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word cookies celebrity chef answersCelebrity Chef answers are included Wild berry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Cotton candy and Apple Word Cookies answers.

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Word Cookies Wildberry Answers

1.Nit, Tin, Try, Win, Wit, Wry, Tiny, Twin, Wiry, Writ, Wintry

2. Die, Tee, Tie, Diet, Edit, Exit, Tide, Tied, Exited

3. Lot, Out, Too, Look, Loot, Lout, Took, Tool, Lookout, Outlook

4. Hen, Her, She, Chef, Fern, Hens, Hers, Chefs, Ferns, Fresh, French

5. Air, Ran, Sin, Sir, Airs, Iris, Rain, Rains, Raisin

Special Level: Spa, Rasp, Span, Spar, Spin, Sprain, Aspirin

6. Ail, All, Ill, Nil, Van, Via, Lain, Nail, Vain, Vial, Anvil, Villa, Villain

7. Bye, Ice, Icy, Lie, Lye, Bile, Lice, Cycle, Bicycle

8. Sea, Sue, Sun, Use, Aqua, Sane, Sauna, Nausea

9. Cut, Hut, Nut, Tun, Cult, Hunt, Lunch, Clutch

10. Ice, Sin, Cine, Ices, Nice, Since, Scenic

Special Level: See, Seen, Niece, Scene, Nieces, Science

11. Bee, Err, See, Beer, Bees, Reek, Seek, Seer, Beers, Berserk

12. Log, Lop, Nor, Pro, Logo, Long, Loon, Loop, Polo, Pool, Poor, Prong, Prolong

13. Fun, Gun, Sun, Guns, Snug, Sung, Snuff, Fungus

14. Aid, And, Can, Dig, Din, Gin, Inn, Nag, Acid, Gain, Dancing

15. Ale, Elm, Lam, Lea, Lame, Laze, Male, Maze, Meal, Zeal, Amaze, Azalea

16. Bin, Bio, Bun, Con, Cub, Ion, Nib, Nub, Coin, Icon, Ionic, Bionic

17. All, Bay, Buy, Lab, Lay, Ably, Ally, Ball, Bull, Lull, Bully, Lullaby

18. Bur, Buy, Bye, Rub, Rue, Rye, Bury, Buzz, Ruby, Buyer, Buzzer

19. Boy, Old, Blob, Body, Bold, Blood, Lobby, Bloody

20. His, Hit, Its, Sir, Sit, Six, Hits, Stir, This, Shirt, Sixth, Thirst

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Word Cookies Raspberry Answers

1.Flu, Fly, Fox, Joy, You, Flux, Foul, Foxy, July, Joyful

2. Fee, Foe, For, Ore, Roe, Fore, Free, Reef, Zero, Froze, Freeze

3. Egg, Elk, Gel, Gig, Ilk, Keg, Leg, Lie, Wig, Like, Wile, Wiggle

4. Ion, Nil, Nor, Oil, Our, Run, Urn, Iron, Lion, Loin, Ruin, Liquor

5. Bun, Bur, Nub, Rub, Rue, Run, Urn, Bunk, Burn, Rune, Bunker

Special Level: Ban, Ran, Bane, Bank, Bean, Bran, Rank, Urban, Banker, Urbane

6. Aim, Air, Arm, Mar, Oar, Ram, Rim, Roam, Roar, Armor, Mirror

7. Bee, Bin, Eel, Lie, Nil, Been, Bile, Lien, Line, Belie, Beeline

8. Arm, Man, Mar, Nag, Rag, Ram, Ran, Gram, Rang, Anagram

9. Fin, Fir, Fry, Fun, Fur, Run, Urn, Fury, Jury, Ruin, Unify, Injury

10. Due, Dug, Jug, Sue, Use, Dues, Jugs, Sued, Used, Judge, Judges

Special Level: Emu, Gem, Gum, Mud, Mug, Sum, Emus, Gems, Mugs, Muse, Smug, Mused, Smudge

11. Gas, Gut, Sag, Sat, Tag, Tug, Gust, Guts, Stag, Tags, Tugs, August

12. Dim, Din, Dun, Fin, Fun, Mud, Find, Fund, Miff, Mind, Muff, Muffin

13. Cot, Err, Ore, Roe, Rot, Toe, Core, Rote, Tore, Retro, Correct

14. Con, Coy, Cloy, Cool, Loon, Noon, Only, Colon, Loony, Nylon, Colony

15. Eel, Eve, Jet, Let, Tee, Vet, Wet, Welt, Jewel, Twelve

16. Cry, Eye, Her, Hey, Key, Rye, Here, Reek, Cheek, Cheer, Creek, Cheeky, Cheery

17. Fir, Fit, Fry, Pit, Pry, Rip, Tip, Try, Pity, Rift, Trip, Typify

18. Eel, Elk, Let, Tee, The, Heel, Keel, Leek, Teeth, Kettle

19. Con, Eon, Lye, One, Cone, Lone, Once, Only, Clone, Cycle, Cyclone

20. Any, Eon, Nay, Nun, One, You, Anon, Neon, None, Noun, Annoy, Anyone

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Word Cookies Cranberry Answers

1.Lay, Ray, Say, Sly, Lays, Rays, Slay, Array, Arrays, Salary

2. Gin, Ilk, Ink, Kin, Nil, King, Link, Vigil, Liking, Living, Viking

3. Ago, Dog, Gap, God, Pad, Pod, Pop, Goad, Papa, Pagoda

4. Jar, Nor, Oar, Our, Ran, Run, Urn, Loan, Oral, Roan, Lunar, Journal

5. Den, Die, Din, End, Vie, Dine, Dive, Vein, Vend, Vied, Vine, Divine

Special Level: Net, Nit, Ten, Tie, Tin, Vet, Dent, Diet, Dint, Edit, Tend, Tide, Tied, Vent, Invite, Invited

6. Eve, Hit, Kit, Tee, The, Tie, Vet, Vie, Hike, Hive, Kite, Thieve

7. Foe, Off, Set, Toe, Too, Fest, Foes, Foot, Soft, Soot, Toes, Offset

8. Act, Arc, Art, Car, Cat, Rat, Tar, Tat, Cart, Tact, Tart, Carat, Tract, Attract

9. Dim, Ill, Lid, Mid, Mix, Dill, Idly, Lily, Mild, Mill, Dilly, Dimly, Mildly

10. Bib, Big, Bin, Bio, Bog, Gin, Ion, Nib, Bong, Bingo, Gibbon

Special Level: Nor, Orb, Rib, Rig, Rob, Born, Brig, Grin, Iron, Ring, Bring, Groin, Robin, Boring, Ribbon, Robbing

11. Ago, Arc, Car, Cog, Cur, Oar, Our, Rag, Rug, Crag, Roar, Cargo, Cougar

12. Eon, Key, Men, One, Envy, Monk, Move, Omen, Oven, Yoke, Envoy, Money, Venom, Monkey

13. Eve, Hen, Hue, Van, Even, Have, Nave, Vane, Haven, Heave, Venue, Avenue, Heaven

14. Gym, Log, Gory, Logo, Loom, Moor, Room, Gloom, Glory, Groom, Gloomy

15. Cot, Cue, Cut, Emu, Met, Out, Toe, Too, Come, Cute, Moot, Mute, Comet, Outcome

16. Cue, Elf, Fen, Flu, Fly, Fun, Lye, Clef, Clue, Flue, Fuel, Lune, Uncle, Fluency

17. Aim, Gag, Gig, Gin, Man, Nag, Zag, Zig, Gain, Gang, Main, Aging, Gaming, Gazing

18. Did, Die, Hid, Vie, Died, Dive, Hide, Hive, Vied, Dived, Divide

19. Act, Ail, Cat, Lit, Tic, Vat, Via, Tail, Talc, Vial, Cavil, Cilia, Civil, Vital, Italic

20. Cot, Let, Lot, Toe, Cell, Clot, Colt, Tell, Toll, Cello, Collect

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Word Cookies Cotton Candy Answers

1.Fee, Few, Hen, Hew, New, Pen, Pew, Hewn, Weep, When, Nephew

2. Awe, Bee, Eve, Hew, Web, Have, Wave, Heave, Weave, Behave

3. Cry, Icy, Ilk, Irk, Kit, Lit, Tic, Try, City, Lick, Tick, Lyric, Trick, Tricky

4. Fir, Fit, Fry, Fur, Jut, Rut, Try, Fury, Jury, Rift, Turf, Fruit, Turfy, Fruity

5. Cry, Icy, Pry, Rip, Sip, Sir, Spy, Rips, Spry, Crisp, Spicy, Crispy

Special Level: Lip, Ply, Sly, Clip, Lips, Lisp, Slip, Clips, Lyric, Lyrics, Crisply

6. Ail, Air, Arc, Car, Cur, Curl, Lair, Liar, Rail, Uric, Auric, Circa, Curial, Crucial

7. Act, Cat, Cut, Fat, Flu, Calf, Cult, Fact, Flat, Fatal, Fault, Actual, Factual

8. Emu, Mom, Mum, Sue, Sum, Use, Emus, Memo, Moms, Muse, Some, Sumo, Mouse, Museum

9. Cod, Doe, Eve, Odd, Ode, Cede, Code, Coed, Cove, Deed, Dove, Ceded, Coded, Decode

10. Bur, Bus, Hub, Rub, Sub, Burs, Bush, Hubs, Rubs, Rush, Subs, Brush, Shrub, Shrubs

Special Level: Cub, Cur, Cubs, Curb, Curs, Such, Crush, Curbs, Scrub, Scrubs

11. Err, Eve, Ore, Roe, Core, Cove, Ever, Over, Rove, Veer, Cover, Rover, Recover

12. Cot, For, Rot, Too, Foot, Form, Fort, From, Moor, Moot, Roof, Room, Root, Motor, Comfort

13. Ale, Ape, Lap, Pal, Pea, Zap, Laze, Leap, Pale, Peal, Plea, Zeal, Puzzle

14. Bet, But, Out, Toe, Tub, Bout, Tube, Quote, Bouquet

15. Eon, Joy, Lye, One, Jell, Joey, Lone, Only, Yell, Enjoy, Jelly, Jolly, Lonely

16. Any, Jar, Nay, Ran, Ray, Run, Urn, Aura, Jury, Yarn, January

17. Den, Eel, End, Gel, Led, Leg, Edge, Gene, Glee, Lend, Need, Ledge, Legend, Needle

18. Gel, His, Leg, Lie, She, Gels, High, Isle, Legs, Lies, Sigh, Highs, Sleigh

19. Cur, Our, Curs, Hour, Ours, Rush, Sour, Such, Couch, Crush, Hours, Occur, Scour, Chorus, Occurs

20. Ail, Ivy, Lay, Say, Sly, Via, Ails, Lays, Sail, Slay, Vial, Visa, Vials, Visual

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Word Cookies Apple Answers

1.Dry, Hid, Hit, Lid, Lit, Rid, Thy, Try, Dirt, Hilt, Idly, Tidy, Dirty, Third, Thirdly

2. Fir, For, Fur, Our, Sir, Firs, Four, Furs, Ours, Sour, Surf, Fours, Furious

3. Dew, Did, Die, Ice, Wed, Cede, Deed, Dice, Died, Iced, Weed, Wide, Ceded, Diced, Decide

4. Hen, Her, Hew, New, Web, Brew, Chew, Crew, Herb, Hewn, When, Wren, Bench, Wench, Wrench

5. Aid, Ail, Air, Lad, Lid, Rad, Rid, Arid, Dial, Laid, Lair, Liar, Raid, Rail, Lizard

Special Level: Awl, Law, Raw, Wad, War, Draw, Wail, Ward, Wild, Drawl, Wizard

6. Con, Ion, Nor, Chin, Coin, Corn, Horn, Icon, Inch, Iron, Rich, Choir, Ionic, Ironic

7. Ice, Ill, Ire, Lie, Cell, Lice, Rice, Rile, Rill, Relic, Circle, Cleric

8. Gel, Gin, Ice, Jig, Leg, Lie, Nil, Cine, Lice, Lien, Line, Nice, Cling, Jingle

9. Elf, Flu, Hue, Fell, Flue, Fuel, Full, Hell, Help, Hull, Pull, Helpful

10. Ago, Lag, Log, Nag, Goal, Loan, Logo, Long, Loon, Along, Lagoon

Special Level: And, Dog, Don, God, Lad, Nod, Old, Glad, Goad, Gold, Good, Land, Load, Gland, Gondola

11. Gin, Gun, Inn, Nip, Nun, Peg, Pen, Pie, Pig, Pin, Pug, Pun, Nine, Pine, Ping, Penguin

12. Ash, Bay, Bib, Has, Hay, His, Say, Shy, Ashy, Baby, Bash, Bays, Bias, Bibs, Shabby, Babyish

13. Age, Egg, Eve, Gag, Nag, Van, Even, Gang, Gave, Gene, Nave, Vane, Vegan, Avenge, Engage

14. Eve, Rev, Rue, Run, Urn, Even, Ever, Veer, Nerve, Never, Revue, Venue, Revenue

15. Net, Nit, Tee, Ten, Tie, Tin, Exit, Next, Teen, Tent, Text, Tine, Tint, Tenet, Extent

16. Cod, Die, Doe, Ice, Kid, Ode, Code, Coed, Coke, Cook, Deck, Dice, Dike, Dock, Iced, Cooked, Cookie

17. Cot, Hot, Cock, Cost, Cots, Hock, Host, Shot, Sock, Chock, Cocks, Hocks, Shock, Stock, Chocks, Scotch

18. Err, Eve, Ore, Rev, Roe, Ever, Mere, More, Move, Over, Rove, Veer, Mover, Rover, Remove, Remover

19. Act, Cat, Cut, Fat, Sat, Acts, Cast, Cats, Cuts, Fact, Fast, Fats, Facts, Cactus

20. Did, Die, See, Deed, Died, Dies, Seed, Side, Size, Deeds, Seize, Sided, Sized, Seized

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