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Welcome To 5 Tips To Play Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst!

minecraft pokemon coblat and amethystCan it be real Minecraft and Pokemon Online Game?

Minecraft continues to grow in popularity as time progresses. When it comes to getting the old-school pixilated art gaming, Minecraft is the gamer’s favorite choice.

It is worth mentioning that the game doesn’t really fall into the retro gaming group, but many players still enjoy the simplicity of the game.

Unlike other popular video games, Minecraft’s game play does not include violence. These is probably one of the biggest reasons why many people devote hours of their time to playing this intriguing game.

To the surprise of many, Phoenix SC recently released a Minecraft mod. This mod will give gamers an opportunity to play Pokémon Cobalt and Amethyst saga.

Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst Release Date

Date Details of development
August 2014 The initial mechanics were developed
December 2014 The basic Pokemon battle was created
January 2015 A team was gathered
June 2015 The first Pokemon trainer battle was created. It became a worldwide Minecraft phenomenon!
September 2015 The building of Suliqu region has been finished.
December 2015 Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst Insurgence has been released. It was first demo map for the Minecraft Pokemon Cobalt.
February 2016 The first capture mechanic was created. Its time to catch a Pokemon!
May 2016 All starters are done.
July 2016 The Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst Pokedex was completed with 136 band new Pokemons.
September 2016 The final Pokemon was installed.
October 2016 There was ALPHA transition.
December 2016 There was BETA transition.
February 2017 RELEASE DATE!

The developer has worked on the Pokémon-themed Minecraft map for over a year. It excels when it comes to recreating the original Pokémon game from 1996, but it has the following new features: a new region for exploration, brand new stories, and 138 new Pokémon. Players will be delighted to see creatures like Arceus and Girantina mixed with the originals.

This new game is packed with sixty to eight hours and a complete story line. It is fair to say that Pokémon Cobalt and Amethyst is the real deal! The game has neat Pokémon villages and houses, a thorough training and battle system, and a dialogue system. You can even raise the ante by throwing balls wild creatures and hope they crawl in. Some Pokémon expert games believe you must capture 138 Pokémon.

It is vital to point out that Minecraft Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst can only be played in the single player mode. The game will not allow you to travel or go into battle with your friends.

The single player map is a full-fledged Pokémon adventure. It has 136 new Pokémon, eight dangerous gym leaders ready for battle, and eleven towns for you to explore. A Pokémon League for you to conquer and a unique OST are two additions that come with the map.

Please keep in mind that you will not have to deal with Team Rocket, Magma, or any of the other gangs from the past. You will be facing a new challenge. Team Tempest, Suliqu region’s criminal organization, is standing in your way!

It’s nice and exciting to see fan-made Pokémon content on a high level, but there is a possibility that Nintendo will make an effort to shut it down.

What is required to play?

You only need the base and vanilla Minecraft version 1.8.8. With these things at hand, you can download the map and play it at your leisure.

I advise you to waste no time in downloading this map. The video has the step-by-step instructions that will help you install the game. Fortunately, you do not need extra mods to play Pokémon Cobalt and Amethyst.

The game can be downloaded  here.

Minecraft Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst instructions video

5 Tips To Play Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst

1. Hidden Machine in the Game

Here is a short guide on where you can find the Hidden Machines (HM’s) in the game. For more detailed information click here.

Hidden Machine Short Guide
HM01 Cut This is probably the most important HM in the game. You can use it to attack your opponents and remove obstacles from your path. You can find the HM01 on the western side of Mezzo town. The guard will give you the HM01 after you approach him. You can teach your Pokémon to learn HM01. After getting HM01, venture out to Route 17 for the tree on the pathway.
HM04 Strength You will not have any trouble in seeing a large boulder blocking one of the pathways when you get to Monolith City. In order to remove the boulder, you must train your Pokémon to have strength. You can get this HM from a man near the junction to Monolity City. Don’t worry about answering the riddle correctly. You will get HM04 without any problems. It is now time for you to deal with the boulder that is blocking your path.
HM02 Fly You cannot take HM02 for granted. With HM02 in your possession, you can travel with speed. You can get this HM from a man near a ladder and a waterhole. You will see him when you head to the cave along Route 21.
HM05 Rock Smash This HM is in the huge house near the Gym within Palisade Town. The HM is on the second floor of the house. You will find it near the eastern window. You can train any of your Pokémon to learn the technique after the HM06 is in your possession.
HM03 Surf You use this HM to help you Pokémon learn the Surf technique. The Surf technique will come in handy when you need to travel across a body of water. You will also need it when you are facing a rock or fire type Pokémon. Cedar (non-playable character) will give you this HM at Tempest Station. You will get it after fighting Mathers.

2. Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst Pokedex

The Pokedex can be viewed (column Main)  here.

You will find, as of today, all 138 Pokemon complete information there. Name, Region, Height, Weight, Type, Catch rate, HP, ATK, Move set (depends on the level), etc…You just name it!

3. Legend Pokemon map

The map with Legend Pokemon can be seen (column Wild) here.

There are 27 places where you can catch Legend Pokemon. Don’t miss it!

4. Information about trainers

The trainers’ information can be read (column Trainers) here.

You may want to want to find about 88 trainers’ locations, etc…

5. Pokemon Cobalt moves guide

If you want to know accuracy, power, PP, type and attack style of 229 move, (column Moves) click here.

Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst Walkthrough video

Minecraft is one dynamic game that continues to attract gamers from all walks of life. To the delight of many Minecraft fans, a new mod gives them an opportunity to play Pokémon Cobalt and Amethyst saga.

Following the tips above can help you maneuver through the game. Have fun!

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