Wordscapes Dune Answers

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Wordscapes Dune 1

Arc, Car, Our, Cur, Coal, Cola, Curl, Oral, Coral, Carol, Ocular

Wordscapes Dune 2

Gala, Glee, Lake, Leak, Gale, Geek, Kale, Keel, Leek, Eagle, Algae, Leakage

Wordscapes Dune 3

Ore, Red, Rob, Rod, Bod, Doe, Orb, Bro, Err, Ode, Bore, Bred, Robe, Rode, Redo, Bode, Doer, Order, Borer, Border

Wordscapes Dune 4

Lard, Dram, Alarm, Drama, Llama, Mallard

Wordscapes Dune 5

Cent, Hens, Nest, Nets, Sent, Tech, Tens, Then, Etch, Chest, Scent, Stench

Wordscapes Dune 6

Harp, Hoop, Horn, Poor, Roan, Apron, Orphan, Harpoon

Wordscapes Dune 7

Acts, Ants, Cans, Cash, Cast, Cats, Chat, Hats, Scan, Tans, Than, Chant, Scant, Snatch, Stanch

Wordscapes Dune 8

Core, Tore, Tree, Rote, Retro, Rector, Erector

Wordscapes Dune 9

Date, Ease, East, Eats, Seat, Seed, Teas, Tease, Stead, Sedate

Wordscapes Dune 10

Pose, Soup, Sues, Uses, Sops, Opus, Puss, Posse, Spouse

Wordscapes Dune 11

App, Nap, Pan, Pay, Sap, Spa, Spy, Pap, Asp, Snap, Span, Sappy, Nappy, Snappy

Wordscapes Dune 12

Ices, Nice, Seen, Sine, Scene, Since, Niece, Scenic, Science

Wordscapes Dune 13

Duh, Duo, Hot, Hut, Lot, Old, Out, Too, Ooh, Hood, Loud, Thud, Told, Tool, Hoot, Loot, Thou, Lout, Outdo, Holdout

Wordscapes Dune 14

Arch, Crab, Carb, Char, Orca, Cobra, Roach, Abhor, Broach

Wordscapes Dune 15

Air, Art, Oar, Rat, Rot, Tar, Oat, Tot, Roar, Tart, Iota, Ratio, Trait, Tarot, Traitor

Wordscapes Dune 16

Dill, Doll, Idol, Ills, Lids, Oils, Oily, Slid, Soil, Sold, Idly, Lily, Silo, Sill, Idyll, Solidly

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