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1Bed, Big, Canoe, Compass, Crown, Dentist, Dog, Earring, Fan, Fist, Odd, Pirate, Porridge
2Cyclops, Cookie, Faucet, Fish, Kite, Melon, Pie, Salt, Scale, Salute, Suitcase, Toilet
3Broom, Biscuit, Candle, Doctor, Horse, Feather, Log, Label, Pigsty, Soap, Stairs, Wolf
4Birthday, Boot, Bite, Doll, Cow, Chimney, Multiply, Moth, Rope, Shin, Sink, Turtle, Wide
5Bomb, Book, Balloon, Center, File, Hammer, Lemon, Monkey, Mouth, Piano, Pipe, Umbrella
6Bedroom, Cane, Carrot, Chainsaw, Corner, Fly, Gap, Oval, Paint, Shoulder, Surgery, Tin
7Banana, Bolt, Church, Down, Haystack, Plate, Pumpkin, Skull, Shallow, Sheep, Tug, Tree
8Edge, Eyeball, Hen, Golf, Mailbox, Pepper, Peach, Plane, Shower, Scarf, Straw, Whisper
9Bacon, Bald, Elbow, Eat, Fin, Moon, Planet, Puzzle, Pencil, Switch, Sun, Rooster, Zipper
10Crack, Dog, Globe, Glue, Fence, Mushroom, Medal, Sad, Square, Thin, Talk, Whistle, Whale
11Apple, Ask, Bathroom, Canoe, Corn, Duck, Empty, Fang, Female, Root, Iron, Thumb, Vitamin
12Comb, Chin, Faucet, Fork, Goat, Left, Male, Marble, Meat, Snail, Timber, Tall, Jump, Witch

Update: Comb, Male, Marble, Snail, Timber, Senior, Goat, Jump, Meat, Fork, Tall, Left, Chin, Witch

13Bed, Collar, Drink, Glass, Gloves, Profit, Pump, Rocket, Snowman,  Sword, Trophy, Joker
14Ask, Boot, Cake, Cucumber, Ladder, Mast, Napkin, Shovel, Saw, Stairs, Slippers, Window
15Bell, Broom, Brush, Cannon, Eye, File, Full, Kite, Negative, Pen, Patient, Toaster, Tent
16Angle, Boots, Card, Cup, Earring, Sink, Log, Steak, Shield, Upstairs, Trousers, Toilet
17Aerial, Blouse, Doorbell, Flower, Mast, Record, Tomato, Skirt, Sausage, Target, Wing
18Bat, Bee, Corner, Church, Dart, Fruit, Grapes, Melon, Noose, Robot, Sheriff, Tie, Teapot
19Board, Box, Butcher, Chimney, Hook, Hatchet, Money, Peace, Puzzle, Stern, Turtle, Wink
20Arrow, Buckle, Cart, Cat, Cork, Coconut, Game, Lava, Magnet, Japan, Question, Wolf, Wink


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