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Wordscapes Dune AnswersWordscapes Dune 1 – Level 769

Arc, Car, Our, Cur, Coal, Cola, Curl, Oral, Coral, Carol, Ocular

Wordscapes Dune 2 – Level 770

Gala, Glee, Lake, Leak, Gale, Geek, Kale, Keel, Leek, Eagle, Algae, Leakage

Wordscapes Dune 3 – Level 771

Ore, Red, Rob, Rod, Bod, Doe, Orb, Bro, Err, Ode, Bore, Bred, Robe, Rode, Redo, Bode, Doer, Order, Borer, Border

Wordscapes Dune 4 – Level 772

Lard, Dram, Alarm, Drama, Llama, Mallard

Wordscapes Dune 5 – Level 773

Cent, Hens, Nest, Nets, Sent, Tech, Tens, Then, Etch, Chest, Scent, Stench

Wordscapes Dune 6 – Level 774

Harp, Hoop, Horn, Poor, Roan, Apron, Orphan, Harpoon

Wordscapes Dune 7 – Level 775

Acts, Ants, Cans, Cash, Cast, Cats, Chat, Hats, Scan, Tans, Than, Chant, Scant, Snatch, Stanch

Wordscapes Dune 8 – Level 776

Core, Tore, Tree, Rote, Retro, Rector, Erector

Wordscapes Dune 9 – Level 777

Date, Ease, East, Eats, Seat, Seed, Teas, Tease, Stead, Sedate

Wordscapes Dune 10 – Level 778

Pose, Soup, Sues, Uses, Sops, Opus, Puss, Posse, Spouse

Wordscapes Dune 11 – Level 779

App, Nap, Pan, Pay, Sap, Spa, Spy, Pap, Asp, Snap, Span, Sappy, Nappy, Snappy

Wordscapes Dune 12 – Level 780

Ices, Nice, Seen, Sine, Scene, Since, Niece, Scenic, Science

Wordscapes Dune 13 – Level 781

Duh, Duo, Hot, Hut, Lot, Old, Out, Too, Ooh, Hood, Loud, Thud, Told, Tool, Hoot, Loot, Thou, Lout, Outdo, Holdout

Wordscapes Dune 14 – Level 782

Arch, Crab, Carb, Char, Orca, Cobra, Roach, Abhor, Broach

Wordscapes Dune 15 – Level 783

Air, Art, Oar, Rat, Rot, Tar, Oat, Tot, Roar, Tart, Iota, Ratio, Trait, Tarot, Traitor

Wordscapes Dune 16 – Level 784

Dill, Doll, Idol, Ills, Lids, Oils, Oily, Slid, Soil, Sold, Idly, Lily, Silo, Sill, Idyll, Solidly

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