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Sports Nad 0



Description:  Have you ever said to yourself like “I’m gonna be rich!” Take your chance and upgrade that MegaDrill.  Dig very down into the Earth to salvage the treasures that you need to be RICH! You have twenty five (25) weeks to gather as much money as possible to buy the boat of your dream.  Go on a well earned vacation at your dream place! Tons of treasures, twelve (12) trophies and five (5) different endings based on your performances. Play, upgrade and play again and play again!
Instructions: Use Left and Right buttons or A and D letters to steer the Drill. Up button or W letter to burn a nitro (must be upgraded first). Use mouse to launch the Mechanical Mole (must be upgraded first).
MegaDrill Walkthrough, MegaDrill Review and MegaDrill Cheats !
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