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Welcome to 33 Most Nekomimi Anime Match!

Nekomimi (猫耳) is literally cat ear(s). Neko (猫) is literally a cat. Let’s just say a cat girl or a cat boy. Cat girls or cat boys, they are more commonly referred to as neko or nekomimi in Japanese anime and manga.

A neko girl or a neko boy is an anime character with cat traits, such as cat tail, cat ears, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise human body.

Japanese Goo Ranking tried questionnaire and ranking “Character that suits Nekomimi most in animation history”. Let’s check the list of 33 most neko girls and neko boys anime match.

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33Noir Vinocacao

noir vinocacao - anime cat

  • Japanese name: ノワール・ヴィノカカオ
  • Anime: Dog Days

Noir Vinocacaao is a quiet and an expressionless neko girl. She excels in the usage of short swords and throwing knives. Noir defeats her opponent with her cat girl elegant techniques. She may looks but Noir is always deep in thoughts, therefore very often she forgets about the most important of things. O, well…

32Ao Nanami

ao nanami - anime cat girl

  • Japanese name: 七海 アオ
  • Anime: Yozakura Quartet

Ao is a satori which means a demon in Japanese folklore. The demon with the ability to read others’ mind. She is an anime cat with cat ears. Her cat ears help her to read people’s thoughts. How far can you be? O, well… Ao, cat girl, has a stronger version of hearing ability called “Satellite” means Neko girl can read the thoughts of EVERYONE in the city at once. WOW!

31Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois

leon michelle galette - anime cat

  • Japanese name: レオンミシェリ・ガレット・デ・ロワ
  • Anime: Dog Days

Another cat girl, a brave warrior, Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois has heavy armor and uses weapons in battle. Mo much thinking as Noir Vinocacaao. She talks with a masculine tone, like an old man. She likes to be called “Your Highness.” Hm, why not?


blair - neko girl

  • Japanese name: ブレア
  • Anime: Soul Eater

She is just a cat girl with strong magical powers. Blair’s magic consists of pumpkins, which neko girl uses as weapons. She is very good at understanding others. She is always looking for some fun, will be harmless or not, who cares. Her magic hat is named Zwan and can change into a hand when Blair commands it to. Blair refers to herself in third person, sometimes…

29Ritsuka Aoyagi

ritsuka aoyagi - boy anime cat

  • Japanese name: 青柳立夏
  • Anime: Loveless

It is a boy … anime cat. His “true name” is Loveless. Ritsuka was a popular student but has average score. Now, he is not popular, but the scores are perfect. Things are changed with his loss of all his memories. Nobody knows why it happened. But he is trying to find it out with his regular therapy sessions.

Ritsuka is very intelligent. He approaches things with startling maturity. But there have been notable incidents that bare his still-strong naivety, particularly in dating and sexual love. However, he still has unrelenting ideas and firm opinions about those subjects.

He is wary of compliments. He doesn’t like hearing “I like you.”

28Midori Fuse

midori fuse - anime cat

  • Japanese name: 布施 翠
  • Anime: Black Bullet

Midori is a cat girl who is known to have cat ears under her witch hat. She is ashamed to show her nekomimi to others. Her nekomimi is due to the Gastrea virus.

27Perrine H. Clostermann

perrine clostermann - neko girl

  • Japanese name: ぺリーヌ・クロステルマン
  • Anime: Strike Witches

She is fifteen year old girl and named after Pierre Clostermann. Perrine gains the dark cat ears and tail of a Chartreux when she is wearing her Striker Unit.

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schrodinger catboy

  • Japanese name: シュレディンガ
  • Anime: Hellsing Ultimate

Schrödinger is a catboy. He holds the power to appear “everywhere and nowhere”. Not just that, he is as well as being able to regenerate fatal wounds. Hm, not bad! How he got his abilities and motives? It’s unknown.

Watch Hellsing Ultimate Trailer

25Shizuka Nekonome

rosario to vampite catgirl - shizuka

  • Japanese name: 猫目 静
  • Anime: Rosario To Vampire

Shizuka is a teacher and Newspaper Club advisor. Her true form is a cat. And as all cats , she loves to eat fish. She has a tendency to say ‘meow’ in or after sentences. Why not? She is a cat girl!

Watch Rosario To Vampire Season 1 Episode 1

24Himari Noihara

Himari_Noihara nekomimi

  • Japanese name: 野井原 緋鞠
  • Anime: Omamori Himari

Himari is a cat demon and also called The Crimson Blade. She can change her form from human to cat girl, even halfway, having just with cat ears and tail with a human body. Himari is afraid of water if her feet does not touch the ground. But she is OK with shallow rivers and baths.

Watch Omamori Himari Episode 1

23Dorm Mistress

maria holic catgirl - Dorm Mistress

  • Japanese name: 寮長先生
  • Anime: Maria†Holic

An unusual young girl, addressed as “Miss Dorm Leader”, with cat ears who looks after Dorm No. 2. She may say that students may also call her as ‘Boss’ or ‘God’. She has an idiosyncratic speech pattern. It makes her speak in a rather languid fashion and inserts the phrase ‘desu yo’ wherever grammatically possible.


merle - cat girl

  • Japanese name:
  • Anime: The Vision of Escaflowne

She is a childhood friend of Van, a thirteen-year-old catgirl and pet. Van since she was picked up by the Fanelian courts. Since then, Merle has since devotedly followed him and protect him at all costs.

Watch The Vision

21Shino Asada

asada sinon - cat girl

  • Japanese name: 朝田 詩乃
  • Anime: Sword Art Online II

What is two best words to describe Shino’s personality – cool and calm.  But Shino has a violent temper once angered. So, watch out! It maybe hard to approach Shino, but generally she is a friendly person and even doesn’t mind helping others.

Watch Sword Art Online II

20Cyan Hijirikawa

cyan hijirikawa car girl

  • Japanese name: シアン
  • Anime: Show By Rock!!

Cyan was a normal girl in a normal human world. She wanted to join the music club. But Cyan was too nervous and … couldn’t. She didn’t give up on music. One night, she was playing a music game on her phone and won! Her prize was a guitar called Strawberry Heart. And she was transported to another world. The world where everyone are small animals…

Watch Show By Rock!!

19Gaul Galette des Rois

gaul galette de roi cat girl

  • Japanese name: ガウル・ガレット・デ・ロワ
  • Anime: Dog Days

He is thirteen years old. Gaul is a confident and powerful warrior of Galette. His is making use of light armor and agile movements.

18Nozomi Kiriya

nozomi kiriya cat girl

  • Japanese name: 霧谷希
  • Anime: Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Some call her Nozomi and some call her stray cat.

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eris cat girl

  • Japanese name: エリス
  • Anime: Asobi ni Iku yo!

She calls herself Eris. She also claims that she is an alien. She wears a power suit. The suit gives her unbelievable strength! Eris’ personality is carefree and bubbly and carefree…

Watch Asobi ni Iku yo!

16Tsumiki Miniwa

tsumiki miniwa cat girl

  • Japanese name: 御庭 つみき
  • Anime: Acchi Kocchi (TV) – Place To Place

Every time Tsumiki is  pat on the head or if sees something what she likes, her hair changes shape into nekomimi (cat ears)…

15Sanya V. Litvyak

sanya cat girl

  • Japanese name: サーニャ・V・リトヴャク
  • Anime: Strike Witches

She is from the Orussian Empire at 13 years old. When Sanya equipped by her Strike Unit, she gains the ears and tail of a black cat.

Watch Strike Witches Movie


Hazuki moon phase cat girl

  • Japanese name: 葉月
  • Anime: Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase

Hazuki is a selfish neko vampire in her early teens…

Watch Moon Phase Episode 1


serval kemono friends

  • Japanese name: サーバル
  • Anime: Kemono Friends

A serval cat Friend originally from the Savannah Area of Japari Park.  Curious and energetic, Serval is often amazed by Kaban’s talents and skills and the Friends they encounter on their journey…

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ikuto tsukiyomi cat boy

  • Japanese name: ヨル
  • Anime: Shugo Chara!

Yoru is Ikuto’s Guardian Character. He has neko like features. He wears boots, a pair of paw gloves and dresses in punk fashion style. Yoru has a freedom loving stray cat image. He often wanders around. Yoru also seems to be scared of dogs. Story of the life…cats and dogs!

Ikuto and Yoru can do Character Change. Ikuto will have a tail and cat ears. In Character Change, they become “Black Lynx”.

Watch Shugo Chara!

11Tsubasa Hanekawa

tsubasa cat gril

  • Japanese name: 羽川 翼
  • Anime: Bakemonogatari

Favorite Tsubasa’s slogan: “I don’t know everything, I just know what I know.”

Watch Bakemonogatari Trailer

10Rumiho Akiha

rumiho akiha cat girl

  • Japanese name: 秋葉 留美穂
  • Anime: Steins;Gate

She’s quite child-like. She acts like a childish devil … towards men. Also adds embarrassing “meows” to her speech. A cat girl? Rumiho has an ability to see into people’s hearts. She just need look into your eyes. Oooo…

Watch Steins;Gate


nekotyaa cat girl

  • Japanese name: 猫田; ねこにゃあ
  • Anime: Girls & Panzer

This neko girl is a tank video game nerd. Nekotyaa or Nekota always wears a white nekomimi headband, big swirly glasses and has a severe hunch.

Watch Girls & Panzer Tank Scene


tama cat girl

  • Japanese name: タマ
  • Anime: Gugure! Kokkuri-san
Watch Gugure! Kokkuri-san trailer

7Ichigo Momoiya


  • Japanese name: 桃宮いちご
  • Anime: Tokyo Mew Mew

Ichigo was just a normal 13-year-old junior high student while she was on a date  her DNA is mysteriously merged with the DNA of an Iriomote Wildcat. Wow! Now she is the “leader” of a group of cat girls called Tokyo Mew Mew. Nice name!

Watch Tokyo Mew Mew


neferpitou cat girl

  • Japanese name: ネフェルピトー
  • Anime: Hunter x Hunter

Neferpitou is a cat-humanoid Chimera Ant. Who is a cat girl or cat boy? Despite Neferpitou playfull and cheerful manner, Pitou has a terrifying and sadistic personality as well.

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5Di Gi Charat

di gi charat cat girl
  • Japanese name: デ・ジ・キャラット / でじこ
  • Anime: Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat

Dejiko dresses up as a cat girl. She has green eyes and green hair. She is very green neko girl!  She wears maid-like uniform that has a white and navy blue dress with big cat bells tied to her hair with navy blue ribbons, white gloves and boots. On the very top of her head are her nekomimi, which are white with pink inside and have a set of large, non-functional yellow cat eyes and a white tail.

Watch Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat Episode 1

4Ruri Gokō


  • Japanese name: 五更 瑠璃
  • Anime: My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute

Ruri is a fifteen year-old girl. She often wears gothic lolita clothing. It’s based on a character from her favorite anime. She will sometimes add nekomimi, cat ears, and a cat tail. She calls herself Kuroneko, black cat.

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yuu sugimoto catherine gintama cat girl

  • Japanese name: キャサリン
  • Anime: Gintama

Catherine is An amanto who resembles a cat. At first, she seems to be a diligent worker but…soon reveals herself to be a thief.

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2Haru Yoshioka

haru yoshioka cat girl

  • Japanese name:
  • Anime: The Cat Returns

Haru is a quiet and shy high school student. She has a suppressed ability to talk with cats. One sunny day, Haru saves a dark blue cat from being hit by a car on a road. Lune, the safed cat, is Prince of the Cat Kingdom. Here is the story begins…

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1Azusa Nakano

azusa nakano

  • Japanese name: 中野 梓
  • Anime: K-On!

She is nicknamed Azu-nyan after trying on a pair of cat ears, nekomimi,  and meowing. Her prefers wearing pants over skirts. Short pants are among the things she likes to wear. Her room is not excessively cute but very tidy.

Watch K-On! Episode 1


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