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legend of solgard gameplay guide

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legend of solgard gameplay guideIt’s surprisingly that well-known game publisher King and developer Snowprint decided to use match-three puzzle to create a role-playing game. You may think what is big deal about matching colours/tiles/etc with no need to ever think deeply. Now, with Legend of Solgard, you may change your mind about match-three puzzle game.

Do you have time for Legend of Solgard review or let say a short Legend of Solgard wiki? if yes then check the list below or just read from top to bottom.

  1. Legend of Solgard game idea
  2. How to play Legend of Solgard
  3. Legend of Solgard Game Modes
  4. Creatures’ Collection in Legend of Solgard
  5. Upgrade system in Legend of Solgard
  6. Daily Award system in Legend of Solgard
  7. Legend of Solgard Tips
  8. Legend of Solgard Gameplay Videos

Let’s start with a question – is it free? Yes, it’s. Legend of Solgard is free to download and… play.

Will you be able to play? Yes, you will if you have iOS or Android system. Use below links to download Legend of Solgard game.

Legend of Solgard – Android

Visit Official Legend of Solgard site

Legend of Solgard Game Idea

legend of solgard hero emblaDo you want to save the world?! Then you are at the right place and at the right time. You are HERO… by name Embla. All heroes has something special, so you will have a special disk that you will use to summon your creatures to fight for. You already know how to summon, yes, match same creatures and get bigger and stronger creature!

It’s very simple approach to summon but the game has mechanics to support different ways to do it.

The idea can be compared with Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes game for DS from 2009 that had turn-based troop-combining mechanics.

How to play Legend of Solgard

The battlefield is a portrait-mode field. You have three moves and your opponent has three moves. When it’s your turn, you move/drag your creature to create a line of three, cross, L or T-shapes to produce a larger and stronger creature.

To defense yourself, you can create a defensive barrier by making a row of three or more same defender creature. Some defender creatures built a defensive barrier as their ability if you math them in a line of three.

You can assemble your team by three or four creatures for each game. It will depends on the level’s requirement.

You will have certain amount of energy to play campaigns. By leveling up, your energy amount will increase but spending limit will increase too. It is rechargeable. You will just need to take a break, read a newspaper or have a cup of coffee.

Legend of Solgard Game Modes

legend of solgard game modesYou will be really busy to go through all game modes to keep up with the game. More game modes will be unlocked for you to play upon your level going up.

  • Campaign game mode is main game mode to safe the world. You will go through different worlds that are with different main monster that need to be defeated.
  • Treasure caves game mode is available only twice a day with 7 turns each. The main purpose is to harvest as many Gems as you can.
  • Bounties game mode is to claim bounties on villains. This is the way to earn Gold. You will need a lot of gold!
  • The dungeons game mode is guild’s game mode. Be awarded by fighting together!
  • Hero arena game mode is to test your brawn in thrilling duels with other players.
  • Boss arena game mode is to take on bosses! It will be available to you at level 11. So keep playing!
  • Underworld game mode is to fight through Hel’s chambers. It will be available to you at level 12.
  • Special events are always presented to earn more and get stronger!

And… we are told that More game modes coming soon!

Creatures’ Collection in Legend of Solgard

legend of solgard creature collectionEach creature has two special abilities, three or four strengths and two idols. The abilities and strengths can be upgraded by collecting Gems and Ability Dust. The idols are required crafting.

All creatures have characteristics as strength, merge bonus, big bonus, crit chance, growth, sync bonus, shape bonus and block chance. These characteristics will change upon upgrades or ranking up a creature.

First difference in monsters is creature’s colour. There are four colours – red, yellow, green and purple.

Second difference is monster’s Race. The races are the following:

  • beast – attacker, supporter and defender roles
  • warrior – defender, attacker and supporter roles
  • small folk – supporter and attacker roles
  • critter – supporter, defender and attacker roles
  • spirit – attacker, supporter and defender roles
  • wyrm – defender and attacker roles
  • wight – supporter and attacker roles

Third difference is creature’s rarities. There are four of rarities: common, rare, legendary and epic.

Fourth difference is Hold. Hold means after how many turns this creature will attack. So far, the maximum Hold is 3.

Upgrade system in Legend of Solgard

legend of solgard shopBy playing the game, you will be awarded with Gems, Ability Dust, Gold, Diamonds and Idol Molds.

  • Gems are used for each individual monster. You can upgrade your monster or unlock new character.
  • Ability Dust is needed to upgrade monster’s individual stats and special moves. Dust has different colours according and can be used only for the same colour monster.
  • Gold is gold! You need it to upgrade or rank up your monster.
  • Diamonds are a game currency that can be spend on purchasing different items as a creature, ability dust, chests or gold.
  • Idol molds are available at your Hero level 11. You’ll get a free Idol Mold (plus some Crafting Materials and Gold) the first time you visit the Boss Arena. Battle the Bosses to get more Molds.
  • Cash purchases that are helping developer to run the game and help you to be the strongest one. Spend your money wisely!

You may use your Raid tickets to to farm elite locations that Embla has already conquered and get instant loot!

Daily Award system in Legend of Solgard

legend of solgard daily bonusesYou will received additional and free goodies by completing daily quests and login bonus. Every 4 hours you can open free chest. Everyday you have one free Sun Gems from the shop. Don’t waste it, anything and everything counts!

Legend of Solgard Tips

Legend of Solgard gameplay experience allowed us to gain some tips that we want to share with you.

  • Normal level – you should concentrate on destroying a portal not clean up enemies. The portal is the enemy’s base. Destroy the source!
  • Boss level – there won’t any portal so the boss has to be killed as soon as possible. But pay attention for the boss’s supporters because some bosses can be easily killed through them.
  • To create stronger creature by matching them in shapes is good thing but don’t forget that you will need a shield as well. The defensive shield can be created by matching the same creatures in a row.
  • Pay attention for enemy attack strength (number on the enemy), so you can somehow calculate what is better to do – wait to attack or have a defensive shield asap.
  • Remember that you have only 3 moves. Try to arrange your creatures in a way that your next move will have a chance to build a shape. A prediction is the magic!
  • By choosing creatures for your team, the HOLD number is very important. The best is thelegend of solgard hold number HOLD=0. Just imagine that you have all your creatures with HOLD=3, there is a chance that you will have no chance to attack.
  • Don’t rush, play slowly but surely!
  • Don’t rush to spend your Gold on your first creatures. Keep in mind that by unlocking new ones, they will be stronger and with better abilities.
  • By joining a guild you will have additional buffs. But you have to work for it as to donate gold and participate in the boss battles. be active member!
  • Don’t forget to get your daily bonuses. Any extra staff counts!
  • Bounties are the place when you will get richest chest and a LOT of gold! So go for it!
  • You may join Legend of Solgard Reddit community here.
  • How to use Raid tickets – watch video below.

Please don’t be shy and share your tips and gaming experience by leaving comment below.

Legend of Solgard Gameplay Videos

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