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Wordscapes Palm answersWordscapes Palm 1

Net, Per, Tee, Ten, Peer, Rent, Teen, Tree, Enter, Preen, Repent

Wordscapes Palm 2

Awed, Dame, Made, Mead, Meow, Owed, Wade, Mowed, Meadow

Wordscapes Palm 3

Moss, Muse, Some, Sues, Sums, Uses, Mouse, Muses, Mousse

Wordscapes Palm 4

Fees, Free, Furs, Fuse, Reef, Refs, Ruse, Seer, Sure, Surf, User, Reefs, Refuse, Reuse

Wordscapes Palm 5

Ash, Asp, Has, Lap, Pal, Sap, Spa, Lash, Lass, Pals, Sash, Slap, Spas, Slash, Splash, Pass

Wordscapes Palm 6

Elm, Let, Toe, Meet, Melt, Mole, Molt, Tome, Emote, Omelet, Motel

Wordscapes Palm 7

Its, Pit, Rip, Sip, Sir, Sit, Pics, Spit, Stir, Tics, Tips, Crisp, Trips, Strip, Script

Wordscapes Palm 8

Firs, Fish, Fist, Fits, Hits, Rift, Sift, Stir, This, First, Shirt, Shrift, Shift

Wordscapes Palm 9

Arc, Can, Car, Con, Coo, Orca, Acorn, Corona, Racoon, Corn

Wordscapes Palm 10

Gore, Hero, Hope, Ogre, Pore, Repo, Rope, Grope, Gopher

Wordscapes Palm 11

Opt, Pet, Pot, Tie, Tip, Top, Tot, Poet, Tote, Petit, Tiptoe

Wordscapes Palm 12

Edge, Eels, Else, Gels, Legs, Seed, Ledge, Sledge, Sled

Wordscapes Palm 13

Alt, Lat, Lay, Sat, Say, Vat, Salt, Slat, Slay, Stay, Vast, Salty, Vastly, Last

Wordscapes Palm 14

Beer, Beet, Belt, Leer, Reel, Beret, Rebel, Treble

Wordscapes Palm 15

Air, Ran, Sir, Airs, Iris, Rain, Rains, Raisin

Wordscapes Palm 16

Hoes, Hole, Hose, Lose, Shoe, Sole, Vole, Holes, Hovel, Shove, Solve, Shovel, Loves

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