Wordscapes Bark Answers

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Wordscapes Bark Answers

Wordscapes Bark 1

Hot, Out, Host, Shot, Shut, Thus, Tots, Tush, Shout, South, Stout, Touts, Shutout, Hut

Wordscapes Bark 2

She, Here, Hers, Sheer, Scree, Cheers, Screech, See

Wordscapes Bark 3

Dry, Dye, Led, Red, Rye, Deer, Rely, Yell, Eyed, Leer, Elder, Yelled, Elderly, Dell, Leery, Reedy

Wordscapes Bark 4

Deed, Cede, Creed, Ceded, Decree, Recede, Decreed, Receded

Wordscapes Bark 5

Cue, Cut, Hue, Hut, Put, The, Cute, Kept, Tech, Etch, Peck, Tuck, Chute, Ketchup

Wordscapes Bark 6

Mere, Mess, Peer, Sees, Reps, Press, Seems, Sperm, Sprees, Empress, Seers

Wordscapes Bark 7

Act, Bat, Cab, Cat, Too, Boa, Cot, Bot, Boat, Boot, Coat, Coco, Coot, Cocoa, Taboo, Tobacco

Wordscapes Bark 8

Bail, Liar, Rail, Airy, Lair, Ably, Library

Wordscapes Bark 9

Its, Sin, Tin, Nit, List, Till, Lilt, Slit, Still, Instill, Silt, Lint, Til, Sill

Wordscapes Bark 10

Bare, Bear, Boar, Bore, Core, Crib, Race, Rice, Robe, Acre, Carb, Orca, Brace, Cobra, Aerobic

Wordscapes Bark 11

Bee, Rib, See, Sir, Ire, Beer, Rise, Seer, Sire, Riser, Berries, Errs

Wordscapes Bark 12

Dope, Plot, Poet, Pole, Pope, Told, Lode, Pled, Depot, Loped, Opted, Topped, Topple, Toppled

Wordscapes Bark 13

Dig, Egg, Gel, Leg, Lid, Lie, Wig, Lied, Weld, Wide, Wild, Deli, Idle, Glide, Wield, Wiggle, Wiggled

Wordscapes Bark 14

Ace, Ale, Ice, Chi, Each, Hail, Heal, Lace, Ache, Chic, Cache, Chile, Leach, Cliche, Chalice

Wordscapes Bark 15

Ads, Duo, Our, Rod, Sad, Sod, Oars, Soar, Soda, Sour, Roads, Arduous, Dour

Wordscapes Bark 16

Plus, Spur, Slur, Puss, Slurp, Usurp, Slurps, Surplus

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