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wordbrain pumpkin answersWordbrain Pumpkin Pack was released on October 25 2017. Below you will find all Wordbrain Pumpkin answers and walkthrough videos. Enjoy the game!

Keep in mind, after game’s updates, some answers can be changed and starter screen can be different. Let us know and we will update the answers and walkthrough video. Thanks in advance!

Wordbrain Pumpkin 1

Supposed, Attempt, Monopoly, Engineer, Delegate, Concrete, Stream, Immediately

Wordbrain Pumpkin 2

Padlock, Circuit, Possibly, Insight, Colonel, Location, Minister, Contemporary

Wordbrain Pumpkin 3

Forget, Academic, Organize, Famous, Proposed, Creation, Finance, Dispute, Create

Wordbrain Pumpkin 4

Upstairs, Excuse, Compete, Kitten, Strong, Clothing, Fifteen, Guilty, Suggestion

Wordbrain Pumpkin 5

String, Persuade, Helmet, Computer, Breathe, Agency, Presence, Rather, Criticism

Wordbrain Pumpkin 6

Worker, Follow, Golden, Always, Investor, Pillar, Anyone, Unlikely, Presidential

Wordbrain Pumpkin 7

Progress, Ethics, Electric, Future, Slippers, Together, Acquire, Nursery, Grapes

Wordbrain Pumpkin 8

Changing, Arrange, Visitor, Molecule, Entire, Desert, Monster, Advanced, Nowhere

Wordbrain Pumpkin 9

Election, Regard, Rabbit, Oxygen, Catholic, Threat, Lifetime, Timing, Biological

Wordbrain Pumpkin 10

Circle, Killer, Instance, Radical, Hundred, Rapidly, Library, Grammar, Condition

Wordbrain Pumpkin 11

Weekend, Courage, Apparent, Billion, Broken, Dramatic, Beside, Tenant, Reinforce

Wordbrain Pumpkin 12

Suddenly, Convince, Attorney, Darling, Tonight, Official, Double, Investigator

Wordbrain Pumpkin 13

Effort, Literary, Manner, Slightly, Generate, Overlook, Moderate, Distribution

Wordbrain Pumpkin 14

Pretend, Bronze, Landing, Cinema, Refugee, Whatever, Closer, Adjust, Competition

Wordbrain Pumpkin 15

Weakness, Teaspoon, Exactly, Unusual, Employee, Interval, Develop, Appointment

Wordbrain Pumpkin 16

Action, Result, Ongoing, Cousin, Lecture, Sequence, Stinger, Saddle, Acknowledge

Wordbrain Pumpkin 17

Nearby, Portrait, Clinic, Accuse, Shopping, Midnight, Status, Tendency, Assembly

Wordbrain Pumpkin 18

Import, Embrace, Garage, German, Interest, Message, Personal, Script, Assumption

Wordbrain Pumpkin 19

Planning, Approach, Ambition, Vertical, Column, Weather, Anyway, Recently, Sweet

Wordbrain Pumpkin 20

Arrival, Purchase, Person, Building, Around, Except, Producer, Speaker, Disposal

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