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Welcome to Ultimate Wordbrain Cheats Guide!

WordBrain answersHey stranger or may we call you Wordbrain solver or simply brainiacs?! If you are here then you may need a help or you may want to help others.

Just for your information, Wordbrain game was released on December 23, 2013. And it’s still a HIT!

Don’t hide your talent and share you Wordbrain answers with other players by leaving comments below. You will be never forgotten for your help!

How can I download Wordbrain?

We understand that if you are reading this that means you are already have Word brain game in your tablet or smartphone.

But if you are accidentally stop here but suddenly, you are interested to play, we prepared few links for you. No worries, Wordbrain puzzle game is free to play!

Why we said free-to-play because if you got stuck in the game, you may wish to pay real bucks to see the hint. It’s why we are here and ask everybody to contribute to Ultimate Wordbrain Cheats Guide.

How to use Wordbrain hints?

As in any other game, it’s easy to get stuck on one of the levels. From the beginning, to get you really into the game, some hints will be given to you. When you finished a category, you will be awarded by other hints. The category usually contains 20 puzzles.

You also can get more hints by watching videos or by rating the game.

Use the hint to reveal a letter in the order. Unfortunately, you may have to use all your hints to solve and find the entire word. To bad, there is no tricks or cheats to have more hints in this game.

Here it comes – money solution. As any other game, to get extra stuff, you need to pay real money.

At the end of the day, if all brainiacs can help each other to play and go through this game, we will be stronger and smarter!

Ultimate Wordbrain Cheats Guide

Wordbrain cheats
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  1. Hi I am trying to complete Wordbrain Doctor level 2 and I found I just couldn’t do it, no matter how hard i tried. When I went to Wordbrain Cheats for Doctor Level 2 I found that my game is different to all the games on google – some of the words are the same but they all are in a different place to the one that is on my phone. My top line reads LLABNGE, 2ND LINE IS LELHAUS, 3rd line EELPUEB

    so while I can get in DICE TOOTH WHEEL PLUM DOORBELL UMBRELLA – I can’t get in HANDBALL BED SHIN – and interestingly enoug the hint for my third word is L and not H – I am sure that word should read LANGUAGE – BUT THERE IS A B IN THE WAY- AND I am stumped – can you help please.

    • The answers are Dice, Tooth, Language, Wheel, Bed, Plum, Doorbell, Umbrella, Shin. It usually happens when the game has been updated. Thank you for asking! So we can fix it. 🙂 Also you may wish to watch updated walkthrough video here – https://youtu.be/3V4Xfc5BNgQ.

  2. I’m having the same problem with Doctor Level 2. The word I’m trying to spell is language, not handball but it’s impossible to do. The You Tube video link you sent does not work.

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