Wordscapes Sierra Answers

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Wordscapes Sierra 1

Ant, Any, Sat, Say, Tan, Tax, Nay, Sax, Stay, Nasty, Syntax

Wordscapes Sierra 2

Dirt, Dots, Rids, Riot, Rods, Stir, Trio, Tort, Tots, Trot, Trod, Ditto, Distort

Wordscapes Sierra 3

Beef, Beer, Free, Reef, Beet, Fret, Beret, Bereft

Wordscapes Sierra 4

Cite, Kite, Rice, Tick, Tire, Trek, Rite, Tier, Trick, Crick, Trike, Ticker, Cricket

Wordscapes Sierra 5

Prey, Rely, Yelp, Lyre, Pyre, Reply, Purely

Wordscapes Sierra 6

Run, Rye, Urn, Yen, Rue, Yin, Ruin, Rein, Rune, Query, Inure, Enquiry

Wordscapes Sierra 7

Boar, Road, Bard, Drab, Bravo, Broad, Aboard, Abroad, Bravado

Wordscapes Sierra 8

Rest, Tees, Sect, Seer, Crest, Erect, Steer, Reset, Terse, Scree, Secret, Secrete

Wordscapes Sierra 9

Nope, Nose, Ones, Open, Pens, Poke, Pose, Peon, Eons, Spoke, Spoken

Wordscapes Sierra 10

Fist, Fits, Lift, List, Sift, Silt, Slit, Iffy, Flit, Fifty, Stiff, Stiffly

Wordscapes Sierra 11

Lure, Prep, Pulp, Pure, Rule, Upper, Purple

Wordscapes Sierra 12

Grin, Rigs, Ring, Rise, Sign, Sing, Sire, Ires, Sine, Rinse, Risen, Siren, Reign, Resin, Singe, Resign

Wordscapes Sierra 13

Ale, All, Aye, Lay, May, Yam, Yea, Lam, Lye, Lame, Male, Mall, Meal, Yell, Alley, Lamely

Wordscapes Sierra 14

Acne, Cane, Dean, Need, Cede, Aced, Dance, Accede, Cadence

Wordscapes Sierra 15

Fee, Few, See, Set, Sew, Tee, Wet, Ewe, Wee, Feet, Stew, West, Fete, Sweet, Fewest

Wordscapes Sierra 16

Rent, Teen, Tree, Tern, Enter, Entry, Retry, Renter, Reentry

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