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Wordscapes Amber 1

Jets, Jolt, Lose, Lost, Lots, Slot, Sole, Toes, Jots, Jest, Stole, Jostle

Wordscapes Amber 2

Fuel, Glue, Gulf, Lung, Glen, Flue, Luge, Flung, Lunge, Engulf

Wordscapes Amber 3

Thug, Gout, Thou, Goth, Ought, Tough, Though

Wordscapes Amber 4

Lure, Mule, Rule, Femur, Lemur, Flume, Muffle, Ruffle, Muffler

Wordscapes Amber 5

Foes, Foul, Fuse, Self, Soul, Louse, Souffle

Wordscapes Amber 6

Dorm, Drum, Hour, Dour, Humid, Humor, Humidor

Wordscapes Amber 7

Are, Ark, Art, Ate, Ear, Eat, Era, Rat, Tar, Tea, Area, Rate, Take, Tear, Trek, Rake, Teak, Taker, Karate

Wordscapes Amber 8

Bone, Bore, Born, Lobe, Lone, Robe, Role, Lore, Noel, Noble, Loner, Borne, Nobler

Wordscapes Amber 9

Con, Ice, Ion, Men, Mob, Bin, Bio, Cob, Coin, Comb, Come, Cone, Icon, Mine, Nice, Once, Omen, Mince, Income, Combine

Wordscapes Amber 10

Axle, Text, Taut, Lute, Latex, Exalt, Latte, Textual

Wordscapes Amber 11

Stew, Test, West, Wets, Ewes, Sweet, Tweet, Wettest

Wordscapes Amber 12

Fray, Lark, Rank, Yarn, Flak, Yank, Flay, Nary, Flan, Lank, Flank, Frank, Frankly

Wordscapes Amber 13

Lie, Sir, Vie, Ire, Evil, Live, Rise, Vile, Isle, Veil, Sire, Vise, Liver, Silver, Sliver

Wordscapes Amber 14

Pier, Pipe, Prep, Ripe, Tire, Trip, Rite, Tier, Pert, Piper, Tripe, Tipper

Wordscapes Amber 15

Halt, Hate, Heal, Heat, Late, Tale, Teal, Lathe, Health

Wordscapes Amber 16

Dime, File, Film, Fled, Lied, Life, Lime, Mild, Mile, Deli, Idle, Meld, Field, Filmed, Midlife

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