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Wordbrain Genie Pack was released on October 25 2017. Below you will find all Wordbrain Genie answers and walkthrough videos. Enjoy the game!

Keep in mind, after game’s updates, some answers can be changed and starter screen can be different. Let us know and we will update the answers and walkthrough video. Thanks in advance!

Wordbrain Genie 1

Dominant, Equation, Settle, Absolute, Critic, Versus, Surgery, Arrival, Violence

Wordbrain Genie 2

Credit, Another, Stripe, Herself, Sphere, Feature, Except, Headline, Imagination

Wordbrain Genie 3

Teenager, Bathroom, Concrete, Spinach, Drawing, Flight, DesignerContribution

Wordbrain Genie 4

Preserve, Seminar, Income, Diverse, Disease, Monster, Suggest, Plenty, Container

Wordbrain Genie 5

Perfect, Sector, Squeeze, However, Brother, Sandwich, Limited, Cactus, Attention

Wordbrain Genie 6

Emperor, Suddenly, Storage, Chainsaw, Spring, Capable, Sausage, Budget, Complain

Wordbrain Genie 7

Zodiac, Bishop, Terrace, Remember, Liberty, Require, Possess, Operate, Virtually

Wordbrain Genie 8

Describe, Search, Estimate, Apparent, Depict, Boundary, Wisdom, Fourth, Directly

Wordbrain Genie 9

Practice, Numerous, Listen, Identify, Priest, Sequence, Action, Ordinary, Anchor

Wordbrain Genie 10

Pension, Motion, Regular, Reporter, Pleasure, Running, Custom, Tongue, Technique

Wordbrain Genie 11

Relate, Assume, Deficit, Release, Trading, Symbol, Unicycle, Holiday, Membership

Wordbrain Genie 12

Suppose, Evolve, Forever, Subject, Housing, Capital, Control, Double, Opposition

Wordbrain Genie 13

Whether, Magazine, Butcher, Compound, Return, Backpack, Ministry, Occasionally

Wordbrain Genie 14

Scissors, Import, Fashion, Vision, Banana, Glance, Shopping, Formal, Improvement

Wordbrain Genie 15

Accurate, Unusual, Easily, Attend, Artist, Funnel, Properly, Matter, Destruction

Wordbrain Genie 16

Captain, Molecule, Elderly, Category, Bottle, Shoulder, Literary, Specifically

Wordbrain Genie 17

Conduct, Gesture, Medicine, Nearly, Infant, Wander, Writer, Whenever, Nomination

Wordbrain Genie 18

Goldfish, Summer, Review, Upstairs, Better, Appoint, Attorney, County, Emphasize

Wordbrain Genie 19

Battle, Likely, Whisper, Invasion, Always, Crisis, Strange, Aerial, Conservative

Wordbrain Genie 20

Province, Empire, Discount, Develop, Surely, Mainly, Missile, Create, Commitment

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