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Wordscapes Cover answersWordscapes Cover 1

Ale, Earl, Lure, Real, Rule, Equal, Ruler, Rural, Quarrel

Wordscapes Cover 2

Led, Pet, Tee, Deep, Peel, Pelt, Pled, Tepee, Delete, Peeled, Pelted, Deplete

Wordscapes Cover 3

Can, Man, Cam, Lam, Calm, Clan, Clam, Canal, Almanac

Wordscapes Cover 4

Aunt, Pair, Part, Rain, Ruin, Tarp, Trap, Trip, Turn, Unit, Anti, Pita, Rant, Input, Paint, Print, Train, Turnip, Puritan

Wordscapes Cover 5

Act, Sat, Sac, Tau, Tic, Cast, Cats, Cuts, Suit, Cacti, Cactus, Caustic, Sit

Wordscapes Cover 6

Atop, Coat, Cope, Cute, Pace, Pact, Peat, Poet, Coup, Pate, Taco, Pout, Acute, Coupe, Teacup, Outpace

Wordscapes Cover 7

Guy, Rug, Yes, Rue, Err, Grey, Sure, Urge, User, Ruse, Surge, Urges, Surer, Surgery

Wordscapes Cover 8

Core, Crop, Cure, Pure, Rope, Euro, Purr, Repo, Purer, Recur, Recoup, Procure, Coupe

Wordscapes Cover 9

Cue, Sue, Sun, Use, Lens, Clues, Uncle, Nucleus

Wordscapes Cover 10

Six, Sex, Sets, Site, Ties, Exits, Sites, Exists, Sixties, Sit

Wordscapes Cover 11

Bob, Boy, Bye, Ore, Rob, Orb, Bore, Obey, Robe, Yore, Berry, Robber, Robbery

Wordscapes Cover 12

Cold, Lack, Lock, Pack, Clad, Clod, Clap, Coda, Cloak, Polka, Padlock, Opal, Load

Wordscapes Cover 13

Dry, Duo, Old, Our, Pod, Pro, Yup, Drop, Lord, Loud, Pour, Duly, Poly, Prod, Proud, Proudly, Ply

Wordscapes Cover 14

Date, Deal, Late, Lead, Tale, Dale, Teal, Dealt, Delta, Latte, Tattled

Wordscapes Cover 15

Rye, Wry, Ewe, Wee, Eel, Reel, Rely, Were, Leer, Jeer, Jewel, Leery, Jewelry

Wordscapes Cover 16

Dire, Dirt, Herd, Hire, Ride, Tide, Tire, Heir, Tier, Diver, Drive, Hired, Their, Third, Tired, Tried, Rivet, Divert, Thrive, Thrived

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