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Wordscapes Vine answersWordscapes Vine 1

Gem, Rig, Rim, Germ, Grim, Mime, Grime, Grimmer, Meg, Mire

Wordscapes Vine 2

Cone, Heel, Hole, Lone, Once, Clone, Hence, Leech, Echelon

Wordscapes Vine 3

Con, Eve, One, Cove, Even, None, Oven, Coven, Convene

Wordscapes Vine 4

Free, Mere, Peer, Reef, Rump, Perm, Puree, Femur, Perfume

Wordscapes Vine 5

Gee, Get, Leg, Let, Net, Ten, Gene, Glee, Teen, Gent, Glen, Lent, Gentle, Genteel

Wordscapes Vine 6

Riot, Rots, Sort, Stir, Trio, Iris, Trios, Visit, Visor, Visitor

Wordscapes Vine 7

Ill, Oil, Chi, Hill, Kill, Lick, Hick, Chill, Hillock

Wordscapes Vine 8

Foul, Loaf, Flab, Buff, Bola, Foal, Bluff, Afoul, Buffalo

Wordscapes Vine 9

Low, Owl, Wow, Oily, Will, Lily, Lowly, Willow, Willowy, Yowl

Wordscapes Vine 10

Bus, Buy, Cry, Rub, Sub, Bury, Busy, Cubs, Curbs, Scrub, Scrubby, Ruby, Cur

Wordscapes Vine 11

Den, Dye, End, Eye, Yen, Deny, Need, Eyed, Needy, Decency

Wordscapes Vine 12

Bait, Beat, Beta, Bite, Boat, Vibe, Vote, Above, Obviate, Iota

Wordscapes Vine 13

Gin, Gun, Gut, Inn, Nun, Nut, Tin, Tug, Nit, Tiny, Tying, Unity, Tuning, Untying, Unit, Tinny

Wordscapes Vine 14

Foe, For, Off, Ore, Per, Pro, Err, Fore, Rope, Pore, Repo, Offer, Proffer

Wordscapes Vine 15

Hem, Hen, Hey, Ice, Icy, Men, Chin, Hymn, Inch, Mice, Mine, Nice, Niche, Chime, Mince, Chimney

Wordscapes Vine 16

Crop, Poor, Port, Root, Coot, Rotor, Troop, Coopt, Proctor

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