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Wordbrain Cyborg answersWordbrain Cyborg Pack was released on September 28 2017. Below you will find all Wordbrain Cyborg answers and walkthrough videos. Enjoy the game!

Keep in mind, after game’s updates, some answers can be changed and starter screen can be different. Let us know and we will update the answers and walkthrough video. Thanks in advance!

Wordbrain Cyborg 1

Program, Everyone, Infinity, Shoulder, Cookie, Finish, Darkness, Stimulus, Verse

Wordbrain Cyborg 2

Outcome, Propose, Serious, Active, Weight, Routine, Acquire, Council, Reputation

Wordbrain Cyborg 3

League, Platform, Average, Positive, Opinion, Briefly, Neither, Clinic, Normally

Wordbrain Cyborg 4

Studio, Jacket, Identify, Restore, Symptom, Instinct, Capital, Decease, Storage

Wordbrain Cyborg 5

Invest, Chainsaw, Widely, Trainer, Barrel, Region, Teenager, Declare, Politician

Wordbrain Cyborg 6

Derive, Fraction, Sanction, Material, Outside, Ceremony, Cabinet, Intellectual

Wordbrain Cyborg 7

Tonight, Strategy, Producer, Security, Corridor, Factor, Rocket, Format, Premise

Wordbrain Cyborg 8

Handle, Exhibit, Surely, Impress, Daughter, Border, Cheese, Stripe, Contemporary

Wordbrain Cyborg 9

Negative, Shooting, Normal, Activity, Handful, Disaster, Stomach, Photographer

Wordbrain Cyborg 10

Pretty, Suitcase, Complain, Wonder, Homeless, Escape, French, Purchase, Personal

Wordbrain Cyborg 11

Enhance, Whenever, Visual, Listen, Recruit, Devote, Unusual, Headline, Prominent

Wordbrain Cyborg 12

Origin, Literary, Portrait, Directly, Justice, Capable, Cousin, Defend, Goldfish

Wordbrain Cyborg 13

Sympathy, Artist, Lesson, Painting, Object, Choice, Shower, Smooth, Conventional

Wordbrain Cyborg 14

Succeed, Supreme, Distinct, Lifetime, Variable, Subsidy, Lecture, Championship

Wordbrain Cyborg 15

Religion, Cooking, Ambition, Fishing, Triplets, Eastern, Switch, Quietly, Twelve

Wordbrain Cyborg 16

Research, Database, Kingdom, Reflect, Medical, Discuss, Trading, Division, Villa

Wordbrain Cyborg 17

Tongue, Transfer, Slightly, Temple, Sustain, Mutual, Accuracy, Carrot, According

Wordbrain Cyborg 18

Hearing, Actual, Cannon, Mostly, Carrier, Writing, Modest, Reform, Properly, Mayor

Wordbrain Cyborg 19

Remember, Largely, Shadow, Everyday, Capacity, Pavement, Collar, Extreme, Versus

Wordbrain Cyborg 20

Graduate, Employ, Pleasure, Crystal, Assess, Vampire, Around, General, Volunteer

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