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Struggling to find the perfect synonyms for “badly”? Look no further! Discover another word for badly in your writing with this guide.

This article will explore a multitude of synonyms that can replace “badly” in your writing and help you add depth and variety to your vocabulary.

Whether you’re a student, a professional writer, or simply someone looking to enhance their language skills, this information is sure to come in handy.

So, let’s dive into a world of words and discover new, interesting ways to express yourself!

Common Synonyms for “Badly”


  • Poorly

For example, “The student performed poorly on the exam, receiving marks that reflected a lack of preparation and understanding.”

  • Ineffectively

For example, instead of saying “The plan was executed badly,” one could say “The plan was executed ineffectively.” This shift in wording highlights the fact that the outcome was not what was intended, and places more focus on the unsuccessful result.

  • Inadequately

For example, “The emergency response team was inadequately equipped, causing a delay in providing crucial assistance to those in need.”

  • Incompetently

For example, “The contractor was hired to complete the project, but they performed incompetently, causing the timeline to be pushed back and the budget to skyrocket.”

  • Unskillfully

For example, “The chef’s dishes lacked flair and were unskillfully prepared, resulting in a lack of customers for the restaurant.”

These synonyms are commonly used in place of “badly” but be careful when using them! Depending on the context, some of these another words for badly might carry a negative connotation that you don’t want to convey.

Descriptive Synonyms for “Badly”


  • Disastrously

Here is an example, “The company’s expansion plans were executed disastrously, leading to financial ruin and a tarnished reputation.”

  • Terribly

What about this example, “The weather conditions during the hike were terribly unfavourable, with heavy rain and strong winds making the journey strenuous and dangerous.”

  • Woefully

This can be as an example, “The football team’s performance was woefully inadequate, with countless mistakes and a lack of teamwork resulting in a heavy defeat.”

  • Appallingly

For instance, “The state of the public hospital was appallingly poor, with outdated equipment and a shortage of staff, leaving patients with limited access to adequate healthcare.”

  • Dreadfully

For example, “The actor’s performance was dreadfully received by the audience, with poor delivery and a lack of emotion causing a disconnect with the audience.”

If you’re looking for a more descriptive another word for badly, these synonyms might fit the bill. These words convey a sense of disappointment or frustration, making them perfect for use in negative contexts.

Figurative Synonyms for “Badly”

  • Awry

For example, “The carefully crafted plan went awry, with unforeseen circumstances causing the project to veer off course and meet with failure.”

  • Amiss

For example, “The spaceship’s mission was nearly doomed when it was discovered that something was amiss with the engines, threatening to jeopardize the entire endeavor.”

  • Astray

For instance, “The young sailor’s navigation skills went astray, causing the ship to stray off course and into treacherous waters.”

  • Off-kilter

Foe example, “The carefully balanced ecosystem was thrown off-kilter by the introduction of a new species, causing a ripple effect throughout the entire food chain.”

  • Mishandled

Here is the example, “The delicate diplomatic situation was mishandled, resulting in a major diplomatic incident and a strain on international relations.”

These synonyms are often used in a figurative sense, meaning that something has gone wrong or is not functioning as it should. They can be used to describe not just physical objects but also abstract concepts, such as relationships or plans.

Informal Synonyms for “Badly”

  • Bummed

Here we go for another word for badly, “The teenager was bummed after their favorite band cancelled the concert, leaving them without a fun weekend activity.”

  • Down in the dumps

Looks like example from real life, isn’t? “The usually cheerful employee was feeling down in the dumps after a string of rejections and setbacks in their personal and professional life.”

  • Pissed

Traffic can affect your badly for sure, “The driver was pissed after getting stuck in traffic for hours, causing them to be late for an important meeting.”

  • Crummy

For example, “The employee was having a crummy day after receiving criticism from their boss and dealing with multiple technical difficulties in their work.”

  • Lousy

For example, “The football team’s season was off to a lousy start, with several losses and lackluster performances causing frustration among fans.”

These informal synonyms are perfect for casual conversation or writing. They are more colloquial in nature and may not be appropriate for more formal writing contexts.


“Badly” is a useful word, but it’s important to switch things up in your writing to keep your audience engaged. Whether you choose one of the synonyms listed above or another word for badly entirely, don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new. Remember, the goal is to write in a way that’s clear, concise, and engaging – and using synonyms is one way to achieve that!

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