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Wordscapes Scale answersWordscapes Scale 1

Far, Fir, Sir, Afar, Airs, Fair, Firs, Fairs, Safari

Wordscapes Scale 2

Dale, Deal, Late, Lead, Tale, Teal, Dealt, Delta, Elated

Wordscapes Scale 3

Ill, Imp, Lip, Ply, Lily, Limp, Mill, Pill, Imply, Limply

Wordscapes Scale 4

Deer, Doer, Need, Nerd, Redo, Reed, Rend, Rode, Drone, Erode, Redone

Wordscapes Scale 5

Tee, Seer, Tees, Test, Tree, Reset, Steer, Terse, Retest, Setter, Street, Tester

Wordscapes Scale 6

Dual, Laud, Loud, Opal, Aloud, Upload, Load

Wordscapes Scale 7

Sets, Sews, Sits, Ties, West, Wets, Wise, Wits, Sites, Stews, Wisest

Wordscapes Scale 8

Melt, Mole, Molt, Role, Rote, Term, Tome, Tore, Metro, Merlot, Motel

Wordscapes Scale 9

Ago, All, Log, Gall, Goal, Loan, Long, Along, Anglo, Gallon

Wordscapes Scale 10

Date, Days, Dyes, East, Easy, Eats, Seat, Stay, Teas, Sated, Yeast, Stayed, Steady

Wordscapes Scale 11

Code, Coed, Demo, Dome, Mode, Decoy, Comedy, Come

Wordscapes Scale 12

Clay, Lass, Lays, Sacs, Says, Slay, Class, Scaly, Classy, Lacy

Wordscapes Scale 13

Act, Ash, Cat, Has, Hat, Sac, Sat, Saw, Was, Cash, Cast, Chat, Swat, Thaw, Wash, What, Swath, Watch, Swatch

Wordscapes Scale 14

Ante, Anti, Neat, Tine, Inane, Innate, Nine

Wordscapes Scale 15

Den, Doe, Led, Ode, Old, Dole, Done, Lend, Lode, Lone, Loon, Node, Noel, Olden, Noodle

Wordscapes Scale 16

Alto, Atom, Loam, Malt, Mart, Moat, Molt, Oral, Tram, Moral, Mortal, Molar

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