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nox escape room walkthrough

Welcome to Nox Escape Walkthrough Guide!

Here you will find Nox Escape Game Walkthrough with the tips to solve the game puzzles. Some puzzle is hard to describe, so below you may also find Nox Escape Walkthrough video which cover whole game from the beginning to the end.

It’s completely free game. During the game there will be some (not many as other games) ads, it is forgivable for the developers to do so. Nothing can be free. It supports iOS and Android platforms.

The game action is at one place – the Mansion. You will need to go from one mysterious room to another to search and investigate, to discover their hidden objects and mechanisms. It’s a modern point and click escape adventure experience. The screen can be too sensitive. There are two glitched in the game if play on iPad Mini 5. It happens when you discover glass boxes. You will need to restart the game. No worries, you will be at the same point to continue.

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Nox Escape Game Walkthrough Guide

  • in the cell, take bone from the bucket and use it to unlock the cell’s door.
  • In the basement, find a screwdriver in the box between wines shelf and a stairwell. Use it to unscrew the vent cover behind the box that you can move. Remember the fuse box. You will need to come back to install a fuse.
  • Use the vent to go to the washroom (laundry room). Find a part of painting (fish) in the brown cabinet between washing machine and bathtub.
  • Use the door to go to the corridor and touch the picture on the wall. Remember this circle, you will need to come back with a flashlight.
  • In the living room, find another part of drawing beside the big coach. Put two parts together, it will show code for the door’s lockbox which is 478.Open the drawer on the left side of TV, take a book out with a key inside. Use this key on the grey double door outside the room.
  • Go to the main hall, on second floor to the door with yellow lockbox. Open it by using code 478. Move tow notebooks on the left side of the table to discover missing corner part, take a radio and remove a battery. Find a domino piece on the shelf. Touch the picture on the side of the door (on the left).
  • Go back to the living room and solve domino puzzle as below:

nox escape game walkthrough domino puzzle

    • Box on the chair will appear. Move your phone/tablet to move a ball around and lead it to the top right corner (see video) to discover a key to the second floor door (on the left)
    • go to the light brown door (the children’s room). Pick up a sponge from the table by the window to erase a face on the green board to discover a drawing of the star. Use coloring book to fill with color a circle and two boxes. by using crayons. Go back to the corridor.
    • In the corridor, there is an axe in the wall. Take it.
    • Go to the bedroom (same corridor). Open drawer below music hearts and candle, take a flashlight. Go to the main hall.

  • In the main hall, use the axe on the top railing above the stairs. Now you have a space to move and break the column by the door (left side) to discover a glass to see hidden objects. Assemble your flashlight with battery and found glass. Go back to the double door.
  • In the corridor, turn of the light, use your flashlight on the wall’s circle to see clock time position as below:

nox escape game walkthrough clock puzzle

  • Go to the living room and use revealed position on the clock beside the door to discover a key to the door in the living room into the hobby room.
  • Go to the hobby room, find a yarn in the vase on the drawer and take a lighter from the coffee table.
  • Go on second floor, left door’s corridor and use yarn to recreate a star as below (watch video how to do it right) to discover a stair to the attic

nox escape game walkthrough yarn puzzle

  • Go to the attic to pick up a wrench to close a steam switch in the basement. Go back down.
  • Go to the corridor and check the shelf, find the piece of paper with safe code, open the drawer under the picture to find a part of music instrument for the children’s room, check the top of the table.
  • Go to the locked door by chain and unlock it. It will lead you to the main hall.
  • Go back to the children’s room to install found part and play music in the following order: blue-orange-purple-yellow-brown-yellow. From opened box take a gameboy and missing part for the table in the office. Play the gameboy to reveal how to play tarts in the hobby room.
  • Go back to the office and install missing corner part to discover a red wine bottle in the drawer to use in the hobby room.
  • Go back to the hobby room to play tarts as below. Press the button on the wall to open the bar. Go to the wine bar and put found red wine and others in the order below. Pick up a billiard cue to use on the window in the attic

nox escape game walkthrough tarts puzzle

nox escape game walkthrough wine puzzle

  • Go back to the attick, use found billiard cue to lock the window and light the candle. Take washing michine instruction and handle from the box beside the pillar.
  • Go back to the washroom, install handle and use the following steps to open machine’s dor: – press first button, – turn handle on six position, – press third button, – turn handle to original position, – press first first button again. Take a rail truck piece to use in the children’s room.
  • Go back to the children’s room and install the missing truck, touch the train to run. It will bring to you a door knob to the door on the corridor.
  • Go the corridor and install the knob. It will lead you into dining room. Take picture from the wall (lighthouse), move curtains to find third chair, put chairs by each plate at the table. Take green piece from fallen down chandelier. Check the chess board, take a hat from the chair beside.
  • Go back to the office (workroom). Put lighthouse picture on the empty spot then turn chess figures in the following position (see below). Collect another green piece and assemble both of them into the amulet that you will need to use in the bedroom.

nox escape game walkthrough chess puzzle

  • Go back to the bedroom and use the amulet. To open safe use code 5247#. Take the fuse.
  • Go back to the basement and install the fuse. You need to make switches all green. The easiest way for me was to make the following order (see below) and then press third switch to make all green.

nox escape game walkthrough fuse box puzzle

    • Go to the kitchen. Tak a carrot from the fridge (looks like a strawberry to me), a letter from the chait beside the table and open it. pen white cabinet and take a bucket and fill it with a water.
    • Go back to the bedroom and put a piece of love letter in the photo album. Take two black buttons from the opened drawer (needed for snowman)

  • Go back to the living room and use busket of water on the fireplace to find a billiard ball.
  • Go back to the hobby room and put found billiard ball on the billiard table to discover stairs to the lower level. Go down. Go to the laboratory. Take a hair clip from the top of the cabinet to open locked box in the attic.
  • Go back to the attic and unlocked the box. You need to use both hands to solve the puzzle, one is to press the lever and other to press on the button at the bottom of right corner when the tube reaches line. Take a roof hammer to remove woods on the door in the dining room.
  • Go back to the laboratory and open the cabinet above the desk to take measurement cup.
  • Go back to the kitchen and fill it with water.
  • Go back to the laboratory. The cup should have only 200 ml of water (see below). Pour water into the bottle by the timer. Go to the glass cabinet and take middle bottle from the bottom shelf, go back and pour into it. Go back and take fourth bottle from the middle shelf and pour into it. Press the timer and try to catch yellow fire with green box. After a while the mixture is ready. Take it.

nox escape game walkthrough mesarument cup puzzle

  • Go to the tree tubes and pour the mixture in the third one. Go back to the glass cabinet and take third bottle from the middle shelf. Pour it into the first tube.
  • Go back to the dining room. Remove the wood from the door by using hammer. Go on the backyard and make a snowball (watch video how to make properly). Go to the snowman and complete it. Go back to the desk and take a flower from the flower bed.
  • Go back to the laboratory. Take middle bottle from the top shelf of the glass cabinet. Put found flower inside the middle tube and pour the bottle into it. Take a disk from the chair.
  • Go back to the computer room, insert the disck and type SAM as the password and … listen your story. THE END!

Nox Escape Game Walkthrough Video


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