100 Best Anime Movies Of All Time

100 best anime movies of all time

Welcome to 100 Best Anime Movies Of All Time!

100 best japanese anime movies of all timeThe Japanese animation is a century old! The first Japanese animation piece that was made and produced in 1917. That means, 2017 is really big deal for the history of anime.

The Tokyo Anime Award Festival (TAAF) that was hold from 10 of March to 13 of March , 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. The list of the best 100 anime movies of all time was created by the organizers. This is the best 100 anime movies list is unique due to a chronological timeline of the best anime’s 100-year history.

None of us are 100 years old it is worse to know of the best of the best! So, what TAAF chose? Let’s go through the list.

100 Best Anime Movies List

1The Dual Sword (なまくら刀) – 1917

It is a slapstick comedy.

Watch a Digitally Restored Version

2The Golden Flower (こがねの花) – 1929

When a man returns from the village festival he has a strange adventure on a hill.

3Ocho Fujin no Gensou (お蝶夫人の幻想 ) – 1940

A faithful Japanese wife, Butterfly, waits patiently in Nagasaki for the return of Pinkerton, her American husband. She sees the Stars and Stripes fluttering atop an approaching ship and rightly surmises that Pinkerton is on board. However, the feckless foreigner is arriving in the company of his “real” Caucasian wife. It is causing the heartbroken Butterfly to commit suicide. This masterpiece of Japanese silhouette animation.

4Momotaro’s Sea Eagles (桃太郎の海鷲) – 1942

It’s designed to encourage people to celebrate the December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor as a victory against evil forces.

Watch Momotaro’s Sea Eagles

5Kumo to Tulip or The Spider and the Tulip (くもとちゅうりっぷ) – 1943

A spider attempts to lure a ladybug into his web. When ladybug manages to escape, she hides in a tulip. A storm comes that batters the spider, while the ladybug remains safe. 

Watch The Spider and The Tulip

6Momotarou: Umi no Shinpei or Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors (桃太郎 海の神兵 ) – 1945

After resting in their villages at the foot of Mt. Fuji, a company of a bear, a monkey, a pheasant, and a dog travel southward. A squadron flies to Onigashima under the command of Momotarou. Momotarou and company will take over the island. The village children pretend parachuting with glee as they run towards Mt. Fuji.

Watch Momotaro’s Divine Sea Warriors

7Cherry Blossom: Spring’s Fantasy – 1946

It’s a visually artistic animation. There is no real story. It follows a pair of butterflies as they drift past various beautiful depictions of animals and people.

Watch Cherry Blossom: Spring’s Fantasy

8 Abandoned Cat Little Tora (すて猫トラちゃん) – 1947

A family of cats find an abandoned kitten. They take him in to their home. But one of the siblings becomes jealous about how much attention the new cat gets from her mother. She runs away from home. The new member of the family goes looking for her. Can he bring her back home safely? Can he get her to accept him as part of the family?

Watch Abandoned Cat Little Tora

9 The Whale (くじら) – 1952

The story begins with the creak of a mast being raised on an ancient sailing ship.  A storm descends upon the ship. The ship sinks into the murky waters. When the sea calms, a number of survivors float…

Watch The Whale

10 Piggyback Ghost (おんぶおばけ) – 1955

It is based on a popular folk legend.

11Chibikuro Sambo no Tora Taiji (ちびくろさんぼのとらたいじ) – 1956

The story is based on the Japanese edition of Little Black Sambo book.

12Koneko no Rakugaki or The Kitten’s Scribbling (こねこのらくがき) – 1957

It is a short anime of Yasuji Mori about a kitten that is drawing pictures on a wall.

13Fukusuke (ふくすけ ) – 1957

Fukusuke is the frog. Fukusuke is born with a head as heavy as stone…

Watch Fukusuke.

14The Tale of the White Serpent or Panda and the Magic Serpent (白蛇伝) – 1958

As a young boy, Xu-Xian is forced to free his pet, a small snake. Unbeknownst to him, the snake is actually a young snake goddess named Bai-Niang. She is in love with him. Many years later, Bai-Niang is magically transformed into a human. She wants to find her love. But the local wizard believes her to be a vampire He banishes Xu-Xian from the village in order to save him. Xu-Xian’s pet pandas Panda and Mimi set out to save him.

Watch Panda and the Magic Serpent

15Koneko no Studio or Kitty’s Studio (こねこのスタジオ) – 1959

The kitten from Yasuji Mori’s earlier “Koneko no Rakugai” or “The Kitten’s Scribbling” returns. This time putting his talents toward directing a samurai film which is starring his mouse friends.

Watch Kitty’s Studio

16Magic Boy (少年猿飛佐助) – 1959

A boy named Sasuke and his sister live in a forest. They live along with several young animals of different species. Sasuke decides to look for a magician master to learn to fight against Yakusha avenge the death of his pet and to save Japan.

Watch Magic Boy’s trailer

17Princess Kaguya (かぐや姫) – 1961

It was an educational stop motion animation for children.  It is an innovative modern version of the classic tale using puppets and cutouts.

Watch Princess Kaguya

18Tetsuwan Atom or Astro Boy (鉄腕アトム) – 1962-1966

TV series. Dr. Tenma, a scientist, loses his only son, Tobio, in a car accident. He loses himself in his latest project. He creates Atom, a robot boy programmed to be forever good…

Watch Astro Boy Episode 1

19Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon (わんぱく王子の大蛇退治) – 1963

The story of the God Susanoo (as a cute boy), whose mother Izanami had passed away. He was deeply hurt by the loss of his mother. His father Izanagi told him that she had gone to the heavens. Despite Izanagi’s warnings, Susanoo eventually sets off to find her.

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20Princess Knight (リボンの騎士) – 1967-1968

Princess Sapphire is a girl raised as a Prince. Through the mischief of an angel, the princess is born with both boy’s mind and a girl’s body. There is no boy successor in her kingdom. Sapphire is raised as a boy. The evil ministers try to reveal her secret.

Watch Princess Knight’s Episode 1

21Perman (パーマン) – 1967-1968

TV series that are about a clumsy boy, Mitsuo Suwa. He is chosen to apprentice to a powerful superhero.

22Star of the Giants (巨人の星) – 1968-1971

TV series that are about the actual baseball team Yomiuri Giants using fictional characters.

23Little Monster or Kaibutsu-kun (怪物くん) – 1968-1969

TV series are about Kaibutsu-kun and his companions, Dracula, Wolfman, and Franken. They travel from Monster Land to the Human Realm. They encounter and battle several monsters, mainly assassins from the demon group Demonish.

#YearAnime Movie NameStory
241968The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun (太陽の王子 ホルスの大冒険)A boy with a mythical sword wants to protect a Norse village from an evil ice wizard and his minions, who destroyed his family’s village. However, the villagers don’t fully trust him. A mysterious girl with a dark secret befriends him. Click here to watch trailer.
251968Breaking of Branches is Forbidden (花折り )It is a puppet film is a moral tale about a disciple who was justly punished for a momentary lapse. Click here to watch film.
261968-1969Sabu and Ichi’s Arrest Warrant (佐武と市捕物控)TV series about a young Edo bakufu investigator’s, Sabu, adventures  who is traveling with the blind master swordsman Ichi.
271969The Wonderful World of Puss in the Boots (長靴をはいた猫)It’s a comic adaptation of Charles Perrault’s classic fairy tale. The tale is about a clever musketeer feline in boots. Click here to watch it.
281969-1971Tiger Mask (タイガーマスク )TV series about Tiger Mask. His real was Naoto Date. He was a feared heel wrestler in America who was extremely vicious in the ring. A boy wanted to be like him. Tiger was inspired to be a heroic wrestler. Click here to watch original trailer.
291969-1971Attack No. 1 (アタックNo.1)TV series is about a high school girl, Kozue Ayuhara. She was transferred to Fujimi Academy. She tried out for the school volleyball team. It is the first televised female sports anime series.
301970Shin Tenchi Souzou or The Creation (新・天地創造 )It’s short animation film. Click here to watch film.
311971Animal Treasure Island (どうぶつ宝島)It’s an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.
321971-1972Lupin the Third Part I (ルパン三世)The series centers on the adventures of Arsène Lupin III. He is the grandson of Arsène Lupin who is the gentleman thief of Maurice Leblanc’s series of novels.
331972-1974Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (科学忍者隊ガッチャマン)TV series about five-member superhero team. Click here to watch trailer.
341972-1974Mazinger Z (マジンガーZ)TV series about an enormous super robot, Mazinger Z, which was constructed with a fictitious metal called Super-Alloy Z. Click here to watch Mazinger Z Intro.
341972Panda! Go, Panda! (パンダ・コパンダ)The short film is about a bright little girl, Mimiko and Panda’s family. Click here to watch opening trailer.
 351973Belladonna of Sadness (哀しみのベラドンナ)There are Jeanne and Jean who are happy newlyweds in a rural village. Their idyll is promptly shattered when Jeanne… Click here to watch official trailer.
 361973-1974Aim for the Ace! (エースをねらえ!) TV series about a high school student, Hiromi Oka. She wants to become a professional tennis player. But she struggles against thwarted love, anxiety and mental weakness. Click here to watch Aim for the Ace!
371974Heidi, Girl of the Alps (アルプスの少女ハイジ)This anime series follows girl named Heidi’s the childhood “adventures”. Heidi lives with her grandfather somewhere on the Alps. Click here to all episodes of Heidi, Girl of the Alps.
381974-1975Space Battleship Yamato (宇宙戦艦ヤマト)It’s a science fiction anime series (26 episodes) featuring an eponymous spacecraft.
391975Gamba no Boken (ガンバの冒険)Gamba, an adventurous wild mouse, travels with his friends to see the ocean. Gamba finds an injured mouse. He hears about the violence of white ferret Noroi. Gamba decides to help the mice suffering under ferret’s tyranny.
4019763,000 Leagues in Search of Mother (母をたずねて三千里)52 episodes about an Italian child who goes on a journey to find his mother in Argentina. Click here to watch 3,000 Leagues in Search of Mother.
411976Doujouji Temple (道成寺  )The story of a young priest who finds himself the object of intense infatuation and lust from a young woman.
421977-1978Invincible Super Man Zambot 3 (無敵超人ザンボット3)A Super Robot anime series that lasted for 23 episodes. Click here to watch Invincible Super Man Zambot 3 opening.
431977Minna no Uta (みんなのうた)
441978Future Boy Conan (未来少年コナン)The world is nearly destroyed by a war. A young boy and his friends must fight to save the world. To save from those who seek to conquer what is left of civilization (26 episodes). Click here to watch all episodes.
451979Anne of Green Gables (赤毛のアン)It is 50 animated television series that was adapted from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s the novel, Anne of Green Gables. She is a young orphan living in 19th century from Canada.  Click here to watch all episodes.
461979-1980Mobile Suit Gundam (機動戦士ガンダム)It is year 0079 of the Universal Century or the year 2124. Mankind has moved to space, living in colony clusters. One of these colonies declares declares war on the Earth Federation. the Earth Federation has developed its own powerful mobile suit called the Gundam (43 episodes). Click here to watch Mobile Suit Gundam Opening Trailer.
471979Galaxy Express 999 (銀河鉄道999)It’s the film version. The adventures of a brave young boy. He travels from planet to planet in a determined quest to avenge his mother’s death.
481979Aim for the Ace! film version (エースをねらえ!)The story is about a high school girl, Hiromi Oka. She struggles to become good at tennis.
491979Castle of Cagliostro (ルパン三世 カリオストロの城)After a successful robbery leaves Lupin III, famed thief, and Jigen, his partner, with nothing … but a large amount of fake money… Click here to watch Castle of Cagliostro trailer.
501981Jarinko Chie (じゃりン子チエ)The film version. The story of a small dependable girl, Chie Takemoto. She lives in Osaka with her dad. She has to goals: 1. to get her troublesome father, who runs a tavern, some work; 2. get him to make up with her mother, who left him.
511981Adieu Galaxy Express 999Two years after the events in Galaxy Express 999. Earth has become a battleground.
521981-1986Urusei Yatsura (うる星やつら)It’s based on comedic manga series. The Oni, an alien race, arrive on Earth to invade the planet. Instead of taking over the planet by force, the Oni give humans a chance. A competition is to fight for the rights to the planet. 195 episodes.
531982Gauche the Cellist (セロ弾きのゴーシュ)A cellist in a small orchestra receives help from animals who help him practice his music. Click here to watch Gauche the Cellist trailer.
531982-1983The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (超時空要塞マクロス)The story depicts “a love triangle against the backdrop of great battles” during the first Human-alien war in 36 episodes. Click here to watch trailer.
541983-1984Armored Trooper Votoms (装甲騎兵ボトムズ)A century of bloodshed between warring star systems has plunged nearly 200 worlds into the flames of war (52 episodes). A main character is  a special forces Armored Trooper pilot, Chirico Cuvie. Click here to watch episodes.
551983OkonjoruriIt short 26 mins film about an old witch doctor who is struggling with her craft. It invokes the spirit of a magical fox. Together they help heal the many sick people around her village…
 561983-1984Magical Angel Creamy Mami (魔法の天使クリィミーマミ)It is a magical girl anime of 52 episodes. The story about an ordinary 10-year-old girl, Yū Morisawa, until she sees a spaceship floating in the sky… Click here to watch episode 1.
571984Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer (うる星やつら2 ビューティフル・ドリーマ)Not all is normal in Tomobiki, even by its standards. The problems arise when some students begin to notice that the next day simply will not come… Click here to watch it.
581984-1985Little Memole (とんがり帽子のメモル)The story about a group of 245 inhabitants. They are from a planet called Riruru. They make a crash landing onto Earth from their spaceship…
591985Broken Down Film (おんぼろフィルム)A cowboy seeks to rescue, then woo, a damsel in distress. But he is constantly thwarted by the breaks, the scratches, and other imperfections which are present in the film print itself. Click here to watch Broken Down Film.
601986Castle in the Sky (天空の城ラピュタ)It is the story about the adventures of a young girl and boy who are attempting to keep a magic crystal from a group of pirates and foreign agents, in their search for a legendary floating castle. Click here to watch trailer.
 61 1987Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise (王立宇宙軍 オネアミスの翼)It’s science fiction film about a young astronaut, In an alternative Earth, who participates in a controversial fledgling space program. Click here to watch trailer.
621988My Neighbor Totoro (となりのトトロ)It is the story of the two young professor’s daughters (Mei and Satsuki). How they interact with friendly wood spirits in postwar rural Japan. Click here to watch cute summary of the movie.
631988Grave of the Fireflies (火垂るの墓)The Second World War. The story of a brother and sister, Seita and Setsuko.  It’s about their desperate struggle to survive during the final months of the War. Click here to watch movie.
641988Akira (アキラ)A secret military project endangers Neo-Tokyo when it turns a biker gang member into a rampaging psychic psychopath, Akira. There are only a group and two teenagers of psychics who can stop Akira. Click here to watch trailer.
651988-1989Mobile Police Patlabor (機動警察パトレイバ)Two OVA series. In the future, rapidly advancing technology gives birth to giant robots known as “Labors”. They are named for their usefulness in heavy industry. However, this also gives rise to “Labor crimes.” As a result there are needs for a new branch of law enforcement equipped with and dedicated to the policing of Labors… Click here to watch trailer.
661989-1990Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai! (御先祖様万々歳!)Six, thirty minutes episodes. The story about a family who is thrown into irreparable turmoil by the arrival of a descendant from the future.  Click here to watch episode 1.
671990-1991Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (ふしぎの海のナディア)There are 39 episode that follow a former circus performer named Nadia and a young inventor named Jean. Nadia wishes to return to her home which is in Africa. Click here to watch episodes.
681991Chuumon no Ooi Ryouriten (注文の多い料理店)The story about 2 young British hunters who get lost in the woods. They discover a strange restaurant. Are the hunters about to discover… how it feels to be the hunted? Click here to watch movie.
691992-1993Sailor Moon (美少女戦士セーラームーン)The story of Usagi Tsukino’s, a young schoolgirl, .adventures She’s  named  as she transforms into the titular character to search for a magical artifact. The artifact is called the “Legendary Silver Crystal”… Click here to watch opening trailer.
 70 1992-1998 Giant Robo (ジャイアント・ロボ – 地球が静止する日)It’s based on the manga Mitsuteru Yokoyama. The story explores a society that within the span of one week was completely brought down. Due to dependency on a single energy source… Click here to watch intro trailer.
711993Patlabor 2: The Movie (機動警察パトレイバー 2)3 years later of events in Patlabor 1 – Mobile Police. It’s 2002.  In South East Asia, the destruction of a United Nations Labor team.  It begins the build-up to a deadly terrorist plan. The plan threatens to send shock waves throughout military of Japan… Click here to watch original Japanese trailer.
 72 1995-1996Neon Genesis Evangelion (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン)26 episodes about a teenage boy who pilot a giant bio-machine mecha called an Evangelion in a futuristic Tokyo fifteen years after a worldwide cataclysm… Click here to watch theatrical trailer.
731995MemoriesThe film is made up of three science-fiction shorts stores: 1. Magnetic Rose (彼女の想いで), 2. Stink Bomb (最臭兵器) and 3. Cannon Fodder (大砲の街). Click here to watch Memories trailer.
741998Perfect Blue (パーフェクトブル)Mima Kirigoe who decide to retire from music and be an actress. She goes deeper and deeper into her first role. Mima starts to lose her perception of what is fiction and what is real… Click here to watch trailer.
751998-1999Cowboy Bebop (カウボーイビバップ)26 episodes about Cowboys, hunters, who chase criminals and bring them in alive in return for a reward. The series’ protagonists are Cowboys working from the spaceship Bebop. Click here to watch Cowboy Bebop on Crunchyroll.
762000Doraemon: A Grandmother’s Recollections(おばあちゃんの思い出)It’s 27 minutes short anime film. Nobita and his old teddy bear which is a gift from his beloved grandmother… Click here to watch it.
772001Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し)The story of Hiiragi, Chihiro Ogino, a sullen 10 years old girl. She enters the spirit world while moving to a new neighborhood. The witch Natsuki, Yubaba, transformed her parents into pigs. The girl takes a job working in witch’s bathhouse to find a way to free her parents and herself and return to the human world. Click here to watch official trailer.
782002Voices of a Distant Star (ほしのこえ)It’s 25 minutes short anime film. about lives of two close childhood friends, a boy and a girl. They were separated once the girl is sent in space to fight in a war against aliens. As the 15-years old girl goes deeper and deeper into space, the texts that she sends to the boy take more and more to reach the earth. Click here to watch trailer.
792002Millennium Actress (千年女優)The story of a retired acting legend life. The difference between cinema and reality becomes blurred. Click here to watch trailer.
802002-2003Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (攻殻機動隊)26 episodes are based on manga Ghost in the Shell. The elite cybernetic law enforcement investigates terrorism and cyber-crime cases… Click here to watch it on Anime-Planet.
812002Mount Head (頭山)It’s 10 minutes short cartoon film. A stingy man eats the pits of some cherries and what happened after… Click here to watch it.
822003-2004Fullmetal Alchemist (鋼の錬金術師)The story of two alchemist brothers named Alphonse Elric and Edward. The brothers are searching for the philosopher’s stone. They need to restore their bodies after a failed attempt to bring their mother back to life. Click here to watch Fullmetal Alchemist review.
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What do you think anime fan? How many of 100 best anime movies you watched? Do you agree with the choice? What is your choice of best anime movies? Leave a comment.

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