Currant

3. Are, Bar, Bay, Bra, Bye, Ear, Era, Err, Ray, Rev, Rye, Aver, Bare, Bear, Bevy, Rare, Rave, Rear, Vary, Verb, Very, Year, Berry, Brave, Raver, Braver, Bravery

4. Die, Doe, Dot, Due, Duo, Hid, Hit, Hot, Hue, Hut, Ode, Out, The, Tie, Toe, Diet, Dote, Duet, Edit, Hide, Thou, Tide, Tied, Toed, Hideout

5. Gin, Inn, Ion, Nor, Now, Own, Rig, Row, Wig, Win, Won, Gown, Grin, Grow, Iron, Ring, Wing, Worn, Groin, Grown, Owing, Wring, Wrong, Owning, Rowing, Ingrown

6. Bum, Bur, Cub, Cue, Cur, Elm, Emu, Rub, Rue, Rum, Blue, Blur, Club, Clue, Cube, Curb, Cure, Curl, Lure, Mule, Rule, Bluer, Cruel, Crumb, Lucre, Ulcer, Lumber, Rumble, Crumble

7. Din, Don, Ion, Nod, Now, Own, Sin, Son, Sow, Win, Won, Wow, Down, Ions, Nods, Owns, Snow, Sown, Wind, Wins, Downs, Widow, Winds, Widows, Window, Windows

8. Age, Are, Ear, Era, Rad, Rag, Red, Aged, Dare, Dear, Deer, Drag, Edge, Gear, Rage, Read, Reed, Agree, Eager, Eared, Grade, Greed, Raged, Agreed, Geared, Degree

9. Eve, Fee, Fit, Its, See, Set, Sit, Tee, Tie, Vet, Vie, Eves, Fees, Feet, Fest, Fete, Fist, Fits, Five, Sift, Site, Tees, Ties, Vest, Vets, Vies, Fetes, Fives, Sieve, Festive

10. Aim, Air, Arm, Gin, Man, Mar, Nag, Rag, Ram, Ran, Rig, Rim, Gain, Gram, Grim, Grin, Main, Rain, Rang, Ring, Grain, Arming, Margin

Special Level: Ark, Ink, Irk, Kin, Akin, King, Mark, Mink, Rank, Making, Raking, Marking

11. And, Any, Day, Den, Doe, Don, Dye, End, Eon, Nay, Nod, Ode, One, Deny, Done, Neon, Node, None, Annoy, Anode, Doyen, Anyone, Anodyne, Annoyed

12. Ale, All, Eon, One, Van, Lane, Lean, Loan, Lone, Love, Nave, Nova, Oval, Oven, Vale, Vane, Veal, Vole, Alone, Navel, Novel, Venal, Novella

13. Any, Arm, Ham, Hay, Man, Mar, May, Nay, Nor, Oar, Ram, Ran, Ray, Yam, Army, Harm, Horn, Hymn, Many, Moan, Norm, Roam, Roan, Yarn, Manor, Mayor, Roman, Harmony

14. Den, Die, Din, Elk, End, Ilk, Ink, Kid, Kin, Led, Lid, Lie, Nil, Dike, Dine, Idle, Kind, Lend, Lied, Lien, Like, Line, Link, Inked, Liked, Liken, Lined, Kindle, Linked

15. Beg, Bog, Ego, Eon, Gel, Leg, Log, One, Blob, Bone, Glob, Gone, Lobe, Lone, Long, Ogle, Globe, Noble, Gobble, Belong

16. Act, Bat, But, Cab, Cat, Cot, Cub, Cut, Oak, Oat, Out, Tab, Tub, Abut, Auto, Back, Boat, Bout, Buck, Coat, Tack, Tuba, Tuck, About, Outback

17. Arm, Ash, Ham, Has, Mar, Ram, Alms, Arms, Hams, Harm, Lash, Mars, Mash, Rams, Rash, Sham, Slam, Alarm, Harms, Marsh, Alarms, Marshal

18. Cod, Die, Doe, Ice, Ill, Led, Lid, Lie, Ode, Oil, Old, Cell, Clod, Code, Coed, Coil, Cold, Dice, Dill, Doll, Iced, Idle, Idol, Lice, Lied, Lode, Cello, Coiled, Collide

19. Ant, Ion, Nap, Nip, Nit, Not, Oat, Pan, Pat, Pin, Pit, Pop, Pot, Tan, Tap, Tin, Tip, Ton, Top, Atop, Into, Pain, Pant, Pint, Paint, Patio, Piano, Point, Appoint

20. Age, Aim, Air, Are, Arm, Ear, Era, Gem, Ire, Mar, Rag, Ram, Rig, Rim, Area, Game, Gear, Germ, Gram, Grim, Mare, Mega, Mire, Rage, Ream, Aimer, Image, Mirage

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