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Welcome to The Myth of Pokemon Pets!

pokemonpets-free-online-pokemon-mmorpg-gameA Pokémon game with all the existing pokémon from all possible franchises, is a dream come true for Pokémon fans.

There are many browser based games out there, but only one truly shines through, and that is Pokémon Pets.

When you open up your search browser window and type “Pokémon browser game” into the search bar, you are bombarded with a myriad of game options to choose from.

However, Pokémon Pets has it all in terms of gameplay, presentation, quality, and overall performance. The balance and gameplay makes it worth anyone’s time, even for just one try.

It could even be considered the best game of its kind out there to date. Fulfilling and surpassing the wildest dreams of Pokémon fans all over the internet.

The developer of Pokémon Pets, Furkan Gozukara, started out with a loosely similar game as a thesis project, known as MonsterMMOPRG. It gained popularity due to amazing gameplay and features, as well as enhanced mechanics. Leading to thousands of players, and the numbers are still growing into an expansive community.

Pokémon Pets is actually the sequel, that was created at the request of fans. Due to the fans wanting recognizable characters, such as pokemon, rather than unknown original monsters despite the high regard felt for MonsterMMORPG. Thus MonsterMMORPG led to the creation of Pokémon Pets.

Best Free Pokemon MMO RPG – Pokemon Pets Review

What is required to play Pokemon Pets?

Simple, you, your wish to play and your computer. O, yes and internet of course. No plugin or toolbar or download required in order to play this bets pokemon MMORPG. All you need is a good internet browser like, for instance, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

What to do first?

Playing this game brought back memories of playing a pokémon game on a Nintendo DS. You first choose a sprite for your character, and a starter pokémon.

Can I change my starter? – yes, you can. At any time from your control panel!

pokemon pets account registration

What are Pokemon Starters?

pokemon pets pokemon starter

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The presentation of Pokémon Pets is really very superb; with a simple navigational interface. Such as tool tips for most buttons, streamlining a beginner’s experiences as well as seasoned players. This feature has even been added to the pokémon themselves.

For example, when a wild pokémon is encountered, its picture comes up and you have the choice to flee or stay for the battle. Included in this feature is a brief description of the wild pokémon’s features that was encountered. A simple, yet very useful tool in this game.

What is Pokemon Pets Pokedex?

There are many great artists involved in the making of Pokémon Pets, giving explanation for the shiny forms and high quality graphics applied to the seven-hundred twenty-one pokémon.

pokemon pets pokedex full list

There is also a complete pokédex database specifically made for this game. When a wild pokémon is encountered, you are shown whether you have had prior encounters with that pokémon and the outcome of them. All of this information is available for access throughout the game at any time.

pokemon pets pokemon pokedex list sample

Click here to see all Pokemon List

How many Pokemon classes?

There are seven different Pokémon classes:

  1. Starter
  2. Common
  3. Uncommon
  4. Rare
  5. Ultra Rare
  6. Legendary
  7. Shiny

It will make your game more challenging.

Gameplay is well balanced and very well coded for user’s enjoyment. All skills and abilities are available with complex effects to enhance the user’s experience.

Pokéball catch rates work flawlessly from decreasing a wild Pokémon’s HP, to increase catch rate. Inflicting negative status effects, such as paralyzing and sleep on them can also increase catch rates.

There is also an option to trade or sell items or pokémon with other users. All found in the game, within an online store; built into the framework and also easy to navigate. Once something is posted in it, other players will be able to search for your items that you have posted and be able to see them.

The option to sell or trade a pokémon to another for gold or another pokémon is also available. Trade offers will show up on your screen when posed by another user, thereby making the transaction possible.

A ranking system that calculates your overall performance is included, to tighten the already competitive trainer circles. It is calculated through a lengthy, but logical, formula provided in the Pokémon Pets forums. The elements within the formula include: experience, unique pokémon count, pokémon count, how many legendaries, shinies, rare, common, and uncommon pokémon are factored in as well.

Pokémon level and DPS are also factored in, really showing who the best trainer within the game is. This gives a blueprint to strive for as the best pokémon trainer a person can be in the game.

How many game maps in Pokemon Pets?

You won’t believe it. There are 520 detailed game maps!  So you won’t be bored with your favorite Pokémon to battle, train and capture!

pokemon pets game map sample

You begin in a unique town, with a unique map and progress through the world from there. Your character can be moved with the WASD keys (, or by mouse click on arrows positioned on the screen. By walking to them, getting to a pokémon center is similar to Nintendo based games version.

Remembering to bring potions and PP restoring items on adventures is a must, due to pokémon centers availability being sporadic, as it is in Nintendo games as well. There are NPCs to battle all throughout the world. When one NPC is battled, there must be a refresh period before the next battle can occur.

Despite this, it is possible to level up through wild pokémon too; just like in other MMORPGs the wild pokémon increase in difficulty as you move up to higher level maps.

Gym battles are available and gym badges are awarded when you defeat the battles associated with them. The excessive number of pokémon’s in the game, make for a lot of gym badges just waiting a trainer to take them.

PVP is another feature that has bragging rights on this game platform. You can challenge other players you encounter in your travels or you can search for users you know of in the search screen field. Making possible live battles possible, or a computer-controlled version of another player’s character and pokémon for your own practice. All of this is recorded in battle conclusion logs, that are updated live on the PVP screen, seen by all online players.

Pokémon Pets is a MMORPG, which means you play with other trainers in the same world. Each player approaching it in their own unique way, whether they try to simply find all available pokémon, or battle every trainer they see there is a path here for anyone interested in Pokémon type games.

No doubt, Pokemon Pets is the best Pokemon MMORPG. It’s out there for you. Pokemon fans, you must try!

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