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Wordscapes Sand AnswersWordscapes Sand 1 (Level 785)

Hits, Itch, This, Tics, Wish, With, Wits, Whit, Witch, Switch

Wordscapes Sand 2 (Level 786)

Fuel, Fuse, Hues, Lush, Self, Huff, Flue, Flesh, Flush, Shelf, Shuffle

Wordscapes Sand 3 (Level 787)

Dog, Egg, Ego, Gel, God, Led, Leg, Log, Gold, Lode, Dole, Ogle, Lodge, Dogleg

Wordscapes Sand 4 (Level 788)

Tore, Tree, Were, Wore, Rote, Rower, Tower, Wrote, Retro, Rewrote

Wordscapes Sand 5 (Level 789)

Dial, Glad, Laid, Tail, Gait, Gilt, Tidal, Digit, Digital

Wordscapes Sand 6 (Level 790)

Airs, Arts, Rats, Star, Stir, Stat, Stair, Start, Artist, Strait

Wordscapes Sand 7 (Level 791)

Ion, Pin, Sin, Sip, Nip, Sop, Ops, Oops, Soon, Spin, Snip, Spoon, Snoop, Poison

Wordscapes Sand 8 (Level 792)

Cake, Care, Race, Rack, Rare, Rear, Acre, Rake, Carer, Racer, Creak, Rerack

Wordscapes Sand 9 (Level 793)

Pear, Prep, Reap, Pare, Paper, Rapper

Wordscapes Sand 10 (Level 794)

Best, Bets, Bust, Buts, Test, Text, Tube, Tubs, Stub, Butt, Butte, Subtext

Wordscapes Sand 11 (Level 795)

Bet, Elk, Let, Lob, Lot, Toe, Too, Boo, Bot, Bolt, Book, Boot, Lobe, Look, Blot, Bolo, Oboe, Ebook, Bloke, Booklet

Wordscapes Sand 12 (Level 796)

Chin, Coin, Corn, Icon, Inch, Iron, Rich, Chic, Croc, Choir, Rhino, Cinch, Conch, Chronic

Wordscapes Sand 13 (Level 797)

Gate, Gear, Rage, Rate, Tart, Tear, Grate, Great, Treat, Target

Wordscapes Sand 14 (Level 798)

Fan, Far, For, Nor, Oar, Off, Ran, Son, Fro, Soar, Sofa, Afro, Fora, Roan, Arson, Sonar, Saffron

Wordscapes Sand 15 (Level 799)

Fee, Ref, Fen, Fern, Free, Reef, Fence, Fencer

Wordscapes Sand 16 (Level 800)

Aims, Hams, Hiss, Mass, Miss, Sham, Mash, Sash, Smash, Sashimi

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