100 Best Anime Movies Of All Time [1956 – 1968]

100 best anime movies of all time

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The list of 100 the best anime movies of time continues! Let’s check timeline from 1956 to 1968.

100 Best Anime Movies List (continue)

11. Chibikuro Sambo no Tora Taiji (ちびくろさんぼのとらたいじ) – 1956

One of the best anime movies, Chibikuro Sambo no Tora Taiji, a Japanese anime movie released in 1956, based on a children’s book named “Little Black Sambo” by Helen Bannerman, tells the tale of a young boy named Chibikuro Sambo and his trysts with a tiger. Chibikuro Sambo is a brave and kind-hearted kid residing in a minuscule hamlet in India. One day, he crosses paths with a famished tiger seeking to devour him, but Chibikuro Sambo cleverly outwits the tiger and befriends him.

What’s noteworthy about Chibikuro Sambo no Tora Taiji is how it presents the tiger. The movie depicts the tiger as an amiable, jocund creature, yearning to have a gala time, a portrayal scarcely witnessed in Western media.

The animation in Chibikuro Sambo no Tora Taiji is strikingly impressive, considering it’s more than six decades old, and the soundtrack’s catchy tunes enhance the movie’s overall vivacious and buoyant ambiance.

All in all, Chibikuro Sambo no Tora Taiji is an entertaining and enjoyable movie for both children and grown-ups. The alluring animation, endearing characters, and the uplifting message of companionship and benevolence render it a “feel-good” movie worth experiencing. If you’re a classic anime aficionado or just seeking a fun and light-hearted movie, then Chibikuro Sambo no Tora Taiji is an absolute must-watch.

12. Koneko no Rakugaki or The Kitten’s Scribbling (こねこのらくがき) – 1957

Koneko no Rakugaki or The Kitten’s Scribbling (こねこのらくがき)

Koneko no Rakugaki, also known as The Kitten’s Scribbling, is a 1957 Japanese best anime movie that has captivated audiences for decades. It is a classic that is beloved for its unique animation style, touching story, and adorable characters.

Koneko no Rakugaki was produced in 1957 by Kazuhiko Okabe and Taku Sugiyama. It is based on the illustrated book by Kimio Yabuki, who also directed the film.

The movie is centered around Koneko, who loves to draw with a crayon. Her scribbling may seem like a mess to the adults, but they have a special meaning to her. Koneko meets a little boy named Ryoichi, who finds her drawings fascinating. The two become friends, and Koneko helps Ryoichi to express his feelings through her drawings.

Koneko no Rakugaki is more than just a cute children’s movie. It has several themes and messages that are relevant to people of all ages. One of the main idea is the power of art and creativity to communicate and connect with others. Koneko’s scribbling may seem like a mess to the adults, but they have a special meaning to her and help Ryoichi to express his feelings.

Koneko no Rakugaki is a classic and the best anime movie that has stood the test of time. It has been loved by generations of Japanese children and adults and then has been translated into several languages for international audiences.

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13. Fukusuke (ふくすけ ) – 1957

Fukusuke (ふくすけ )

Fukusuke, the little frog, was born with a head as dense as stone. His head was so heavy that his cradle could not withstand its weight and broke, causing him to land on his head. Growing up, he found it challenging to stand on his hind legs and had to walk on his hands instead.

Fukusuke’s determination led him to find creative solutions to his physical challenge. For instance, he learned to jump on a pogo stick upside-down and even fly a kite by holding the string with his toes.

Fukusuke’s father tried everything to help his son stand on his legs. He first tied helium balloons to Fukusuke’s waist, which helped him for some time, but the balloons were eventually destroyed by some mean birds. Then, he took Fukusuke to a scientist who tested an experimental remedy in his lab. Unfortunately, the experiment exploded, causing Fukusuke to float up to the ceiling and defy the laws of gravity.

As a result, Fukusuke’s father had to hold him down with strings to bring him back home. Finally, they decided to make some heavy shoes for Fukusuke, which helped him stand on his legs and walk like a regular frog.

In conclusion, despite his physical challenges, Fukusuke showed resilience and creativity in finding unique ways to live his life. His father’s tireless efforts and love also helped him overcome his obstacles.

14. The Tale of the White Serpent or Panda and the Magic Serpent (白蛇伝) – 1958

The Tale of the White Serpent or Panda and the Magic Serpent (白蛇伝)

One of the est anime movies, “The Tale of the White Serpent” or “Hakujaden” is a historic Japanese animated feature film released in October 1958. It was the first full-length color animation film made in Japan.

Toei Animation was a newly established film company in 1956, and it founded Toei Doga (now Toei Animation) with the aim of exploring the potential of animated feature films. The animation process was an arduous one, with a team of 42 rookie animators working under the guidance of veteran staff members. The film took about seven months to create, with a production cost of 40,471,000 yen, 16,474 original drawings, and 65,213 animation drawings.

The film is about a young man named Xu Xian, who falls in love with a beautiful snake spirit named Bai-Niang. The story has its roots in ancient Chinese mythology, and it was adapted for the screen by a team of talented creators, including Okabe Kazuhiko, a painter and mountaineer, who created the basic setting for the story and design. The background was created by Hachimoto Kiyoshi, a stage art director, and other art-related personnel who were active at that time. Yabushita Taiji, who had directed short animated films such as “The Scribbles of a Kitten,” was in charge of the storyboarding and directed the film.

First time, the film production was the use of live-action footage to create character movements. This technique had been used by Disney for its feature films, but it was a new and innovative approach for Japanese animation. Actors such as Mizuki Jo and Sakuma Ryoko played the main characters in the live-action footage, and the footage was then used as a reference for the animation.

The film also received recognition for its quality, winning the 1958 Art Festival Group Encouragement Award, the Blue Ribbon Special Award, and the Mainichi Film Competition Special Award. It also received high acclaim overseas, winning the Venice International Children’s Film Festival Special Award, the Berlin Citizen Culture Award, and the Mexican Government Honorary Award.

15. Koneko no Studio or Kitty’s Studio (こねこのスタジオ) – 1959

Koneko no Studio or Kitty’s Studio (こねこのスタジオ)The animated work features anthropomorphized kittens and mice, inspired by the motif of doodling cats coming to life. Throughout the entirety of the 13-minute monochrome piece, the soundtrack consists solely of music and sound effects, with no dialogue. It is said to have utilized approximately 40,000 frames of animation, with nearly full animation throughout.

Renowned animator Yasuji Mori, referred to as the “god of animation,” participated as the main animator in this work. While it was created as a warm-up during the preparations for the first full-length animated film, “The Tale of the White Serpent,” it shows a remarkably animation style that captures the charm of the characters and the movement of the animation. As such, it can be regarded as the origin of numerous animal anthropomorphization animations that followed. A color work featuring the same characters was later produced under the title “Koneko no Studio.”

This one of the best anime movies is considered a classic in Japanese anime history as is an inspiring message how it is important to follow your dreams and never giving up.

16. Magic Boy (少年猿飛佐助) – 1959

Magic Boy (少年猿飛佐助)

“Magic Boy” (少年猿飛佐助) is a Japanese best anime movie that was released in 1959. The “Magic Boy” was directed by Taiji Yabushita and it was produced by Toei Animation.

The story of the movie follows Sasuke, a young boy who possesses magical powers. The boy is sent by his master to protect a princess from an evil witch and her minions. Sasuke faces many challenges and battles, using his magical abilities to help him overcome his enemies.

This film was the first anime film which was released in the United States. It was dubbed in English and released under the title “The Magic Boy” in 1961. The film was accepted and got warm welcome for its beautiful animation and exciting action scenes, and helped to establish anime as a popular genre outside of Japan.

17. Princess Kaguya (かぐや姫) – 1961

Princess Kaguya (かぐや姫)Princess Kaguya (かぐや姫) is a 1961 Japanese best anime film based on the classic Japanese folklore “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.” This anime movie was directed by Isao Takahata, co-founder of Studio Ghibli, and is considered one of the greatest anime films ever made.

The movie follows the story of a mysterious girl who is found in a bamboo stalk and is raised by a bamboo cutter and his wife. The girl grows up to be a beautiful young lady, and her beauty attracts many suitors, including the Emperor. The story takes many different twists and other turns. The story ending is one of the most heartbreaking and beautiful moments in anime history.

The film’s art is based on the paintings of the Heian period. The film’s animation is based on the mimics the look of watercolor paintings. This gives the movie a unique and beautiful look that is unlike any other anime film.

The music of Princess Kaguya (かぐや姫) is composed by Joe Hisaishi. He is a frequent collaborator with Studio Ghibli. The movie knowns for its beautiful and haunting melodies, which are perfectly complement its storyline and animation.

18. Tetsuwan Atom or Astro Boy (鉄腕アトム) – 1962-1966

Tetsuwan Atom or Astro Boy (鉄腕アトム)Tetsuwan Atom, or Astro Boy, is a popular anime series that aired in Japan from 1962 to 1966. Astro Boy’s anime series were created by Osamu Tezuka. Osamu Tezuka also can be called as the “Godfather of Manga”. Tetsuwan Atom follows the adventures of a powerful robot named Astro Boy, who fights for justice and peace in a futuristic world.

The animation style of Tetsuwan Atom is characteristic of anime from the 1960s, with simple character designs and bright colors. The series was innovative for its time due to advanced animation techniques and to bring the world of robots and futuristic technology to life on the screen.

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19. Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon (わんぱく王子の大蛇退治) – 1963

Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon (わんぱく王子の大蛇退治)

More of the best anime movies is Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon, also known as Wanpaku Ōji no Orochi Taiji in Japanese, is a 1963 anime movie. The film was produced by Toei Animation. The film is based on the Japanese folktale of Susanoo, the god of storms, who battles an eight-headed dragon named Orochi.

The story of Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon, based on the adventures of a young prince whose name is Susano. The prince is sent on a quest to slay the eight-headed dragon Orochi. The dragon Orochi has been terrorizing the people of a nearby village. The prince is determined to stop it.

This best anime movie has a memorable musical score which is composed by Akira Ifukube. It helps heightening the drama and tension of the story.

20. Princess Knight (リボンの騎士) – 1967-1968

Princess Knight (リボンの騎士)

The last one of the best anime movies in thi article is Princess Knight, Ribbon no Kishi in Japanese, is a popular anime series that aired in Japan from 1967 to 1968. The film series is based on a manga Ribbon no Kishi by Osamu Tezuka. The story follows the adventures of a brave young princess named Sapphire. She must disguise herself as a boy to protect her kingdom.

Since her birth, Sapphire has both a boy’s and a girl’s heart. Because her kingdom requires a male heir to the throne, so her parents raise her as a boy. She was named as Prince Franz. Sapphire must keep her true identity hidden from everyone, even her closest friends.

The film series was one of the first shoujo anime. The Shoujo anime features a female protagonist. It was breaking new ground in a genre. All previously anime had been dominated by male characters.

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