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Wordscapes Spire AnswersWordscapes Spire 1

Fig, Fir, Fly, Fog, For, Fry, Log, Oil, Fro, Foil, Frog, Girl, Golf, Yogi, Roil, Glory, Glorify

Wordscapes Spire 2

Ices, Lick, Lies, Like, Sick, Silk, Isle, Lice, Slice, Slick, Sickle

Wordscapes Spire 3

Her, Set, She, The, Rest, Tech, Test, Etch, Sect, Chest, Crest, Stretch

Wordscapes Spire 4

Acne, Cage, Cane, Clan, Lace, Lane, Lean, Glen, Gale, Angel, Angle, Clean, Lance, Clang, Glean, Glance

Wordscapes Spire 5

Bird, Bred, Brig, Dire, Grid, Ride, Bide, Brie, Bride, Ridge, Dirge, Bridge

Wordscapes Spire 6

And, Ant, Ark, Art, Ran, Rat, Tad, Tan, Tar, Rad, Dark, Darn, Dart, Data, Rank, Tank, Dank, Rant, Drank, Tankard

Wordscapes Spire 7

Gin, Its, Rig, Sin, Sir, Sit, Tin, Nit, Tis, Git, Grin, Ring, Sign, Sing, Stir, Grit, Gist, Sting, String

Wordscapes Spire 8

Cite, Item, Mice, Time, Emit, Mite, Mime, Mimic, Mimetic

Wordscapes Spire 9

Does, Dose, Lose, Sled, Sold, Sole, Solo, Loose, Oodles

Wordscapes Spire 10

Acts, Cast, Cats, Tics, Stat, Tact, Attic, Tacit, Static

Wordscapes Spire 11

Aim, Any, Lay, Man, May, Yam, Mil, Nay, Nil, Ail, Lam, Yin, Mail, Main, Nail, Lain, Manly, Inlay, Mainly

Wordscapes Spire 12

East, Eats, Seat, Teas, Taut, State, Taste, Statue, Astute, Attest, Statute

Wordscapes Spire 13

Blur, Burr, Garb, Grab, Burg, Brag, Grub, Rural, Burglar

Wordscapes Spire 14

Clue, Cues, Cuff, Fuel, Fuse, Self, Flue, Scuff, Scuffle

Wordscapes Spire 15

Ego, Gee, Gem, Men, One, Meg, Gene, Gone, Omen, Gnome, Genome

Wordscapes Spire 16

Host, Shot, Soot, Shoo, Tots, Hoot, Toot, Shoot, Tooth, Sooth, Hotshot

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