14 Ways For Good Anime To Watch Online

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Welcome to 14 Ways For Good Anime To Watch Online!

Are you anime fan? Then check out these 14 ways to watch popular anime shows online. If you are not anime fan yet, then look at these 14 ways and you may become anime fan forever!

As a term, the anime  was based on the word animation. Japanese animated productions, anime, are featuring computer generated or hard drawn characters. Fantastic themes, vibrant characters as a well colorful graphics were greatly associated with Japanese-style anime.

Nowadays, people from all over the world have become a huge fan of these Japanese animated series, shows and films.


good anime to watchThe best site for good anime to watch online, read manga and much more. It’s not completely free, although. There is 14 days free trial. If you love it, you may consider to be a subscriber to their service for small monthly fee to watch unlimited best anime online.

Cruhchyroll is also available on iOS and Android devices.

2. Animehaven

animehavenThe site that delivers high definition anime videos for free is AnimeHaven. The site went live 2 years ago. They already gain a popularity  and a large group of fans following. It’s mainly due to the efforts of its team to keep the site updated at all times and the high quality that it offers to its users.

3. Watch-Anime.net

best anime to watchOne of the best source for English subbed anime movies and shows is Watch-Anime.net. Not only that, you can read your favorite manga here too.

At any given time, you will find that there are hundreds fans who logged into the website and watching the different shows it features.


hulu4. Hulu

Another one of the best anime streaming sites is Hulu. Hulu is well-known for its high quality videos. Hulu is also well-known for its wide selection of anime series as well as movies.

Unfortunately, Hulu may not be available in some parts of the world. But if you live in some parts of Asia, UK, the US and Europe than Hulu’s service should be easily accessed by you.

 5. GoGoAnime.io

good anime to watchIf Hulu may not be available in your area then GoGoAnime is your option.  GoGoAnime.io provides worldwide service. The best and a dedicated website for all anime lovers with mobile version.  It’s featuring tons of contents from cartoons, comics, drama, anime movies to Manga. What’s else you can wish!

6. MasterAni.me

anime streaming sitesMasterAni.me is another amazing online anime streaming site for good anime to watch. The site description is simple, it’s  an anime database. The database with info and streams to watch anime in high definition. The release section  is the best feature of MarterAni.me. It tells you exactly in how many hours you can expect a new show. Isn’t cool!

7. AnimeFreak.tv

best animeAnime Freak’s website holds the latest anime episodes power. At the same time, you can watch drama or read your favorite manga.

If you want to watch original anime versions then it’s right place to be. If you want to watch dubbed anime version, then stay here and watch or search for it.

8. AnimeShow.TV

good anime to watchPopular or the latest anime episodes can be found here. Simple navigation for the best results. You can watch high quality anime series shows. All anime series are with English subs.

9. Soul-anime.to

As it’s said, it’s the best site to watch anime online for free. So, check it out. They also have movie archive and mobile version.

10. Chia-anime.tv

best animeChia Anime is the best site that contains not only good anime to watch online but also anime sountracks, manga for reading and anime movies. The website is not well organized but usable. So, give it try.

11. RyuAnime.io

good anime to watchRyuAnime is a anime streaming website. The site has been created by anime lovers to share with other anime fans. You can watch most popular anime shows, both subtitled and dubbed. Whatever, you prefer. There is also read manga option available.

Unfortunately, there will be some pop ups ads that are annoying and sometimes not safe. Use it on your risk.

12. Anilinkz.tv

popular anime showsThe site is one of the simplest anime streaming site with popular anime shows to watch. You may not find many good anime to watch but still there are some choice. Check it out and keep in your anime streaming sites list.

13. Anime-Planet.com

As it says, the site is run by fans, for fans. It’s a legal anime streaming  site with more than 40,000 good anime to watch videos. It’s HD and ad free service fr their members. They stream the best anime shows via Crunchyroll, Viki and Hulu.

14. Moetube.net

MoeTube.net runs by computer geeks who loves anime. It is the fastest anime streaming site.

Please let us know what do you think above mentioned list. Do you any other website for good anime to watch? Your opinion is very important for us. Please leave you honest comment below.

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