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Welcome to MechCube Dark Stories Walkthrough!

Don’t miss this second point-and-click game from the Mech Cube series! An abundance of challenging mysteries for fans who have been anxiously awaiting the sequel to MechCube: Escape. MechCube: Dark Stories continue a truly titanic structure that was discovered by an expedition in the ice of Antartica. 

You need to solve a set of extremely challenging puzzles that will unlock the doors to the the adjacent rooms. But not all doors are safe, remember the space and time inside the MechCube are intermixed. 

By opening new door, you may end up at a dimension of unimaginable horror, at prehistoric Earth or fell into the vacuum of open space. Be carefull!

To help you to avoid your dramatic end, you may use this MechCube: Dark Stories Walkthrough Guide to get all MechCube Dark Stories game items and go through all MechCube Dark Stories Ending. Enjoy the game!

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MechCube: Dark Stories Game Information

  • Developer: Ogurec Apps
  • Publisher: Ogurec Apps
  • Genre: Puzzle, Adventure, Point-and-Click Game
  • Release: Sep 12, 2021
  • Platform: Android, iOS

MechCube: Dark Stories Download Links

MechCube: Dark Stories Game Features

  • addictive gameplay set in a world of dark science fiction; 
  • numerous spine-chilling traps in an epic point-and-click adventure;
  • beautiful comic book style graphics handcrafted by our talented artist;
  • atmospheric soundtrack;
  • challenging but enthralling riddles and puzzles;
  • find secret items and all endings in the mystical labyrinths of the MechCube;
  • a most unusual quest and escape-room type gameplay;
  • are you stuck? There are hints and a skip level function (payment required);
  • improve your out the box thinking skills by solving the logic riddles of Dark Stories’
  • easy to start, but challenging to finish;
  • challenging cyphers and logic problems;
  • a unique plot designed as a visual novella;
  • the game is free and requires no Internet connection (can be played offline, while traveling).

MechCube: Dark Stories Achievements

MechCube: Dark Stories 8/8 Items

  1. A primitive quantum engine – an egg-shaped device that is probably a primitive quantum engine (needed to access room 8).
  2. An old TV set – It’s hard to imagine anything less appropriate in this futuristic setting than an old TV-set. However, Alex touches the dusty surface of the screen to realize that it is not a mirage. He wonders how it ended up there.
  3. A steel sword – An ordinary steel sword with no decorations. And although a camera has always been Alex’s only weapon, he decides to take this sword judging that a weapon you have no skills to use is still better than nothing at all.
  4. A well-worn sweater – A Sweater that is terribly tasteless.
  5. Moonlight – A ball blazing with discharges as if unknown forces managed to confine a fireball into a metal container. The container bears the inscription: “Moonlight”.
  6. A carpenter’s cup – A plain wooden cup. A carpenter could wash down his meagre meal from a similar cup.
  7. A rusty key – A rusty key that you will need to unlock wooden box with another secret item ( a golden idol).
  8. Golden Idol – a Golden Idol

MechCube: Dark Stories 4/4 Endings

  1. Destruction of the “fourth wall” ending
  2. A bottomless well ending
  3. A dark tale ending
  4. A supercomputer ending

MechCube Dark Stories Walkthrough

Read the story that the eye shows you by press Next button but don’ miss screen with flying object on the left (see picture below). Click on it few times to get a primitive quantum engine (1/8 items).

Continue reading the story until you are at the menu. Click, hold and move “Secrets” menu’s tab. Collect a rusty key (2/8 items). Put menu tab back and press Play.


You are in the sector 1. Remember the sector number 1. Go down and collect an old TV set (3/8 items). Go to your right and press Start to solve the puzzle to unlock the next door. Follow the instructions to maximize the menu by pressing blue arrow down on the top right corner, take a pink fuse and mount it under the green screen on your left and then press on the lock. The puzzle has been solved.

Proceed towards to the next sector. Press Start to solve the next puzzle. You will need to place every gear according the rules: 2 gears can’t be placed in the cells that are adjacent horizontally, vertically or diagonally; 2 gears can’t be placed in the same row, column or block. The solution is below:



Go up to the next sector. Press start to solve the next puzzle. First keep typing on the cracked glass container with a screwdriver. Collect the screwdriver and use it to remove three screws from the panel. Move panel to the right to get code hints which is number of corners of the red figure (see picture below).


Go to your left and enter sector 8 by using a primitive quantum engine. Remember sector number – 8. Collect an ordinary steel sword (4/8 items) from the flower field. Proceed forward and click Start to solve the next puzzle bu turning the numbers to get them in the order from 1 to 9. Proceed forward to discover a supercomputer ending (1/4 endings). Click on the eye to close the reading panel and collect a plain wooden cup (5/8 items) under the green lights. Click on the eye to continue reading and watch the ending. Go back and leave the sector 8.

Go to the next room and press Start to solve the next puzzle. Click, hold and move button of number 5. On the left of the puzzle panel, move out the container with the screwdriver and use it to remove the screw in the middle of numbers panel. Put number 5 back and move the number panel to your right to see the code’s hint. It’s a mirror reflection, the code is 5869.

Go down to discovery a bottomless well ending (2/4 endings).

Repeat your action to go down to discover a dark tale ending (3/4 endings).

Go to your right to the next sector. Press Start to solve the next puzzle. Click, hold and move to your right a piece of paper with the hint from the top left corner: XYZ+XYZ+XYZ+XYZ=ZZZ the answer is 185. Enter it and press power button. Solve the next puzzle by putting colours according the drawing: heart – red, orange – orange, bananas – yellow, leaf – green, water drop – blue, cube – black. The next puzzle is by pressing arrows in the order of the clock numbers – 6 (bottom), 12 (top), 9 (left), 3 (right), 12 (top). 

Go up to the next sector. Press Start to solve the next puzzle. The rule is to combine all cells in pairs so that each pair of digits would appear on the field only once. See the picture below for the solution:


Go up to the sector 6. There is no things to do but you need to remember number 6.

Go down twice, to your left twice and go down, to your left twice, go up and to your left. Collect a well-worn sweater (6/8 items). Press Start to solve the next puzzle. The rule is WIN – the number of digits that match the code numbers and are in their proper positions, WRM – the number of digits that match the code numbers but are in the wrong positions (confusing, isn’t?). See picture below for the solution:


Pay attention to the picture at the bottom of the right corner. Click, hold and move the code to the right middle side. Take a fuse and mount it at the right bottom corner. Both, picture and numbers are a code hint which 8957.

Go up and look at the stone on your left, remember number 9. Press start to solve the next puzzle. First you need to solve sequence of numbers – 34, 55, 89 to find first code. It is Fibonacci sequence of 1, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89… Enter 1321. Take red fuse and mount it on your left. Now you will need to get a sum (at the bottom) by moving numbers accordingly. See picture below for the solution:


Go to your right to enter the next sector. Click on the face and say “NO” to use a steel sword. You discover destruction of the “fourth wall” ending (4/4 endings). Click on the face again and say “YES” to use a steel sword.

Go down. Click on the wooden box and use a rusty key to unlock it. Collect a golden statuette (7/8 items).

Go up, left, down, right, down, right, right, find the solved puzzle panel with a screwdriver in the glass container and enter 1986 (above numbers that are mentioned to be remembered). Collect a ball blazing with discharges (8/8 items).

The Game is Over!!!

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